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  1. Maybe I didn't grow out of pop-punk? Maybe it just takes bands doing it right. Here I am, almost 38 and bouncing like a pogo stick.
  2. This album is fantastic. Perfect for the change of weather that should be starting soon.
  3. Great album! Definitely exceeded my expectations. Such voice, such lyrics, such personality.
  4. Highly recommended! A country artist inspired by emo music in the past. I think this is going to be the kind of thing that connects with a lot of people.
  5. This is not good, but still an improvement over 'Witness'.
  6. This album is class! I hope RFC is gonna start releasing more music like this.
  7. Easily their best album in a long time. Maybe their best in at least the last decade? It walks between being a colossal stadium album and a breezy long open road album. I could barely get through their previous album, so this was a pleasant surprise. Every single song from this album has been straight fire.
  8. Love the album. They expertly occupy the space between post-hardcore and shoegaze. Twinkles, driving distortion, loud-soft dynamics abound.
  9. Sorry, should've been more clearer. I meant all the links for FLAC on mirrorace (Turbobit, Zippyshare, etc.)
  10. This is just exactly the kind of distorted, languid, indulgent emo I want to listen to when I want to feel good about feeling sad.
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