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  1. Definitely their best album. They've set the bar in the stars.
  2. It's a songwriting tour de force from a generational talent. She's so damn good at what she does.
  3. The Pop Queen released a B-side album better than most albums!
  4. I've been in love with this band for ages...
  5. The EP works a great combination of big stadium-ready tracks with some very personal and heartbreaking lyrics. I'm very interested in seeing what the full-length album looks like that's coming out next year.
  6. One of the most consistent bands of the last twenty years has once again released an album that I am going to adore. Something that makes me think of 2001 and hearing 'Bleed American' for the first time, and loving the mix of guitar and melancholy.
  7. This album excites me more than their previous few. It’s got really nice energy to it. Bayside albums don’t usually have a long shelf life for me, they’re things I listen to for a week and then move away from. I’m unsure if that trend will change with this one, but in the meantime, there’s lots of good stuff here. “Trouble” and “Bury Me” stand out to me.
  8. The album plays a little softer than I was expecting. There are a few tracks that pick up the pace, but as a whole, I get a much more relaxed vibe to the album. The album feels very Menzingers-ish, with not a whole lot of surprises thrown into the songs; instead, you get a band more concerned with creating a mood and connection within each track. With a few exceptions, the album is remarkably consistent. The only complaints I find are when I start thinking about how it compares to the band’s past work and how to stack it up against an impressive catalog. It doesn’t have the immediacy that 'After the Party had', but it has a matureness about it that I think will be rewarding on repeated listens. The closer, “Farewell Youth,” is my favorite on the album. “Farewell youth, I’m afraid I hardly got to know you.” I’d venture this will resonate a lot with others hitting their mid-thirties and feeling like maybe we did grow up just a little too fast.
  9. This album is a must if you like Bruce Springsteen or Brian Fallon. Brilliant debut album.
  10. Been looking forward to this one for a while! Thank you!
  11. Undoubtedly the band’s most audacious effort yet.
  12. Eclectic pop at its finest!
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