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  1. What the fuck was that chorus? Like this is an amazing song until Ahren started singing and he's usually such a highlight in their songs for me
  2. Honestly, I'm very impressed by this, I totally expected them to do what so many other bands are doing and go softer. A pleasant surprise is an understatement for how good this song it
  3. Top 10 AOTY 10. Secrets: Secrets 09. Mike Shinoda: Post Traumatic 08. Blessthefall: Hard Feelings 07. Beartooth: Disease 06. Twenty One Pilots: Trench 05. Logic: YSIV 04. Ice Mine Kills: The Silver Scream 03. CrazyEightyEight: Burning Alive 02. Dance Gavin Dance: Artificial Selection 01. Palisades: Erase The Pain
  4. Wait for 320, I can guarantee it's just the bit rate that's making it sound like shit
  5. Trust me my man, this album is probably my favorite one they've released to date. It might not be as heavy as Mind Games or Outcasts even but it's definitely an insanely good hard rock album. Give it a listen and decide for yourself if you like it, cause I think it's thoroughly amazing
  6. War is a little heavier then a lot of the album but compared to their last album this one definitely makes use of way more of their instrumental talent
  7. It absolutely fucking is, they played it live on the War Tour and my God the energy it brought was insane Also, thanks @Lord Kingdom for throwing in the entirety of Fade. I'm really looking forward to this release
  8. Aight, I've been waiting for this leak for a long time now, thank you Lord Kingdom
  9. Only positive thing about this album is how hilariously out of place Andy Mineo's feature was in Heavy Is The Weight, like it had the potential to be the best song on the album but Andy ruined it. Like shit I actually enjoy Andy Mineo on his own every now and then but this did not work
  10. I just really want to know what about this or anything on YAW comes across as "pop" to you
  11. If you're looking for Blurryface 2.0 then you're in the wrong place, this albums would be closer to a Vessels 2.0 but even that is is a stretch, either way I think this is by far their most mature album to date and it might even be their best album yet. I can really tell just how Josh and Tyler have grown both musically and as people and I'm excited to see how the public receives this album because it definitely is not a very mainstream sound aside from a couple songs (i.e. My Blood, Legend) but I'm super excited to see them next month
  12. Fucking fantastic all the way through, yet another great album from logic
  13. I absolutely love the album, even for a low quality version it sounds fantastic
  14. Misspelled Arizona in the description @lord kindgom
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