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  1. Well this is sad, so many artists & albums I probably wouldn't have listened to if it wasn't for this site. Don't even download much, mostly come here to browse the new releases.
  2. Forgot how much I enjoyed Hail Stan. Shame they never got to tour it down here.
  3. See I'm never sure if positive comments are legitimate, or if they are playing into the old Nickelback = bad joke.
  4. Can't sleep. Decided to check KL. Now I won't sleep.
  5. That music video had me in tears. Bring on the album
  6. If anyone missed it/is interested Jason did a ask reddit yesterday.
  7. Cassette, are we stuck in some odd loop?
  8. I was staring at that wondering who Ghost Killer were and why they stole the album artwork from three cheers. Oh.
  9. What other song have they released recently would lead you to expect more?
  10. Thought it was too soon for another slaves album. This isn't the slaves I know.
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