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  1. These dudes got some skill. They’re really nice too. Thanks
  2. i have every single one of these comps and i absolutely love them!! thank you!
  3. reminds me of killwhitneydead and see you next tuesday. maybe some dr. acula. i dig it thanks
  4. shits fire. in 2015 you upped their other album and i listened to it everyday for months. so glad to hear this youre the best!!!!
  5. thanks for the upload! this is their weakest album tho. letdown by this one. and whats up with every other track being an interlude?
  6. if i didnt hate their political views so much id love this album. the music is great
  7. that artwork is so awesome thank yuuu
  8. not really a fan of this but thanks for the post
  9. i didnt even know this was being re recorded i was confused when i saw this posted. why are they re recording this album? i dig the original just fine. i tend to love everything these guys do. thanks for the upload!
  10. thank you boo<3 i actually really like this
  11. god i love them so much! their last album was so solid and this is too
  12. not a big fan of this. the cleans and quality completely ruin it for me. souvenirs was amazing tho
  13. not a fan of this band but damn they make good artwork