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  1. thanks for the upload! this is their weakest album tho. letdown by this one. and whats up with every other track being an interlude?
  2. i like this a lot
  3. if i didnt hate their political views so much id love this album. the music is great
  4. that artwork is so awesome thank yuuu
  5. noice
  6. woah i actually really dig this
  7. holy shit i dig this
  8. not really a fan of this but thanks for the post
  9. i didnt even know this was being re recorded i was confused when i saw this posted. why are they re recording this album? i dig the original just fine. i tend to love everything these guys do. thanks for the upload!
  10. thank you boo<3 i actually really like this
  11. i dig this
  12. i dig this. love baao
  13. god i love them so much! their last album was so solid and this is too
  14. not a big fan of this. the cleans and quality completely ruin it for me. souvenirs was amazing tho