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  1. i love every song this band has made. greatest story ever told was my shit way back when. thank yu<333
  2. idgaf what anyone says... jayden is hot as fuck
  3. idk man.. i really wanna like this band but im just not impressed with their music. they have so much hype and i dont get it
  4. interesting. i like it. vocals are legit
  5. our Lord and saviour.. has just broke the internet again
  6. you will never find a bigger spn fan than me. gimme that signature of yours! oh and i dig this song. never liked them before but this is good
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  8. idk man. this is a great album but i dont think this album was as good as the tomorrow we die alive
  9. i love northlane. nothing will beat singularity and discoveries but this is still really good. thankss
  10. timmy tim tim mwuahhh

    1. vbooy57


      i wish these kisses were as real as my love for you

    2. Nimue


      its been a long time man<3 

  11. Violence is the answer