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  1. If an album could be rated R, this would be.
  2. Didn't love this but didn't particularly have a problem with it, and I've followed this band since its early days (Discoveries etc.) Never thought Marcus was a bad fit or that anything got worse post Adrian but overall this just feels like it wasn't completely figured out before it was released. Maybe they demo'd a lot more songs than this as most bands do when writing a record but it kinda feels more or less like the first ideas they came up with as a group involving new members. Perhaps that should be a credit to them for figuring things out and wanting to move toward a different sound going into album #5 but in my first few listens I'm left feeling a little dissatisfied but hopefully they as a group enjoy this and will continue to push on. Favorites were: Details Matter, 4D, Eclipse, Vultures. not in that order though necessarily. Definitely one of the better live bands of the genre in what I've witnessed personally and seen.
  3. @Numetalcore_blogger sorry there’s someone with a very similar name to you with a podcast, my apologies! Thank you for showing support and I appreciate you clearing that up for me
  4. @Numetalcore_blogger Then why did you rip us so hard on the pod bro Lmfao
  5. @DisturbedOne we try man! Glad to see you’re still around too. Hope you dig the EP when it’s out in the next couple months!
  6. @LKA LKA lives. A beacon of hope in the night
  7. @Hellion6 Yeah man! Got a lot of material to put out so it’ll be exciting to release it pretty soon. Thank you again for checking into us again bro 🆖
  8. @Venomborn @jeffbeck84 glad to see you’re still on here dude!! And the greatest disturbed song imo will always be 10,000 fists in the aaaaaiiirrrrr 👊🏼
  9. @Smash_Adams the Smash seal of approval is all I need
  10. @BenjaminBurnley thanks man! Definitely check into the old material on our bandcamp or spotify! for future material!
  11. @Kaddisfly my heart is yours 🤘🏼The old singer is no longer in the band but the heavy vocals and hugeness of the new material I still very appreciable I promise!
  12. @Kaddisfly I greatly appreciate you homie!! Be sure to check out the older record too 😍
  13. @Dust of Pain @peripheryb @NieR:Automata™ Love all of y'all so much!! Totally forgot I submitted and I'm very grateful to have this posted. New 7 song EP coming out in the Fall and I'll be sure to send it straight here babies For all content in the future!
  14. Pretty good, I think overall the delivery is good but can't help and notice the direction of the band and overall trajectory is basically, the same? Don't think it matters all that much if Michael Born is in the band or not but to me having heavy parts in this song is kinda forced. Low tuned Tyler Carter driven Issues could be cool though. Will be checking out the record.
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