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  1. Just want to let everyone know Eclipse is officially on all streaming platforms including ones not listed here ❤️🌒 Spotify: Apple Music: Amazon: Google Play: Deezer:
  2. I’m all for versatility, but god damn Marcel needed to quit forcing the singing. I will always love this band to my core as they shaped so much of my early musical taste in the late 2000’s into the early part of the last decade but this is really an unfitting farewell. Take care DoD.
  3. 0 cap, this is hard as fuck. New jams
  4. I miss when this band put out supremely solid music. This is okay, better than recent material but still lacking what makes DoD great. Going to miss them in their prime
  5. Thornhill Circa Survive Twelve foot ninja Veil of maya only ones I can think of rn but was def being a casual and I repented
  6. Absolutely sick, just found them today and am a huge fan
  7. @Q.N3RD won’t be long brother, check out the previous work anytime on Spotify or our personal website. Thank you for your time and honest listen
  8. @Doomed_User thanks so much bro! There will be physical copies once the record is out but no pre-orders, it’s just going to be a 6 song EP so there won’t be a huge demand for physicals, we do have some of our previous album Available though. I’m very thankful you took the time to jam it and give some true feedback ❤️
  9. @TDH yo thank you so much!! I definitely look forward to hearing the response from the KL homies but supporting the record is so helpful. Truly I thank you for your support as were 100% DIY
  10. @Venomborn MY DUDE!!!!! Man I’m glad to see you, I hope you’re doing well and are enjoying the jams in today’s strange times. Much love and take care ❤️
  11. @Mr. Electric thanks man, I appreciate you jamming it! and I’ve always had a strong relationship between this site and people that buy the music as well. Leak sites imo are essential to understanding the market in music today.
  12. @Dancing in the Dust Thank you so much brother! The record will be out soon and KL will be the first to see it. Really really appreciate you keeping up with the project and showing love
  13. @MyTearsYW I just wanna slap the world, I promise ❤️ Thank you for jamming my dude, forreal.
  14. @Kaddisfly lmao, fuck man I’m so glad you’re still here. The records been done a while so I’m just putting out some videos and generating content. Much love bro ❤️
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