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  1. Yup. Got those peppered in with Cars 3, the longest short soundtrack I've ever heard.
  2. I'm just glad my kids aren't into this. *queues My Little Pony soundtrack for the 305436846 time*
  3. Sounds exactly like what my wife is into. I can get behind bumping this in the car.
  4. First album I've heard by these guys. Will definitely check out some of their older albums.
  5. Rue was one of my favorite albums last year. I'll take any new material from them.
  6. Fucking yes. Love this band.
  7. Man, that singe is like a punch in the face. I like it.
  8. Always have been a fan since soundsystem. Will check this out when 320 drops.
  9. God damn. Wasn't ready for Someone You Loved this early today.
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