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  1. Since you asked so nicely... Single sounds good.
  2. Single wasn't bad, but this is enough to get a full album listen.
  3. I can agree with that. Guitars were king on this song.
  4. The Chorus really makes it hard to relisten to.
  5. I agree that it is a mostly good trait to have. I just don't feel like they have a bedrock to base their changes off of. I still like them as a band. I just never know what to expect from a release from them.
  6. The single is pretty good. I like the guitars. I think Weezer's biggest problem is that they don't have a true identity. They just kind of float to whatever they feel will gain traction in the moment. Makes it hard to follow their discography when it goes from covers to pop to 80s rock.
  7. Buddy stated recently that there were several lyrics on this that he no longer agreed with and wouldn't sing again live. These rerecordings should reflect that. More here: The EP was always one of my favorites. I feel like this won't be able to keep up with the original. Loved the most recent release those. Glad to hear these guys still at it.
  8. Really liked this single. Definitely will check out the album when it comes out.
  9. I kinda of stopped following KoRn after issues, but this sounds worth returning to. Glad to see the early consensus is positive.
  10. Slaps fucking hard. Wish these guys would roll through on their tour.
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