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  1. I feel like this band is on the brink. I hope they blow us all away with their next release.
  2. Never heard of these guys before. Looking forward to their release.
  3. Definitely interested in more from these guys.
  4. There were a few, but this is just a glorified EP. I feel like these bands either miss the mark with only 6-8 tracks, or go overboard and offer 14 tracks. Just keep it at the sweet spot of 10-11.
  5. This album bops. Just missing track 6 from the passtheleaks 320 download. Tried the dbr, but my antivirus keeps blocking the download.
  6. For sure. I totally agree. And I love his acoustic stuff. I used to go all the time when he would come through and see his shows. And I can get with the country. It just has too much twang to it. I can't blame him. He seems to enjoy it and it seems to have a good following. I would just love to hear Sober or Black acoustic again.
  7. I still like going back and listening to Staind from time to time, but I just don't understand his country turn. It obviously works for him, just not a fan. Different strokes I guess.
  8. This sounds like it is going to be great. Nice find.
  9. It's probably just me, but it always weirds me out when the last track is a lead single. I always expect the last song on an album to be a accumulation of what came before it and not really single material. The YT video was an OK track, but it's just weird that they would put the last track forward as their single.
  10. Same here. Excited to see if their new material expands on this sound.
  11. The single was pretty great. I wasn't a fan of the remixed Ibiza song, but when I heard the original, I liked it a lot. I'll check this out.
  12. I was a big fan of the album last year. This was just ok. Still looking forward to anything else they might come out with.
  13. 1. Thrice - Palms 2. Don Broco - Technology 3. State Champs - Living Proof 4. Dance Gavin Dance - Artificial Selection 5. JID - DiCaprio 2 6. With Confidence - Love and Loathing 7. Coheed and Cambria - The Unheavenly Creatures 8. Pusha T - Daytona 9. Hellions - Rue 10. Actor Observer - Pareidolia Honorable Mentions (No Specific Order): Dashboard Confessional - Crooked Shadows The Plot in You - DISPOSE Senses Fail - If There Is Light, It Will Find You Slaves - Beautiful Death The Wonder Years - Sister Cities Underoath - Erase Me J. Cole - KOD Twin Shadow - Caer KYLE - Light of Mine Real Friends - Composure Trash Boat - Crown Shyness Deaf Havana - RITUALS Boston Manor - Welcome to the Neighbourhood The Night Game - The Night Game The Story So Far - Proper Dose Tilian - The Skeptic Emery - Eve Basement - Beside Myself Light Years - Afterlife
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