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  1. I think my best memory was just finding this site. For about 5 years before I learned of this place, my music consumption had dropped to its lowest. In high school/early collage, I would buy 4-5 CDs a week. After the kids were born, that stopped, and I just stopped looking for new music. I just listened to the same old favorites over and over. Than sometime in 2016, there was a leak that came fairly early that I couldn't wait for. I tried Kick Ass Torrents and the few places I could think of, but nothing. Than I stumbled upon Has It Leaked and it lead me here. I'm so happy for that random discovery. I was blown away how easy it was to download, and once Pass The Leaks was put into place, it became even easier to download (Seriously, PTL is so great, I hope it helped get someone a high paying job). The community here is great. I wish I could keep up with you all. I see the chatbox (and now Discord) and I'm at a loss on how fast the conversation moves. I wish I had more time to dedicate to the discussion, but I will continue to lurk. I can't wait to see what the future holds for the discord and hope to continue to get all of the great recommendations week in and out.
  2. @mR12 honest question: how does spotify compare to Apple Music? For the last few years, I've been using Google Music, which honestly, has been enabling me to continue downloading all of the releases instead of streaming (due to the cloud locker). Now that it's been converted to YT Music, I've found the downloading of releases and subsequent upload to be more combersome than it is worth. I've been preparing to move to strictly streaming, but can't decide between the 2. I did the 3 month trial of Spotify earlier this year, but I left unimpressed. Mainly due to its insane insistence on using it for podcasts, and it's practice on paying artists. I've been drawn to AM due to the iTunes library match feature to "fill the holes", but it seems to replace one cumbersome process with another. Is there any specific reason you go with Spotify over Apple Music?
  3. First off, congratulations. Baby and a wedding? That's something to celebrate. I completely understand your reasoning for moving on. Having 2 kids myself, and being married for just short of 15 years, I barely have time to browse this site, let alone run it. Giving your family that focus will only do good in your life. With that out of the way, this news have bummed me out. That's probably putting it lightly. This sucks. Hard. The 3rd or 4th personally most viewed website for me is going away. I'm here weekly. I'm gonna be at a loss without it. I've discovered so much music from his damn place. And have learned to try new genres and artists. I've tried several sites and apps to get information about new releases and release dates and nothing has come close to KL. That damn left navigation bar with the next several months of releases has been a God send and I wish it could be updated forever going forward. Thank you for creating this community. My musical tastes are better for it. You gave genres room to breathe. I may never be into death/black/trash metal, but you gave it a space. Pop-punk may be laughed at, but it always had a home here. I learned I liked indie rock and pop more than I have it credit. And I learned to trust other musical tastes once a recommendation changed my top albums of the year for the better. So sad to see this place go, but so glad I got to be a part of it. Looks like I need to figure out discord....
  4. I reported it. Hopefully we get the unedited soon.
  5. One could say that I have...high hopes for this one. But seriously, it sounds good.
  6. @Summers and @serafina thanks for the fix!
  7. Living Proof was one of my favorites of 2018. Can't wait for new stuff from them.
  8. Man, with that single, I wish this was longer.
  9. I always enjoy stories behind user names. The only reason I came in this thread was cause I recognized the name. I'm sure you get that with every release.
  10. I've gotta assume that @dvsr is pumped about this.
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