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  1. Exactly. I don't know if it is the pace or the timing of the guitar being fast and the vocals being laid back that make just a little off. Still, good to hear new things come from this band.
  2. Guess I will hold out for the digital release.
  3. Very true. Would just love to see them do something similar to what Bayside has done with their acoustic releases.
  4. Single sounded great. Why isn't there a passthleaks link? I can't download from dbr for whatever reason.
  5. So a Misery Business cover? Side note: I appreciate that they covered it without tweaking the lyrics. I hate it when an artist covers a song and swaps genders or makes the song genderless. Just sing it like it was written.
  6. The singles have been catchy. I hope this is the album that blows them up.
  7. I will love everything that this band does, but can we PLEASE get an acoustic album? Each one of their acoustic songs is absolutely perfect.
  8. Really wish I could get into this. I miss this guy's voice.
  9. Saosin with Cove > Saosin with Anthony Love this album.
  10. Been waiting on this since the EP last year. Excited to hear it.
  11. Digging this. Looking forward to the release.
  12. This list. Loving Trash Boat and Youth Fountain. Looking forward to this.
  13. Gotta be open to trying different types of music. Never know when you'll find a new favorite.
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