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  1. Almost feels like a different band since they lost their original unclean singer. The styling is almost identical, but it is different enough to not feel the same.
  2. That's not gonna bother me now. I like Part 1 enough that I think I will enjoy this.
  3. Fuck yes. Singles have been stellar.
  4. I usually like to hear the band before I download. This was pretty good for a band that is hard to find online. Here is the soundcloud if you need to give them a try on first:
  5. Embedded sounds almost too good. Looking forward to this.
  6. This is miles better than Dead End. Reminds me of classic Emery.
  7. Not the biggest Simple Plan fan, but this is catchy as fuck. 2 listens in and I'm already whistling along.
  8. Hot damn. If the album is as good as the single, we got a winner here.
  9. I know, but with the singles we've gotten, this has me hyped. Outside of Silverstein, Bayside is one of the most consistently good bands. Even with new JEW that sounds Futures-esqe, I have a feeling I'm gonna love this one.
  10. Jacked Jesus to the rescue! I don't know how relevant The Darkness is music wise, but this album cover has to be the best of the year, if not the decade.
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