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  1. Better than 95% of Free Spirit.
  2. Feel the same. Not bad. Like her voice. I just don't like songs like this from soundtracks. Lyrics are too on the nose.
  3. Interesting song. Interested to hear more.
  4. I never expected the Slipknot album to be this good. Glad that it won.
  5. As soon as the vocals kicked in the single, it was an immediate Yes.
  6. Love this. I need need need Things Get Better stripped now.
  7. Hype train 2020. Can't wait to see them in March.
  8. Glad I didn't miss this. Sounds really good.
  9. ATDR doing ATDR things. Way better than their last single.
  10. Glad to see these guys keep pumping out music. Can't wait for a full album.
  11. The single is pretty good! Will have to check out their other stuff.
  12. Glad to see Save Rock and Roll get some love. Unglad for anything MANIA related.
  13. @Lord Kingdom Would you happen to have an unedited version of this album?
  14. Almost feels like a different band since they lost their original unclean singer. The styling is almost identical, but it is different enough to not feel the same.
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