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  1. @Summers and @serafina thanks for the fix!
  2. Living Proof was one of my favorites of 2018. Can't wait for new stuff from them.
  3. Man, with that single, I wish this was longer.
  4. I always enjoy stories behind user names. The only reason I came in this thread was cause I recognized the name. I'm sure you get that with every release.
  5. I've gotta assume that @dvsr is pumped about this.
  6. So pumped for this. Glad it is finally the full LP. I thought they were going to release the entire thing one single at a time.
  7. Drink to Drown is such a good song. Looking forward to the full album.
  8. Really disappointed with the Haley Williams album. It got to the point where I was forcing myself to listen to it so that I would like it. Just didn't do it for me. The new DGD also felt like a step back.
  9. Spanish Love Songs hit me like a ton of bricks. Probably my favorite of the year so far.
  10. TA and Andy Hall? Way to sell me even more on the new album.
  11. I love J Cole, and these songs are good, but that sample paying throughout the background is kind of grating.
  12. @Chief has track 6 been fixed? I like the vibe of this.
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