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  1. One song in and this is better than expected!
  2. I swear Weatherbox was supposed to be coming back, but this works I guess.
  3. This man made one good album in "Sleepwalking"
  4. Pretty excited to see how this new CD turns out!
  5. Since people are ranking here I will as well. 1. A Shipwreck in the Sand (2009) 2. Arrivals & Departures (2007) 3. Discovering the Waterfront (2005) 4. Rescue (2011) 5. This Is How the Wind Shifts (2013) 6.Dead Reflection (2017) 7. I Am Alive in Everything I Touch (2015) 8. When Broken Is Easily Fixed (2003) 9.Short Songs (2012)
  6. How this man keeps releasing music from the grave is beyond me.
  7. Kacey is awesome; just finished the show on Amazon Prime. If you are a fan of "country" check out her husband Ruston Kelley who is super fucking awesome as well. Dying for a collab album one day.
  8. I'm asking because I like the genre; but I'm not super into it. Who are some other singers in the genre that have really good voices?
  9. This is Shane Told's favorite Bayside record; and I think there's a chance it tops Killing Time for me as well.
  10. I like when bands say "new album in two weeks" that's dope.
  11. Ironic grammar error in a song title is sure to capture the scene kids these days; right?
  12. If my comment encourages anybody to download this, my prophecy will me fulfilled. This is my AOTY
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