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  1. Wow thanks for sharing this, really enjoying it
  2. MY hometown gothic-heroes growing up a decade+ ago. Surprisingly happy to come across this new album....thanks for sharing this @Lord Kingdom!!!
  3. Really love this band from waaay the fuck back. Their progression with this new song is absolutely amazing. The only thing i've really noticed, the one thing that really stands out to me is the drumming. I know Chris Adler is no longer in the band BUT as a long time fan and a musician, I can really hear the difference and his drumming really made their songs stand out in a more unique way. Their current drummer is absolutely incredible and at times can hear the Adler-esque patterns (fills) however the drumming itself doesn't have the unique-quality that Adler brought to the table. Regardless, totally amped to hear this new record!!!!
  4. Whoa totally not what I was expecting, definitely an album that needs to be listened to a few times to figure it all out - so much going on here! Reba really stepping into the spotlight and out of the shadows on this record. Her presence is made quite clear in every single song. Possible AOY candidate imo. Album is a banger.
  5. Nice! and Simple Plan guesting on the finale LOL allllriiighty then
  6. People hate on nu-metal/core but deep down inside they know they're fiends for it...
  7. I don't care what anyone says....fucking nu metal-core is back. Awesome band! The links below don't work, here's where you can get it at: https://begottenmusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-possession
  8. iwrestledabearonce remember them? Courtney and Mike have come a far far way! SPIRITBOX are one band to keep a very very close eye on, they are going to be huge.
  9. Thanks for sharing this, didn't even know they were still around! Use to listen to their older stuff what feels like a long time ago (2012??)
  10. OH my goodness, Silent Planet gone beast mode!
  11. I've never been so nervous to listen to an album before..........fingers crossed this isn't like their last release.
  12. Been listening to all the new songs they've released all week, so amped to listen to the new album in full. Let's GO!
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