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  1. Those guitars sound like they are tuned to DROP-A - feelin the track and groove!
  2. W O R S H I P W O R S H I P W O R S H I P W O R S H I P W O R S H I P W O R S H I P W O R S H I P W O R S H I P W O R S H I P
  3. Sickkkkkk track. Some parts remind me of Fear Factory (Demanufacture) and Type O Negative. Just when I thought the song was over it wasn't....looked at the player and I was only half way through the song LOL - 9mins track hot damn!
  4. Reading all the positive comments above, I'm getting amped now. I beg that these guys get back to business and crush it.
  5. This band is the running joke in deathcore. Unfortunate that they've kept Eddie in the band. I saw them when they toured off 'The Cleansing' and MITCH and the band fucking killed it. They won the crowd over after one song. RIP MITCH - I dunno how you're putting up with this shit.
  6. I jammed hard to nu-metal when Korn changed the game decades ago. People thought I was fucked up, ayyyyyeee mos def there's NU-CORE, here we go again!! Awesome track...thanks for sharing!
  7. @She Stabs Deep Into Me thank you kindly! I love this band - Black Anima is their best album to date IMO. Bad Things rocks!
  8. wow...that....was.....terrible. What happened to this band?
  9. I just don't know about this....will give it another go. Thanks for sharing.
  10. This band always makes me want to break shit
  11. rad band, Mara sounds sick - music to my ears. thanks for sharing!
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