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  1. I'm not fussed about what genre/heaviness they go for, as long as they make good songs. This, this is just not a good song.
  2. By far the worst of the singles. Something about it just feels wrong...
  3. I've been on a Northlane binge today and it is crazy how much Marcus has improved his vocals since Node - and they were pretty good to begin with.
  4. I don't really listen to many bands that go the nu-metal way, so to me it's somewhat fresh. It's all subjective.
  5. 100% agree. Whilst I really like both Citizen and Vultures, both are far from my favourite Northlane tracks. Any band can make a decent heavy song with a breakdown. Northlane do this atmospheric, spacey shit really well and it's what makes them so good. The more I listen to metalcore and similar genres, the more I start to appreciate the bands that do something original that adds to the mix.
  6. I really like it. Yeah it's different, yeah it's not technical, but it feels fresh. Too many bands just stick to their formula with each album and it gets stale.
  7. Melodically there are some cool things in this album, but my god is it straight up garbage lyrically. Shit an angsty 13 year old kid would write in a journal when his mum took away his Xbox for not doing homework.
  8. This got me excited, I loved Sinners Never Sleep, didn't mind Cavalier Youth and could not name more than 2 songs from Night People, that's how little I have listened to that disaster.
  9. Not at all, even Blurryface had quite a bit of variety. Different tempos, different genres, a fair mix of singing and rapping. Trench in comparison is one note.
  10. Super underwhelming. All those comments about 'bands change' - and? This isn't about change, this is about them having produced and incredibly boring and one-note album. It is one of those albums where it is hard for me to distinguish each song from one another and remember any title. It all just blurs into one long song - the problem is that this 'one song' is just nothing special.
  11. Not OP but personally Freak Flag, Love Bites and SAVAGES I could do without.
  12. Here's my personal ranking of all tracks, bearing in mind the individual positions are not really as important as what group each track is in hah. GOD TIER: 1. IT is the end 2. Rocking The Boat 3. Thank God Its Friday 4. Merry Axe-mas 5. Stabbing In The Dark AMAZING: 6. Enjoy Your Slay 7. The American Nightmare 8. The World In My Hands 9. The Jig Is Up MEH: 10. A Grave Mistake 11. Freak Flag 12. Love Bites GENERIC THROAWAY: 13. SAVAGES
  13. AOTY for me, no questions asked. I don't think even Architects will top it for me, this is just so creative.
  14. Just finished the first new non-single song. 10/10 so far, awesome breakdown. EDIT: Did someone get confused and put the new BVB single 'Savages' on this one?
  15. The Sam Carter feature is probably the worst utilisation of a great vocalist for a guest spot I have heard in my life.
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