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  1. Just when I had given up on ever getting anything with balls from these guys they drop this banger.
  2. What do you mean "stooped to that level" doing disses is exactly how Eminem got into the game he was a battle rapper for years
  3. 100% Agree. I felt like his absence wouldn't have made a difference Worked on mine just fine 🤷
  4. I'm hoping that Sam Carter feature is fire because that Boi can do no wrong
  5. The single is giving me Porcupine Tree vibes with a touch of the 90s stuff like Filter or Bush I dig it.
  6. Isn't the Drummer from this band Mike Portnoys son?
  7. Bruh you learnt all the words already?
  8. I'm getting huge Dark New Day vibes off this I dig it
  9. Finally praise you sir you have granted me peace at last... This is proof bullying works.
  10. Please don't tell me that people are trying to call something "Texas metal" because that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard within the metal community.
  11. Renny Carroll is a member of Forever Never a band I've loved for years now thanks for showing me Flux Conduct was a thing I really dig his voice
  12. My thoughts are maybe it was more about writing/recoeding music with people other than the two guys he's been composing with for with for 30 years