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  1. These guys could totally call an ep VPN and get so many more Clicks
  2. The older volumes sound like a fun listen, I'd check them out for sure
  3. And that album is a fucking banger too, ffo coal chamber
  4. Is it just me or are the drums in this mix just not present?
  5. This band is reminding me of threat signal and I love it.
  6. This album was ridiculously average when the songs are put side by side, none of the songs are bad by any means, just achingly average
  7. This album art reminds me of Veil of Maya - Matriarch so much it hurts even the band logo
  8. You are appreciated. But if this is a cry for help don't be ashamed to ask
  9. I just read that this song was written for limp bizkit...which actually explains alot.
  10. I'm sure it's not me but the single virgo sounds like wicked Game by Chris Isaak
  11. Just when I had given up on ever getting anything with balls from these guys they drop this banger.
  12. What do you mean "stooped to that level" doing disses is exactly how Eminem got into the game he was a battle rapper for years
  13. 100% Agree. I felt like his absence wouldn't have made a difference Worked on mine just fine ?
  14. I'm hoping that Sam Carter feature is fire because that Boi can do no wrong
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