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  1. Finally praise you sir you have granted me peace at last... This is proof bullying works.
  2. Please don't tell me that people are trying to call something "Texas metal" because that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard within the metal community.
  3. Renny Carroll is a member of Forever Never a band I've loved for years now thanks for showing me Flux Conduct was a thing I really dig his voice
  4. My thoughts are maybe it was more about writing/recoeding music with people other than the two guys he's been composing with for with for 30 years
  5. I really tried to enjoy this album...a few songs were kinda okay, as a whole nothing memorable for me. it's the Autotune that ruined it for me
  6. Sounds like Clint is going back to the old school butterfly effect sound i dig it
  7. This was the 2018 version of Baby - Justin Bieber feat. ludacris
  8. Joe satriani - guitars Chad Smith - drums Glenn Hughes - bass One hell of a line up
  9. I'm feeling Architects all over this I'll definately be waiting for the Album/ep
  10. Jesus christ 45 tracks and a total run time of 2 hrs and 38 mins i praise anyone that can endure that in a single sitting
  11. And it was produced by Adam "Nolly" Getgood himself! The first album was great and this is a great follow up
  12. I'm pumped for this album, Silverchair are from my home town!
  13. A long time fave band of mine, sooo keen to listen to this but waiting for track 10 cheers guys