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  1. Never heard of these guys before, but they brought it with this one. Don't sleep.
  2. Collateral was in-fucking-sane, ready for the rest of my face to get melted off
  3. Downloading now cautiously optimistic LESSDOIT
  4. Thank Christ this song came out and now I can read to comments to learn sarcasm
  5. Saw them with Silverstein so fucking good
  6. Seconding the don't sleep, solid release
  7. can definitely fuck with this while we wait to wage some war
  8. Fucking stoked for the album, I need to see these guys again.
  9. Despite all these comments, I can fuck with it
  10. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. While She Sleeps
  11. Never a bad time to revisit this album
  12. I was already so stoked to see them again in Toronto this summer, I couldn't be moreso I was wrong holy fuck
  13. I'm actually scared to listen after reading the comments
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