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  1. I never liked these guys much before but loved all the singles - do I have to buy camo before listening or on the second time around?
  2. Oh shit Grievous was a banger, I bet the rest of this fucking slaps. lesssssgo
  3. Not a big fan of the screams on this one, but the cleans are OK I guess.
  4. Always loved these guys, stoked for the new one.
  5. I can see that for sure - Shane can almost stand on his own though I think.
  6. Infinite and Burn it Down both ruled, lets gooooo
  7. I forgot about these guys, loved Sharks Don't Sleep so don't sleep on them
  8. Their last album was SO FUCKING GOOD inject this straight into my fucking eyes
  9. Never really got into these guys before, but gonna check it out a$ap
  10. Art looks wage war-esque? I'm for it
  11. I got a few songs in on my lunch break so far so good but I wanna listen to the thing front to back
  12. Is it bad that I had never heard of these guys before? Time to check 'em out.
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