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  1. If you get a chance to see them live, do it. The ticket will be like $15 or something really cheap, and you can tell them just have so much fun on stage. You'll enjoy it.
  2. actually, i'll just correct myself here - it does look like it was added after the fact, everything else is an mp3 and thats m4a. Regardless, awesome album.
  3. check again, its in there (or maybe i am late to the party here and it was reupped and the issue was fixed)
  4. Both links are down
  5. I used to have a bookmarked link that was New Content Since I Last Visited and it was specifically in relation to the new downloads. It could be something that had a new comment, or it could be something that was just posted. Can you bring back that sort option? That was extremely helpful! I don't really need to see if a message was posted on a rejected topic, and ultimately that just makes it more difficult to see what was recently posted and is relevant. I don't really care if an idea which you guys didn't approve gets 1,000 comments on it, I want to know if the latest ____ album/ep has been posted or if someone commented with their thoughts on it, etc. Can you create this pathway again? That was SO perfect. Thanks!
  6. is it possible to upload it somewhere else? I've tried to download it like 4 times from that site and it fails due to network error every time
  7. I won't have a chance to listen to this for a bit; someone who gets to it before me...is this like the Star Wars remasters (where they really screwed up the feel of the originals) or - because Trent Reznor was involved - is this meticulously crafted and actually an improvement upon the originals?