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  1. This is getting zero attention but don't sleep on it if you are into bands like Black Stone Cherry (hopefully the album doesn't make me eat those words since I am basing that comment off the single )
  2. Unfortunately just a compilation album, straight up. Nothing new.
  3. make sure you report it properly (top right corner of original post, Report Post, comment such as "links are broken can you re-up?") I just did this one because I am curious what this is all about.
  4. Had to take a close look at that video to verify the vocalist wasn't Chance from Skeletonwitch after hearing him. Solid album for sure if you like this genre.
  5. Don't ignore this if you like Neck Deep...reminiscent of them IMO
  6. I'm glad you mentioned his name because it caused me to google who it was...had no idea that Jason was Jason Butler. I saw these guys at River City Rockfest and I agree - not my cup of tea - but I love that he is getting some recognition. letlive. should have been known on a much bigger scale than they were. Glad these guys are.
  7. Dozer TX is insane...the EP I have is crazy good. I keep hoping they will play San Antonio or Austin...somewhere closer to me than the other side of the state...other side of the state here means like, 850 miles away.
  8. Oh for sure...I'm not a hater of any file format (well...meaning 320, m4a, or V0). If something is only available in flac (i.e. a live show torrent) i just leave it as is. Totally fine by me. Use the AIMP media player and you can play em all
  9. I'm with you on the V0, dude. Remember that site ItLeaked? and FIleMP3? Those two posted tons of V0 stuff...much preferred. A bigger file size doesn't equate to a better sound.
  10. latter part is totally legit, i have a lot of friends who are like it. I like TWL on both sides of the spectrum, in fact the side I liked least was their more pop-punk side...compared to Clouded and LT and their new singles, it just doesn't seem like a good fit. I don't think I have a single song from anything prior to Clouded.
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