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  1. Anyone have the bonus track from Japan by any chance?
  2. Cant get vol 5 to work, other than that thank you guys. can't wait to listen through all this!
  3. Love this new album, does anyone have a link to vulnerable or imaginary enemy? Missed out on those.
  4. anything will be appreciated. computer died and it wasn't backed up since before last summer. so much stuff lost. thanks in advance for any music you guys can get back to me.
  5. Bayside-Vacancy Asking Alexandria-The black Taking back Sunday-tidal wave Memphis May Fire- this light I hold pierce the veil-misadventures panic at the disco-death of a bachelor acceptance-colliding by deisgn state champs-around the world and back again mayday parade-black lines I see stars- treehouse bless the fall- to those left behind good Charlotte-youth authority the summer set- stories for monday thrice- to be everywhere is to be nowhere atreyu-long live
  6. Sorry will update with specifics in a few. Thanks again
  7. Currently missing: NFG Make Me Sick Yellowcard-Self titled Blink 182 California Both editions The new albums from Bayside, Taking Back Sunday, I SEE Stars, Memphis May Fire, Mayday Parade, BLESS THE FALL, Atreyu, state champs, pierce the veil, asking Alexandria, the summer set, saison, thrice and panic at the disco.' any help with links for these that are active would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Lesson learned....back up your music often
  8. Mxpx discography The color morale know hope Kanye West discography Thanks guys!
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