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  1. I thought Paramore was mediocre and very overrated. After Laughter made me realise that they're actually good and I love that album (the other albums are good too).
  2. We've known about this release for like a year though And it's still cool imo.
  3. Was supposed to see them open for Microwave and blis. but Corona killed that for me.
  4. For me it's Poison The Well. Their last 3 albums are absolutely amazing (even though it's usually their first that is most praised).
  5. If they redid their old stuff the way they redid For The Sake of Brevity that would be great.
  6. This sounds like more of the same, which isn't bad really, but I wouldn't mind if they tried something completely different for once (and I'm not asking for a genre change or complete change of sound, but maybe do something more interesting with the sound they've perfected?)
  7. This would probably bother me a lot more if I was fluent in Japanese....
  8. Woo thank you for the chistmas present 🎉 I'll probably love it since I've loved all her stuff. ミドリ is still my fav though.
  9. I compared them as well and I didn't hear any differences either.
  10. Hmm I guess the covers that change absolutely nothing are mostly in-between (unless the covering artist just sucks in general).
  11. Isn't this a very old (cover) album? I have it in my music library with the year 2011.
  12. Thanks! I love their first album.
  13. One of my favourite bands. Almost finished listening to it and so far I love but I'll definitely need to listen to it more often and also with lyrics!
  14. I found 320 on SoulSeek but both users have gone offline before I could download it...
  15. I've got the At Guitar Center songs (not very good quality though). I've also got some other stuff you're missing (Seeing Red/Screaming At A Wall from a Tony Hawk game, 2 christmas songs, a different mix/version of The Artist In The Ambulance (song, not album) and Madman, a song released on Identity Crisis when they were on a different label.)
  16. TYVM! Probably my most anticipated release of the year!
  17. Does anyone have a dl for The Black Mile Demos?
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