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  1. It's very strange to see your name as the album title...
  2. you can get it on their bandcamp as well (or just listen to it there).
  3. Never heard of her but sounds good so I'm going to check it out. Thanks!
  4. I believe this and previous 2 singles will be on the new album. No tracklist has been released yet (and perhaps not even all songs have been recorded yet, since they're working with different producers for different songs, it's confirmed that at least 4 songs have been recorded so far and by now maybe more, but due to covid we can't know for sure)
  5. I'm guessing the only difference is the album art. A lot of people apparently didn't even know this album existed since it's being treated as a new release in a lot of places online.
  6. I really like their first album, and this sounds good as well. Apparently they have another album in between that I didn't even know existed.
  7. I'm guessing this is not the skramz band Foxes with a new sound?
  8. I miss going to Japan lol. This picture give me so many nostalgic feelings.
  9. I've got all the other OST's from this game (ARR, Before the Fall, HW, The Far Edge of Fate and SB). If there's interest I can share them.
  10. The funny things is, a lot of emo bands joke in a self depricating way like that and people love it.
  11. wait they're a host? I had to click a link after I got sent to a very confusing page to take me to zippyshare where I could download it lol. Okay wow the song is crazy good! They never disappoint.
  12. I just listened to it in its entirety, but I can't say this is for me. The best thing about this is the song with the female guest vocals. I like some metalcore (TDWP, Silent Planet, Rolo Tomassi), I like melodic hardcore (Touché Amoré, Defeater), I like screamo (CityCop., Pianos Become the Teeth, Old Gray), but this seems like it's taking the parts of all 3 of those that make the most noise with the least substinance imo. I still love the cover art though.
  13. Just want to say that the cover art is gorgeous.
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