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  1. This sounds like more of the same, which isn't bad really, but I wouldn't mind if they tried something completely different for once (and I'm not asking for a genre change or complete change of sound, but maybe do something more interesting with the sound they've perfected?)
  2. This would probably bother me a lot more if I was fluent in Japanese....
  3. Woo thank you for the chistmas present 🎉 I'll probably love it since I've loved all her stuff. ミドリ is still my fav though.
  4. I compared them as well and I didn't hear any differences either.
  5. Hmm I guess the covers that change absolutely nothing are mostly in-between (unless the covering artist just sucks in general).
  6. Isn't this a very old (cover) album? I have it in my music library with the year 2011.
  7. Thanks! I love their first album.
  8. One of my favourite bands. Almost finished listening to it and so far I love but I'll definitely need to listen to it more often and also with lyrics!
  9. I found 320 on SoulSeek but both users have gone offline before I could download it...
  10. I've got the At Guitar Center songs (not very good quality though). I've also got some other stuff you're missing (Seeing Red/Screaming At A Wall from a Tony Hawk game, 2 christmas songs, a different mix/version of The Artist In The Ambulance (song, not album) and Madman, a song released on Identity Crisis when they were on a different label.)
  11. TYVM! Probably my most anticipated release of the year!
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