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  1. This is SO solid...thanks for this
  2. This is probably one of the most solid albums I've heard in a while...amazing stuff right here..thanks so much for sharing
  3. "The Departure" is old demo so that should be pretty interesting...especially with the style change. Thanks for the info
  4. @@Êœá´ÊŸá´… á´É´ ᴘᴀɪɴ ᴇɴᴅs@@Six Souls x you guys need to check out their ep and debut album if you've never listened to them before,their sound on this is a little different,still a concept album but a different approach musically and production wise
  5. I talked to the bassist often on FB and he told me to watch out for august
  6. I think this is a real solid album,it's classic them basically,don't see why it took 4 years for them to put it out,their tour for it should be interesting they are playing this from front to back,thanks for the post
  7. glad to see people are enjoying this..if you can buy it when it comes out tomorrow,was talking to the vocalist yesterday and for anyone here on KL that has access to Japan release,they are releasing a Japanese version of this with 2 bonus tracks. one of them being a re recording of a song from their last album and the other being a new song