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  1. Really don't get why they would re do this song. Was a thousand times better with the old vocalist. Female vocals don't fit the song either in my opinion. Pretty sure that's not Matt rapping either unless there's some heavy editing on his voice or something. Wish we would have got some new original material. Thanks for the post either way of course
  2. This is fantastic! So glad James is doing music again. Hated how long we had to wait to hear something from these guys but it was worth the wait. Hopefully we don't have to wait that long again for another single or LP/EP
  3. Love this?? too bad this is the last song with that vocalist. Pretty sure they aren't signed anymore either
  4. One of the most underrated bands ever in my opinion. Clockworks is a phenomenal album, I still jam it all the time. This EP is some solid stuff too. Wish we could get a comeback from them but I don't see that happening unfortunately
  5. This is fuckin phenomenal. Love these guys. Hoping they do some more stuff like this in the future.
  6. For anyone that doesn't know this is ExitWounds before the name change/signing. Recomend this and their other EP if your digging EW
  7. Actually pretty surprised by this. Was upset when I heard the sound change. The sound they had on Thank You & Goodbye was perfect in my opinion. But I can jam to this. The 2 heavy parts are cool. It's nice to hear Jake sing some more this time around too. Mike is a great Vocalist but so is Jake and I feel like they hold him back a little too much. It's not the album I wanted from them but it's still great and I'm so happy they came back and got signed finally. As always thanks for the post
  8. Great album right here. Really enjoyed this. Honestly tho.. I think I like Inguz just a little bit more then this. Solid release tho for sure. Thanks for the post as always
  9. Really don't understand all the hate this is getting. I really dig this, pretty much a progression/mature version of Help! in my opinion. It's still them just without the screaming and breakdowns. Change is a thing a lot of people don't like but this change isn't as bad as people are making it out to be. There's other bands that have switched up their sound that is a LOT worse then this. Obviously did something right with this record. They are getting played on Monday night football every week. Just seen them with Beartooth as well and the new stuff sounds great live. Stoked on the future for these guys. Lots of old school Linkin Park vibes that I really appreciate. I'll shut up now lol. Thanks for the post as always.
  10. I LOVE this. solid fuckin jam right here. As always thanks for this. Hopefully get some album news soon?
  11. Never heard of these guys before so I just downloaded for the hell of it to check em out. And I'm super glad I did. Super solid album in my opinion. See some people talkin about the cleans. I dig em...got a different style which I can appreciate. Kinda sound like Bury Tomorrow at moments in my opinion. Thanks for this !
  12. This is fucking fantastic. Just found them not to long ago with the self titled single from this record. So glad I found these guys...I will be downloading their other content for sure. Killer fuckin album right here. Thanks for the post as always
  13. Honestly love both singles. It's not what I expected or hoped for but it is still good in my opinion. To me this is still them, just with a real mature sound this time around. I really hope there's some heavy tracks on the album tho. Either way I'm stoked for the record.
  14. Between You & Me , Trash Boat , and Miss Fortune were mine. Really been into the pop punk/alt rock stuff lately. BY&M put out a great debut in my opinon. MF was not what I was hoping for but after a few listens I can dig it. Haven't jam Trash Boat that much but when I did I really enjoyed it.
  15. This is a fucking banger! I'm beyond stoked for this record. A horror movie themed album? Sign me right up...gonna be fuckin sick lol
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