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  1. Someone post his newest. Can't find explicit version anywhere
  2. I'm right there with ya. This album feels more live which I dig.
  3. I seriously wish more bands did this. Cough cough* new Fallujah
  4. No comments on this?! This is the best shit they've released in years! Y'all sleepin'
  5. Love it. However I absolutely loved the production from the last album. Wish it carried over. No biggie, this sounds more raw anyway.
  6. Eclipse was good. I have a soft spot for the first album tho.
  7. Big corporation push lmao. Welcome to the mainstream
  8. Agreed. Production hasn't been good since their 3rd album.
  9. Moving from Improvidence to this band was a good move. Hes a beast
  10. from still being high on lsd from last night, this is outrageous lmao
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