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  1. You probably listening on some Apple earpods sunny d lmao
  2. Flying down from Alaska to see these guys in New Orleans in October. Fucking pumped
  3. Fuck my ass and call me sally. Time to listen on repeat for a week straight
  4. Wow. This album took me by surprise. Those singles that came out had me worried a bit.
  5. It's raw. I think the vocals could use some treatment. Not bad
  6. I love Rick Ross. Thank you. I'm drunk as fuck. Been waiting for this over ten years
  7. Do these guys play anything live off of their first two albums?
  8. This is pretty tight. Although, for the love of christ. Please. Re-release you're last 5 albums as instrumental albums. I'm sure they're aware that people want it. Maybe with some cool tweaked album artwork. Easy money grab. I'd gladly throw my $ @ that if it ever happens..
  9. Just listen to challenge of poseidon. It's fantastic
  10. These guys just dropped new music. It's heavy as fuck.
  11. These guys are criminally underrated
  12. Ya. It's still sounds better than that 128. With viper sounds fine
  13. Managed to find a decent 320 floating around. This album definitely has a nostalgic feel to it. Early 2000's industrial/Linkin park theme going on, just a little bit. Mostly enjoyable. Only really enjoyed about 4 tacks. 7.0/10 with vox. When that instrumental lands. Its a solid 7.8/10 for me. Buying that version fosho. Cheers ya Aussies.
  14. Can you upload the Non-Amended version?
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