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  1. Parkway Drive - The Void (Single) (2018)

    I'm pretty hopeful the rest of the album will be super jammy. This song is definitely a radio esque song but that's solo was kind of cool, looking forward to the rest of the album.
  2. Someone will lmao
  3. Track 5 at the very end cuts off short btw. And someone upload the FLAC.
  4. Xenoblight - Procreation (2018)

    Soooo good
  5. For The Fallen Dreams - Six (2018)

    Also, it's like Chad had only 28% of his heavy vocals on the album. Huge let down. Only song I like is Ten Years the rest is some concert hall sounding Anthem/chant music lmao
  6. For The Fallen Dreams - Six (2018)

    Damn. A bit disappointed on how different it is. But I guess they've established a new sound. A couple good songs
  7. For The Fallen Dreams - Six (2018)

    You find that 320?
  8. One Decade - Coma Visions (EP) (2018)

    Shit goes so hard if you got subs
  9. For The Fallen Dreams - Ten Years (Single) (2018)

    Not huge on cleans but this song goes in.
  10. Zeolite - Sermones Mortis (EP) (2018)

    Fucking Australia
  11. August Burns Red - Messengers Remixed (2018)

    Oh I can hear the difference alright. The added depth to FLAC format is that much better now that I've bought it
  12. August Burns Red - Messengers Remixed (2018)

    Need flac to hear that true difference
  13. Machine Head - Catharsis (2018)