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  1. Damn is this Mormon, amended version
  2. My Only problem is that 320kbps versions volume is way too low. Flac and wav sound much more crisp and loud. Good job mates
  3. listen to their first 3 albums. especially the ep
  4. Wow world undone is great. This guy almost mimics Tim! He's good. Very happy.
  5. I'm starting a band up here in Alaska. Looking for connects. Who did you're album artwork if i may ask?
  6. Thanks the .wav works good. Is this your band or yo buddy's? Shit is hard af bro! send me the Bandcamp lemme support.
  7. idk sometimes flac is better at bringing volumes up and not all 320 sounds good as ripping a cd by yourself
  8. The very end of the song is curropted. Won't play
  9. Didn't like much of his last two albums except for those hype songs. These last 4-5 songs he's released have been great
  10. Fuck Spotify. They make these rappers come out with these absolutey rediculously long album with filler and shit garbage free styles and interludes for nothing. Wiz is trash af now bro. Love cabin fever 1 and older. Nothing new is good.
  11. Haven't listened to these guys since like 2013 but the vocalist sounds like he's trying way too hard lmao