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  1. The last album was kinda underwhelming. I see they've taken the looks, sound and feel of that "ERRA neon feel" that's cool it makes you $ but I miss that techy bounce they had back in the day.
  2. People miss the point on this album. It grooves hard with fantastic melidies with crushing tones. Solid 8.2/10 for me.
  3. The 128 sounds like it's pretty gooddamn good 128. Worth it. Even on shitty ear buds it sounds fine.
  4. Behold the crown is the intro song to the rest of the album. Being the 1st track on Evergreen. The guitarist said this album has his favorite gutair solo's and riffs out of their discography. I like both songs. Gonna buy this on CD fosho
  5. BlackPlayer for android is far better than Poweramp.
  6. The end of the song is currupted I believe
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