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  1. I really dug their 2017 release I thought they were stand out because they DIDN'T use cleans. A bit of a bummer seeing they sound like the rest now.
  2. So good. Great production. Gonna be heav
  3. Truth. I realky hope theres a instrumental version of this album
  4. So uninspired/boring. Love Emmure, but damn. this isn't it. That corny korn shit in the middle of the album was too much lmfao. Probably my least favorite album by them. 5/10
  5. Didn't like the last two albums very much. This has big peen vibes.
  6. after 4 tracks. I'm all pretty unimpressed. Damn shame.
  7. Lmao hollowed heart aint even on the album lmfao U understand
  8. Not a huge fan of the cleans. Already heard half the album with the numerous singles. Im more of a fan of the Insturmental aspect of the band nowadays. U mad bro lmao
  9. Gonna wait for dat Insturmental
  10. My list, by favorites RTJ1, RTJ3, RTJ2 and RTJ4. Its good, but i find it a bit lacking in some songs. 😔
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