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  1. Huge disappointment. Should've known. blackout 3 tape next year.
  2. Yo, this album is super Amended. Are you going to post the Explicit version?
  3. Pretty sure the name of the song doesn't reflect the lyrics too much
  4. All these rappers wearing and talking about dresses 😢😔
  5. Ya the production is super Pillowly
  6. Most Albums that have a Japanese release have a couple bonus tracks that the rest of the world never gets to hear unless it gets uploaded on youtube.
  7. WTF of course! I've been waiting for instrumental albums my whole damn life
  8. Rip Oli. Half way through the album. Haven't enjoyed a All That Remains album in a hot minute fuck ya. That being said. I just finished the album and i will say the singing parts do feel SUPER forced and commercialized 110% but DL is a phenomenal producer so it almost makes up for it. i like less than half the album but that's saying something.
  9. if anyone has a FLAC copy id pay ya. this is a great album
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