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  1. I hope they make a instrumental version of this album with some yellow tint on that album artwork.
  2. BTW, There's some hissing and strange crackling going on in the track "The Legend of Zelda" in the beginning
  3. Jesus Christ these guys always releasing stuff 24/7. Hard working band. awesome stuff
  4. Music Bee it's my new favorite for local music.
  5. New album coming soon. March 2nd y'all. Check it. Alaskas finest.
  6. One of my favorite albums of the new year. This band has always been under the radar. super refreshing stuff. sounds like it was made back in the day. with some EQ work the album sounds much better as well.
  7. Everyone here should try something like this. It makes the mix sound soooo much better. sounds 10x better. i honestly think this download might be unfinished work. Who knows ,its on spotify . So i guess its mastered.
  8. If you mess around with the EQ it sounds great.
  9. They put they're single up 4 free on VK. I got it in flac if anyone need
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