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  1. If you like Shinto Katana from Australia. You'll like this
  2. One of my go-to's. Cancer being my absolute favorite from these guys.
  3. There's only a handful of "Slam" bands I enjoy and this is definitely one of them.
  4. Hope it's good. Not crazy about that style of album artwork.
  5. For those you don't know. This is a super group. Vocalist from Job For a Cowboy
  6. Santana can do no harm
  7. Fuck yes. Reminds me of hell choose me. Drumming wise forsure. The 320 sounds good! but a little tinny at times? maybe due to my Astro a10s though.
  8. lmao that i did. Basically just asking if theres any possible way to get this specific application onto my S10. Doesn't seem like that's going to happen. asked if there's a similar windows program that i could get that does all these audio features. Dolby Atmos sucks on the galaxy line. Unless you have shitty tuned headphones or earbuds.
  9. @dorathekiller97 Oh shit. Another toy to play with while I try to just enjoyyy the music. I swear I'm always changing my eq anyway. this looks like something I wouldn't put down for certain albums haha. Is there windows software that can do all of these things in a nice fashion? My galaxy s10 is impossible to root on At&T up here. not sure if it'll work. maybe? any ideas?
  10. the drums and guitars are much more prominent
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