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  1. love this band!! another solid fucking song <3. Hopefully it gets on Spotify soon!
  2. Didn't have high hopes for this album originally, but the singles really got me on board. I knew going in this wasn't going to be a groundbreaking album, but def is worth checking out it. thanks for the post broski
  3. the album iv BEEN WAITING FORRRR THANK YOU!!!
  4. my fav single released so far! Pumped to listen to the rest now
  5. The Love You Let Too Close is going to be a hard album to top, but this single isn't bad. Just glad to hear new music from these dudes.
  6. man, this is not good lol. Music video alone made me cringe.
  7. FUCK YEA <3 so glad to hear new music. this album is gunna be lit
  8. god damn this album is going to be so fucking good!!! This is def my fav single released so far
  9. never heard of these guys, but really like the vocals. looking forward to more music from them
  10. ohhhh i like this! thanks for the share
  11. glad to see these guys are back! :D solid fucking single
  12. this EP is going to be fuckin amazing!
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