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  1. damn this shit goes fucking hard. Heard one song last year from them and instantly fell in love.
  2. not bad, just wish the vocals were more profound :/
  3. good shit, thanks! Sounds a lot like Kellin, but thats okay with me!
  4. Never heard of these guys, but liking what I hear! Solid vocals both clean and non-clean.
  5. not bad not bad! Thanks for the post :)
  6. OH DAMN!!! I havnt seen this album in such a long time!!! The whole album is so fucking good Indeed a great song with great lyrics
  7. dont have much hope for this album, hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised.
  8. FUCK YES!!!! Been waiting forever for this, thank you!!!
  9. never heard of these guys, but this fucking good. Thanks!!
  10. oh snap super early!!! thanks man
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