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  1. i'm actually really happy with this. is it perfect? no obviously not. but it's fun, it's bouncy, it's what we expected her to put out. it's nice to see how hard she worked to make this. she obviously just wanted to have fun on this record and i think it shows. people are still gonna be on the 2014 hate train for her, but give it a chance. if you like fun, happy, "twerk"-y rap, this is for you.
  2. flawless, just as everything else they do. WN and AWKOHAWNOH were both fantastic for their own reasons, and i love this more electronic based sound, it fits their aesthetic and Lynn's voice so well. They always outdo themselves and i love it!!
  3. i liked it, its not what i expected with the promos, but it had a nice riff, a catchy chorus, not bad. i hope its not like the last album, with good singles and a letdown album.
  4. a solid album, exactly what i'd expect from them. STUCKINMYBRAIN, ANGELS, and NO RAINBOWS are the tracks that immediately stood out to me (in that order probably). i love the production on this album. no surprises here, but straight up nice music.
  5. i actually really like it. I liked Gossip but it wasn't very memorable. Madness will always be my favorite from them, but I like the direction this seems to be taking.
  6. i usually think it's nice for the fans to release an album or a few singles after someone passes if they were close to- if not completely finished and with the intent of being released, but this seems tasteless. like X said the skins album was done and it was intentionally short, so i was okay with that. I didnt like all the MJ stuff released after his death. Also all proceeds to post-humous albums should really go towards the families or a non-profit or something that fits the artist's message, not the labels.
  7. thank god someone agrees. i loved this album thoroughly but the cover is kind of garbage.
  8. i cant begin to describe how happy this makes me
  9. it's a good message, just delivered terribly. and the music and melody is just bad. she's better than this and her discography shows that.
  10. im really happy with this album. the only 2 songs i didnt like are growing on me. there's a lot more slipknot influence on some of these tracks that i love! it's what you'd expect from a MIW album, but there's something about the production that's making it stand out to me. A lot better than Graveyard Shift, which i liked but don't remember a lot of, despite listening to a lot.
  11. yeah it was listed as 14 on the direct download listed on the vinyl. i guess open your heart is 13. i just did that in my library
  12. i mean the first 3 songs were pretty good, but the second half was just bad. Cattitude was just awful. Miley is better than this. She's shown a lot of skills on her last 3 albums, she is better than this.
  13. wow i loved this. it's not as conceptual and diverse as Taboo, but it's just fun. Each song is bouncy, entertaining, with fantastic flows and beats. Automatic really got me pumped. I could have done without the skits tho, those didn't really hit for me. honestly just a solid summer rap album. short but effective!
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