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  1. her writing has been improving A LOT on her last few singles. i think this is the weakest of the three, not that it's bad, just that without me and nightmare were really good for her. excited to hear the rest of the album tho!
  2. okay, this was not my favorite of hers. i adored the mixtapes, i was pretty let down by this. i'll see if it grows on me, but first listen thru left me wanting something else.
  3. lmao why was this downvoted? i just asked a question, since the promotions and title suggest a concept album
  4. so uh...what the fuck is the "story"? is it a concept album? is there an actual narrative? because i did not hear one.
  5. its okay. im about halfway thru and its not bad, just different. underwhelming following the masterpiece of WFMTC. very pop-structured songs, which i dont have a problem with, but nothing very special
  6. the second half of this album picks up a little bit, but not by much. it's not as bad as i was worried it would be, but it's still not great. there were a couple songs that i did really like (IRWIHY, BIOMY, OSES, and NHTSO) but thats really it. and even those, none are anything amazing. the part that really kills this album is the production. this would've been better if the production on the vocals and drums fit the themes of the songs better. it wouldn't be pop punk still, so if that's what you're looking for, stick with their other albums, but it would have been more enjoyable. some lyrics (like happy days) were just awful. overall, im glad we get new music from them, but i wish it would have been done better. i dont mind the genre change, they could pull it off, but the production wasnt fitting, and some songs were just forgettable. it just falls into the background of their other albums, even california (as much as it kills me to say that). i do love the album art tho. its basic but pretty lmao
  7. reading comments has got me scared. dear god is one of my top 3 albums of all time, i fucking ADORED waiting for morning to come, and i didnt dislike the single for this one but aaaaaaaaaaa im scared
  8. why do so many people make sexual remarks about women on their album artwork? could you not be so crude? nudity is not exclusively sexual, and these artists put a lot of work into their art, it's rude to boil them down to their bodies.
  9. im just confused when i listened to it. im not really sure what to make of it. maybe i'll give it a couple more listens. or wait for more tracks. i dont think i dislike it but honestly i'm not sure. that album art is a hate crime tho, even with the AI homage.
  10. i actually really like this. the rap was a little off, but i'm not mad. it feels like a midpoint between save rock and roll and american beauty/american psycho. i really don't get why so many people dislike this (or mania for that matter). the production is clean, the music is fun, there's not much to dislike. maybe some people are stuck in the past tho....
  11. i love the direction he's going. all his new songs have been BOPs
  12. this is an absolutely fantastic album. the only 2 songs i didnt love were finally free and can you hear me, not that i disliked them tho, just the only ones i didnt *love*. darkness is revealing might be the best track on here, that bridge went HARD! thank you for this so early!!
  13. not really a fan of hers, her writing was pretty cringey on her last album, but i havent seen other pop artists do something like this yet, so i'll give it a fair shot. hoping for some bops EDIT: after 2 listens, it's just okay. it's an improvement from crybaby, lyrically, but not by much. i did mostly enjoy Drama Club, but everything else was too...expected. there wasn't enough experimentation or anything that surprises you. the production of the choruses was irritating in the aspect that they were too long and repetitive. and she clings to this "im hardcore, daddy raised a bitch but also im cute" concept that just comes off as try-hard and trying to be relatable. i hate to use the word cringey again but that's what it is a lot of the time. (this was very prominent on the chorus of class fight and high school sweethearts). the melodies don't feel well constructed frequently. im not sure how to explain it, but it's like she wants to put lyrics together without considering the melody and just throwing them in and jamming them into a box that is too small...if that analogy makes sense. again, definitely an improvement from her debut, and the story and concept is much clearer and easier to follow on this one, but is it enough of an improvement to be good? i don't think so. EDIT 2: can we talk about how bad orange juice was?? i know its important to bring light to that topic, but the melody was so bad, the metaphor and imagery felt so disconnected to the topic, and while the song started out strong lyrically, the force-feeding of saying "this song is about bulimia" in the last line of the first verse ruins it. don't just tell us what you're singing about, let us have that click. use other words, metaphors, don't be so spoon-fed literal. EDIT 3: strawberry shortcake was also actually a pretty good song i should mention. the lyrics for the topic are a bit cliche, but it's one of the stronger melodies on the album, and i like the dessert imagery.
  14. producer: how much vibrato u want? post: yes. okay i love this song and the past few singles, but i'm still hoping for a song with rock influences, hence his metal background. maybe the ozzy collab will give us that. either way, cant wait for the new album, comes out a few days before my birthday haha
  15. Cluster EP meets Take Her To The Moon meets dreampop. i love it so much! this is gonna be their best album yet!
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