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  1. we all be joking in here but like, genuinely some bangers on this no cap
  2. i think i'll always prefer feel something just because of how emotuionally connected i am to it, how much it got me thru, but i had high expectations for this and it was absolutely met im so happy with this. its less catchy then FS so learning them will take longer for me personally, but honestly this album is amazing. im a little tired of DGUYG and skin to skin wasnt quite it for me but those are the only eceptions, everything else is perfect. Garden Eyes, 12 Weeks, Seneca, and Love Took The Last of It are definitely the standout/top songs for me.
  3. only things is most walmarts (at least in my areas) only carry the clean or censored versions of albums so
  4. i love everything they release and this is no exception. i absolutely cannot stand yungblud so i was hella skeptical but honestly they worked well together i'll give him that
  5. i love it, but they seem to blend together a lot. EIYA every song felt defined and individual while still being all on theme. While this one is really solid front to back, a lot of the middle third specifically really mushes together and there isnt as much variety.
  6. the pale emperor is my favorite album by him so i usually love the acoustic and more ballad-like stuff he makes but this just isnt good. idk what it is, the melody is just weak for him. i was so excited to get new stuff from him but this just doesnt do it for me...
  7. this took a little bit from each of the last 3 albums into one comprehensive song and its sooo good. it mostly feels like amo, with vocals like thats the spirit, and then a nice ass breakdown for a little sempiternal era. im very happy with this.
  8. the worst part about it is that its not even that bad. im not a big kanye fan, but this concept definitely intrigued me, and honestly a couple songs are pretty good, some are awful but still...
  9. how's it compare to other albums? i kinda wanna wait for flac, but if its anything like (or better than) tragedy, private room or ynya, then im so excited
  10. first one to not be a *clean* version *ba dum tiss*
  11. put the album on loop. it ends like the abrupt end to a relationship (the main focus of the song/album). then the instrumental leads back into the first song again.
  12. anyone know when the bonus tracks from target are coming? my pre-order got backordered and i'm dying to hear them
  13. i love everything about this album. except: i think the old demo for Worst is better than what they did on the album. also some of the chorus melodies were a little weirder than i expected. but honestly i'm so so happy with this album, it's definitely got me feeling a lot of feelings right now
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