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  1. this took a little bit from each of the last 3 albums into one comprehensive song and its sooo good. it mostly feels like amo, with vocals like thats the spirit, and then a nice ass breakdown for a little sempiternal era. im very happy with this.
  2. the worst part about it is that its not even that bad. im not a big kanye fan, but this concept definitely intrigued me, and honestly a couple songs are pretty good, some are awful but still...
  3. how's it compare to other albums? i kinda wanna wait for flac, but if its anything like (or better than) tragedy, private room or ynya, then im so excited
  4. first one to not be a *clean* version *ba dum tiss*
  5. his rapping is very hit or miss. this is better than drugs tho. while ronnie has been struggling with verses lately, he knows damn well how to write a chorus, and that breakdown and bridge go hard! im very happy with this one
  6. darling that's the point it's a bonus track
  7. put the album on loop. it ends like the abrupt end to a relationship (the main focus of the song/album). then the instrumental leads back into the first song again.
  8. anyone know when the bonus tracks from target are coming? my pre-order got backordered and i'm dying to hear them
  9. i love everything about this album. except: i think the old demo for Worst is better than what they did on the album. also some of the chorus melodies were a little weirder than i expected. but honestly i'm so so happy with this album, it's definitely got me feeling a lot of feelings right now
  10. two bad artists on one track. two negatives don't always make a positive...
  11. fuck the guy that commented this.
  12. her writing has been improving A LOT on her last few singles. i think this is the weakest of the three, not that it's bad, just that without me and nightmare were really good for her. excited to hear the rest of the album tho!
  13. okay, this was not my favorite of hers. i adored the mixtapes, i was pretty let down by this. i'll see if it grows on me, but first listen thru left me wanting something else.
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