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  1. This shit is so good. Perfect blend of heavy with the atmospheric background to give it more depth. Hey SharpTone if you’re listening! *wink wink nudge nudge*
  2. Certainly didn’t expect the opener to start like that 😮
  3. All those callbacks in Maverick are fucking perfect
  4. If the lyrics were better this would be phenomenal. Even with them tough it goes super hard and is really good.
  5. Yeah it's the instrumental outro for the EP for the preview which is a little odd.. But the main tracks are awesome.
  6. I want to fault them for only have the few heavier songs compared to Origin.. but they do alternative so fucking well that having a mix works so well for them. The only gripe I have is that since there’s such a huge range on this album is that it’s only 10 tracks with an interlude. Was absolutely worth the preorder though.
  7. Eagerly awaiting this release. Listened to Nerve at least 50 times when it came out and have refused to listen to any more to avoid spoiling the album. Can’t wait!
  8. Was thinking the same thing, damn. When I saw it was coming out in 2 weeks figured it was going to be an EP or something!
  9. I’m just floored that I was super hyped over My Own Grave when it came out and it’s EASILY the weakest track on this monster. Amazing redemption story for Tim and the gang and an absolutely massive album to come back with.
  10. Been listening to Reclaimer on repeat for the past 2 weeks. So fucking stoked for this.
  11. Hopefully this doesn’t get overshadowed by the other 50 releases this week. Edit: it’s got a ton of variation for a metal core release.
  12. Wow. And I thought TAIM was the release to look forward to today. This fucking rips. edit: you guys playing any local shows soon?
  13. Never really listened to these guys but this release is absolutely amazing. Also, Evil Are The Kings is the Story of the Year song I've been waiting for for YEARS.
  14. I know they use diminished chords a lot but the way they do it leading into the verse ~1:30 into mutinous is done so incredibly well. Album is everything I hoped for from them except I would have liked a couple Moreno new songs since we already had oxygen 3 years ago and listening to al the singles made it only 5 new songs. But amazing as expected from these guys.
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