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  1. Gahd damn that break in Merry Axe-mas is fucking NUTS.
  2. They’re progressive metalcore but check out that new WINDRUNNER track. She’s awesome.
  3. Hopefully there is some variations to her screams on the full length, but her clean vocals are amazing.
  4. These guys fill a Life on Repeat size hole in my life. The EP this year was amazing and so is this, can't wait to see these guys blow up.
  5. His voice in this album reminds me of Connor from Boys Night Out every once in a while, which is awesome. Album is great overall
  6. Only gotten to listen to half of the album so far but.. Its like if Define The Great Line and Translating the Name EP had a baby, and it's amazing.
  7. Much better than the 2010 trend! 10 track album, intro interlude and outro.
  8. I was thinking the same thing, saw the thread pop up and was like woah wait it doesn’t come out til almost January?!
  9. Aura of Birth was just Andy doing some studio work for a band... unfortunately.
  10. Shiiiiiiieet. If the rest of the album is even close to the 3 singles released so far this is easily their best album to date.
  11. The single kinda reminded me of WBIEF era Silverstein. Edit: spelling is hard
  12. Lol, “downtime”. Hey we have a single week between our nonstop touring for a year, let’s record something! Love be the fact that these guys eat sleep and breathe their love for music.
  13. I can only imagine how good the song about Friday the 13th is going to be after how crazy this song is. Spencer is obsessed with Friday the 13th so I expect is to be insane.
  14. Yeah... Andy just kind of does that. Basically every cover he’s done sounds better than the original. And that metal core song he just did... I forget the name of the band, he fits perfect there too.
  15. Yep, easily AOTY contender for me, up there with The New Age and Greyhaven.