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  1. Death in Divide - 11/27/20
  2. Only listened to the first single to try to stay surprised for the rest of the album.. Hoping they bring back a little of the aggressiveness from Phoenix, that album was a masterpiece. Loved the EP too but did miss the aggression a little.
  3. No Faith No Space was released as a single back when they were on InVogue so it couldn’t be released on a Sharptone release
  4. @Vinny554 good shit man. So good. Is an album announcement coming with the sound change? Or just a one off to showcase the direction you’re going in?
  5. Loved Evolve and Repair, didn’t know they had anything coming out again.. thanks!
  6. It's like Discoveries era Northlane meets Architects. Super good
  7. Very Neverbloom era Make Them Suffer-esque. Good stuff
  8. Wow, hadn't realized it's already been over a year and a half since inner signals. Looking forward to new stuff from them
  9. Definitely didn't see Falling Ashes coming.. jeeeeeezus
  10. Hadn’t heard these guys but for some reason was intrigued enough by the art to gloss over them.. surprisingly pretty good.
  11. Wow that single is TERRIBLE. Boring chorus that is about 35 seconds long and they somehow fit it 4 times into 3:30.
  12. As someone that has always tried to get into Trivium but never managed to "get" them... This album is fucking awesome.
  13. This is sort of like what I wanted The Amity Affliction to sound like after Youngbloods... just has a little less clean vocals. Super good.
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