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  1. Wow, hadn't realized it's already been over a year and a half since inner signals. Looking forward to new stuff from them
  2. Definitely didn't see Falling Ashes coming.. jeeeeeezus
  3. Hadn’t heard these guys but for some reason was intrigued enough by the art to gloss over them.. surprisingly pretty good.
  4. Wow that single is TERRIBLE. Boring chorus that is about 35 seconds long and they somehow fit it 4 times into 3:30.
  5. As someone that has always tried to get into Trivium but never managed to "get" them... This album is fucking awesome.
  6. This is sort of like what I wanted The Amity Affliction to sound like after Youngbloods... just has a little less clean vocals. Super good.
  7. Sorry about those first few tracks all, was gonna try to rerip with EAC but got busy right after submitting/talking with Summers. Hope everyone enjoys, and glad Jamie is back in the scene!
  8. Exactly the same here. I’ve never really been into them - not for lack of trying, I’ve listened to everything they’ve released - but could never really get into them... that being said, this album is fucking awesome.
  9. Every time I think I'm drifting towards lighter music preferences... a Tech Death monster like this comes out and I come right on back.
  10. Must resist.. album is only 9 tracks long and told myself I wouldn’t listen to Ire when it came out... and have now listened to all 3 released songs at least 50 times each.
  11. Completely forgot that was his band. Love all of their material. Excited to see where they go though!
  12. This song is just as good as Disarray. Just wondering what their new direction will be like... They said this song is kind of a goodbye to their old sound as they have a ton of new material that they're going to be releasing with the new direction they want to be heading.
  13. I’ve tried to bring these guys up in the chat quite a few times in the past couple months since I didn’t see the other singles on the site and was surprised since everyone here seems to love Jamie. pretty sure I’ve listened to Obsidian and Lamb to the Slaughter at least 100 times each... definitely going to be one of the top melodic/tech deathcore albums of the year!
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