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  1. Drummer from Fall Guitarist from Smoke vocals are Joe Brown from A Static Lullaby... not sure about the others
  2. That is actually a typo on the site, it really is "Too Dead to Dance"... at least it is on the music video.
  3. Ah ok, so this is different from this Visenya. I was confused about the "vocal-centric" part when I was like uhhhh weren't they instrumental?
  4. Good stuff, sad to see these guys break up because of visa issues
  5. Only being able to listen to the first 4 songs before work, if the rest follow suit then this album is exactly what most artists strive to do. They release a pretty good debut. They decide to switch it up for their next release and have some growing pains figuring out their new style and execute not entirely terrible just not completely cohesive. get back together for the third release to take the goods from the previous two albums, figure out what they really want to do, and execute amazingly. again, only listened to the first 5 songs at this point but so far it’s exactly what I had hoped to hear from them considering the direction they tried to go in on the second release. edit: After listening to the rest of the album stuck in traffic my sentiment remains for the whole album. So much better than any past release!
  6. Pretty great month! 1. Whitechapel - easily. 2. Johnny Booth 3. Vanish 4. Youth Fountain 5. Our Last Night
  7. Fuckin LIHC represent! Album is crazy good.
  8. This sounds like if you mixed With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear together with Let’s Cheers To This. Which is what I had always hoped for from SWS
  9. I'm normally not one for deathcore, super selective over it for some reason. But this is fucking nuts.
  10. Dive was one of my most listened to albums of 2018 - according to Winamp i had 26 plays alone on my PC not including all the listens on spotify and on my phone. So glad to see that new music is just as good!
  11. After listening to this album 20 some odd times, I'm really confused by how much so many people hate the intro. I mean yeah, it's weird... But it really sets the tone for the album. It's a bunch of guys that are all amazing at what they do and you can hear how much fun they had doing it come through in the recording. Was worried that after so much time and listening to the singles so many times I wouldn't like the rest of what they did a few years later but.. The whole album is amazing start to finish.
  12. It's a "double album" release. They're releasing this one now and another one sometimes this year with info hopefully soonish on the second one. Not sure how long the second one is though.
  13. 1. Ice Nine Kills - The Silver Scream 2. Glass Hands - Dive 3. LANDMVRKS - Fantsy 4. Seraphim - Shades of the Future 5. Currents - I Let The Devil In 6. Time, The Valuator - How Fleeting, How Fragile 7. Palisades - Erase the Pain 8. Makari - Hyperreal 9. Fit For a King - Dark Skies 10. Rivers of Nihil - Where Owls Know My Name
  14. They’ve been around for quite a while! This is actually their 5th release. Definitely worth checking out their other stuff!
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