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  1. Been listening to Reclaimer on repeat for the past 2 weeks. So fucking stoked for this.
  2. Hopefully this doesn’t get overshadowed by the other 50 releases this week. Edit: it’s got a ton of variation for a metal core release.
  3. Wow. And I thought TAIM was the release to look forward to today. This fucking rips. edit: you guys playing any local shows soon?
  4. Never really listened to these guys but this release is absolutely amazing. Also, Evil Are The Kings is the Story of the Year song I've been waiting for for YEARS.
  5. I know they use diminished chords a lot but the way they do it leading into the verse ~1:30 into mutinous is done so incredibly well. Album is everything I hoped for from them except I would have liked a couple Moreno new songs since we already had oxygen 3 years ago and listening to al the singles made it only 5 new songs. But amazing as expected from these guys.
  6. It’s posted here under Gatekeeper - Quarantine which was a 10 track full length before they renamed the band and signed to SharpTone.
  7. Not to take away from the insane instrumentation in the album, but Andy sounds fucking monstrous on all 3 of those tracks. I know Anup said that him and Andy are working on a new project together a few months ago.... not sure if that is a new band all together or if he meant the spots on this EP.
  8. Drummer from Fall Guitarist from Smoke vocals are Joe Brown from A Static Lullaby... not sure about the others
  9. That is actually a typo on the site, it really is "Too Dead to Dance"... at least it is on the music video.
  10. Ah ok, so this is different from this Visenya. I was confused about the "vocal-centric" part when I was like uhhhh weren't they instrumental?
  11. Good stuff, sad to see these guys break up because of visa issues
  12. Only being able to listen to the first 4 songs before work, if the rest follow suit then this album is exactly what most artists strive to do. They release a pretty good debut. They decide to switch it up for their next release and have some growing pains figuring out their new style and execute not entirely terrible just not completely cohesive. get back together for the third release to take the goods from the previous two albums, figure out what they really want to do, and execute amazingly. again, only listened to the first 5 songs at this point but so far it’s exactly what I had hoped to hear from them considering the direction they tried to go in on the second release. edit: After listening to the rest of the album stuck in traffic my sentiment remains for the whole album. So much better than any past release!
  13. Pretty great month! 1. Whitechapel - easily. 2. Johnny Booth 3. Vanish 4. Youth Fountain 5. Our Last Night
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