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  1. Uhh so is this the front side of this cover?
  2. Did I listen to a different song from everyone else?? Sounds like a TTS b-side / repeat of Ludens. I don't get how everyone shits on bands like TWA and AA for doing these boring pop-rock songs with snorefest "breakdowns" but somehow thinks BMTH is doing anything better.
  3. I dig the throwback sound, but man, are they purposely trying to have bad SEO with that band name?
  4. Hmm I like everything in theory but something about her airy vocals just don't fit well with the R&B for me. Not sure if it's just the production or her singing style, but when it's just her voice isolated and not doing something crazy, like in's missing something. Like the vocal layering at the end of the second song works so much better for me.
  5. Aaah skipped around it because I don't want to listen to any more singles before release. So hyped for more
  6. Yeah Worlds Apart was up there fore me but it quickly fell short after a few listens. I'm cautiously thinking this is above it though
  7. Had they not put out so many singles I probably would have been a lot more disappointed, since yeah that EP was fantastic. But the singles were enough to scale back expectations, too hard to shake off that sophmoric slump vibe
  8. I'm not the biggest J-Pop fan but her previous LP was surprisingly good, I'm curious if this can hold up Edit: welp the answer is not at all. Besides a few singles it's pretty bad
  9. So is it just one of the original members left?
  10. Same for me, I stumbled upon them and Young Kato sometime last year at the same time and had them on repeat for like 4 months.
  11. Wow that's a lot better than the artwork and name would make you think.
  12. Guest

    Hey. All my photos and videos here

  13. Ah man thanks a lot! I know a few but most I never bothered to dig too deep (or at all, like SZA, despite being told to listen to her multiple times), so I'll definitely come in with an open mind.
  14. Wow I didn't even realize they put out stuff in 2017. And now didn't realize they were going to do a few shows with TREOS. Man that would have been great.
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