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  1. I didn't keep up with what happened, did one member kick a bunch out or something?
  2. So many PHC bands sound like this now and days. It's not bad, just not very memorable
  3. Yeah even as a fan of orchestral music, his solo stuff didn't do much for me. But this is just an extended version of the ending of "Night on the Town" so I don't mind. Also there were rumors the ending to the saga was going to be an all orchestral album...
  4. Right? I had to double check this wasn't some old EP from a myspace band
  5. So the "zombies" are regular, normal people, aka normies, that are trying to bring a dead band back to life. Sounds about right. Also lol:
  6. I can never remember who this band is until I see that thumbnail for the Dreambound video. Was in my Recommendation list forever.
  7. That album art and band name are pretty awful, but that single was enjoyable. But I guess I'm a sucker for any female fronted poppunk
  8. I know all the fans like that the original singer came back, but I much prefer the female vocalists, especially Sophia
  9. They did a remaster/re-release of Why 6 Is Afraid of 7 about two months ago, so I'm guessing just full on remaster
  10. Yeah which is kind of think why I didn't like AS that much - I like how integral the vocals are to Mothership. That said Flossie Dickey instrumental is just painful on the ears
  11. At least the artwork reflects his personality. (Fucking ugly)
  12. Why is it that so many of these bands provide the just most unclear and contradictory responses. I get it, it's a touchy, confusing subject that isn't black and white. But when you're trying to clear the air, is it really hard to say "No I did not forcibly rape them. I believed at the time we had consentual, albeit non-verbal, sex. In the future, I have learned about the difference between blah blah blah." Instead we're left to question if this event even transpired, if consent was even legally applicable (e.g. age/alcohol/etc), and so on. I remember not to long ago there was this band where the guitarist was accused, and so they came out and said "No I didn't do it...but I'm quitting the band because I don't want people to feel unsafe". Like...either you were innocent, at which point you should probably be angry you were falsely accused...or you were not, at which point why did you just lie to us. /rant Song is weak either way
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