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  1. Yeah I mean, I don't at all blame them from moving on from lyrics like "Harder than your mom's cock" and "gay like a homofag"...but this reminds me of that awkward phase Breathe Carolina went in. They at least eventually said fuck it, we're doing EDM now, so I can at least appreciate just going all the way instead of this...half and half mess.
  2. Eh, having Eve be pretty much IOAM 2.0 doesn't help, but go the opposite direction and you wind up with another We Do What We Want... Honestly I think the biggest problem is the lack of cohesion in the last LP's. I get they've drastically shifted how they make music, and it's any wonder they're still doing it, let alone streaming it -- but something is still off in the process. I've kind of made my peace with In Shallow Seas being their peak, so I really keep my expectations low and just reminisce with the vocals.
  3. What? I mean...I get some metalcore bands going this direction. And I know these guys came from more PHC roots. ....What???? Just a little bit in the last song on the EP -
  4. I'm sure the artwork is supposed to be ironic (they've overlayed Sony Music on every mv they put out) but man is it sure ugly to look at.
  5. Their debut LP was really catchy, here's hoping this one is solid as well.
  6. Someone actually posted it as "Sleeping With Sirens - Anxiety Demo 2018 Unreleased/Rare" haha
  7. I really hope they can prove themselves with this album. I really got hooked on "Tunnel Vision" but their whole last LP felt really lacking for some reason. This single isn't giving me much hope though ....
  8. Rumor has it the old Aviana singer is IA's. Hard to tell how true, since Aviana singer left a while before IA did iirc, but some of the clues supposedly matched up.
  9. I think a lot of people can appreciate the sentiment. It's just that the execution was so....bad for most people. It's also hard not to feel jaded by anything celebrities push.
  10. Which number singer are they on now? Jake "The Bear 5.0" Reeves lol
  11. I guess this confirms the Invent Animate rumors then? The mix is thicc, but something about this makes it feel...a little generic? I enjoy it, and there were a few songs on their first album that were a bit grating on the ears...but I'm not fully sold on it yet.
  12. Man, I know this style isn't unique to a few bands by any means, but this really reminded me of the band "Across the Sun". Used to jam out to their albums all the time.
  13. Right?? I wonder if it'll be something like the SIlverstein remaster or something else.
  14. > Smashing Into Pieces doesn't sound like his throat is being ripped to shreds 0/10 In all seriousness I really do like "remaster" albums when they go the full effort and don't just update the mix. I miss a bit of the harshness of the earlier songs - and the cleans feel a bit reserved for a few of them - but I'm not complaining about having a reason to relisten to these classics.
  15. God I remember having some verison that had to be < 128kbps. Probably ripped from someone playing straight from Myspace lol
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