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  1. Eh, hoped they'd be able to solidify a sound but it's more of the same meh. I didn't mind the genre switchup, it's just been so bland.
  2. After their debut, I was a bit worried they'd slowly keep removing the rawness from the early EP's but hoo boy does this prove that wrong. Wonder if it's the last song on the LP or not.
  3. Artwork is perfect. Was hoping it was more bubbly happy folk but I think I can dig this.
  4. I'm still listening to Dichotomy lol
  5. 1. Holding Absence - Holding Absence 2. Dabin - Wild Youth 3. Northlane - Alien 4. Dayseeker - Sleeptalk 5. Above & Beyond - Flow State 6. Diamond Construct - Diamond Construct 7. mol-74 - mol-74 8. Owel - Paris 9. Counterparts - Nothing Left to Love 10. Capstan - Restless Heart, Keep Running I listened to so many older albums this year (mainly The Midnight on repeat) I had to really remember what came out. Most disappointing: blackbear - Anonymous Favorite EP: Palmist - Too Little, Too Late Favorite Single: Anamaguchi - Own My Own Biggest surprise: Passcode - Clarity
  6. What are Alesana up to these days anyway? I know they've been doing a lot of producing and reselling the trilogy, any word on new stuff?
  7. Do be warned, I think this game goes out of it's way to penalize you if you're coming in with a souls mindset. Which was initially great and a refreshing change of pace, especially when paired with polish and quality oozing at every corner...but by the end I was sick of the mechanics and only found myself disappointed. Had Death Stranding not come out this year, I think Sekiro would have definitely had a louder discussion on the divide it's had with fans -- for every 3 people I know that love it, I know another 2 that despised it.
  8. Think this is their 3rd screamer now (joined after Fragile Figures deluxe iirc). Still kind of wished the clean singer had solo stuff / side project since it doesn't feel like this band (or his previous) is doing his voice justice. They're not bad, and they've definitely shed their "just another Risecore" stigma...but still think they could push the boundaries a bit more.
  9. Not bad, that Greta insertion was really cringey though. I'm kind of over all the Sagan quotes being thrown into songs, but to pick something so "topical", ugh.
  10. I wasn't even aware it was a cover to I saw your comment. Usually that would be a surprise, but I think I welcome it now. Just wanna grill for pete's sake
  11. All these emo rappers sound the same and are perhaps the lowest denominator in the rapping genre. ....Yet I love this shit. The Epitaph label is surprising, though I haven't paid attention to them at all in recent years
  12. I don't mind the shift in sound (assuming this isn't just like the Dark Age single), but it seems a bit too safe for me.
  13. sounds exactly like every other single they've put out. Which I still like, just wondering how it'll feel back to back. Then again, I said the same thing about BMTH's SS so maybe the fear is misguided
  14. Jesus, who pissed in your cereal this morning? DDG had nothing and I saw nothing on his website that's why I asked. If anyone else is wondering it's re-recordings and a few new songs.
  15. I haven't paid attention to him since watching Amelie -- are these remixes or remasters of older songs?
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