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  1. Well if it's going out, much rather it be due to happy reasons than some webhosts trying to shut shit down. My music collection is going to narrow sadly, these sorts of sites are how I find all sorts of unusual stuff. I used to use this French one I think called Laceyspikemusic and I swear I found 90% of my folk bands from there. If anyone has a site that doesn't even provide leaks, just provides something cross-genre like the Upcoming Releases bar, that'd be great. I only read the metal stuff so I miss things like the last Olafur Arnalds release. That all said, this site was great while it was here, thanks for the hard work everyone
  2. Definitely a different band at this point. Wiki says they have 11 former members lol. If you treat as some chill pop, it's good stuff - esp. Run Wild. And I assume you've already checked out the one they did after their 05 album, Illuminate, because that's a classic in it's own right.
  3. Hmm... I don't want to fault them for fully stepping away from their (very obvious) Erra influences, but now their new stuff just feels like Crystal Lake, beyond the fact their both Japanese.
  4. Light Years was one of those LP's that sat in my "need to listen to" folder until just a couple of months ago and man I'm kicking myself for not listening to it earlier. Some serious talent here, though kind of a bummer it's not a full remaster of their debut EP.
  5. I'm just here waiting for people to apologize for hating The Here and Now... The change-up is understandable, surprised they even made something like HH, but it's not my cup of tea unfortunately.
  6. Man this was even better than what I hoped for
  7. I just can't stand how Galleons' mixing is all over the place. It's obvious (and understandable) certain singles were mixed by different people, but when listening to their albums it feels like I'm going from 320 to 128 sometimes.
  8. And yet you downvoted the post hmmmm. Jk, I'm hyped for this. Re:member didn't hit me like Island Songs but it's been growing on me as I've been waiting for this LP.
  9. Ah I should have realized A Place for My Head was an LP cover. Shame Wanderlust isn't going to be on there then.
  10. Isn't this like the 6th single now? Surprised they would do so many.
  11. I'm glad I checked this out, it's really nice.
  12. Not my usual taste, but the instrumentation on this is on point.
  13. Just as it was all returns to nu-metal in the end. It is inevitable.
  14. Man I enjoyed this way more than I should have. I think it'll make a great one off track to break up the album...but if they do go fully into this direction, I actually might not hate it.
  15. Well it's definitely Owsey yet somehow very different. I didn't expect such a heavy vocal presence, especially one so insanely talented. I assumed he just used a bunch of random vocal samples, but I'm pretty sure now it's all his own vocals. In some ways, this LP is a bit narrow in scope - perhaps even a one note album. But in others, it feels like variations of a single theme. A bit more shakeups with instrumentals/electronics could have broken up some of the sameness - esp. since there were like 3-- no, actually 10 (!) -- singles that surprisingly didn't make it on this album. So it seems very much intentional. But my gut feeling is this one hits higher highs and lower lows than To The Children.
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