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  1. Oh thought this was just going to be the EP. Will be interesting to see how it holds up
  2. Saaame. Seems so long ago. I mean 7 years is a long time, but still
  3. Glad the female vocals aren't gone - they were absent in the last few singles. It's a solid EP, but I can't but feel like it's missing something to really elevate them to Erra levels. (Not that they can't be their own thing, you get what I mean) Edit: Ugh the final song's ending is a cliffhanger intro, shit triggers my OCD. Though it sounds like it could lead into the 3rd track.
  4. >They'll send you to prison for talking about socialism. Some deep lyrics here
  5. Did all the other albums come out this year as well? Is it like a TDH Color Spectrum sort of thing? Because every song I've heard sounds pretty different than the other and I'm intrigued
  6. Definitely as chill as the singles were, we'll see it if it can live up to Ology. Liking what I"m hearing so far.
  7. Holy shit I didn't even realize it was coming out
  8. Right? I always found it funny how much it upset people too.
  9. Who knows, maybe he'll rejoin them now that's out from Alazka
  10. On one hand, Tillian was what got me into DGD but I kind of do want them to switch up vocalists just to see where they can continue pushing boundaries. On the other, it sounds like they've really clicked as a group and enjoy it, so I'd see no reason to stop.
  11. Waat? They even admitted themselves that half of ArSe was written as singles.
  12. Oh yeah I totally forgot to listen to it. I dig it, though I'm wondering if the short lengths means there's going to be a lot of remixes included
  13. Huh bit of a throwback sound. Kind of anti-climatic but it'll be interesting if they stick with this style.
  14. I dunno. I love Tyler's solo stuff and there are definitely fantastic moments on this album. But overall it just felt...directionless? It has a mostly cohesive sound, but I was expecting one or two songs to really sell this new direction (even though it's not really much of a departure from the sounds they've played with). Hopefully it'll grow on me more.
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