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  1. I think I'd be able to enjoy them more if the guitars didn't sound so bad
  2. Surprised they haven't just put together another EP after 5 singles
  3. The singles felt lacking for me, hoping this full release can turn that around.
  4. I can't tell if I enjoy this or not. The keytar is perplexing but kind of works? And of course they have a Simple and Clean cover. Edit: A Tearin' Up My Heart cover that has Lance Bass approval. What. Kind of reminds me of Eskimo Callboy now that I think about it
  5. Okay I'll admit, above was my initial reaction, but I finally gave this album a fair, balanced shake....and after a few listens, actually kind of enjoy it. I could never get into them after Marcus joined since all their songs blended into one another and sounded like prog metal without the interesting parts. And while it's still by no mean revolutionary in my eyes, I can readily admit it is really refreshing, grabbing bits and pieces from all across the spectrum and making something strangely cohesive. Plus songs like 4D and Freefall are too solid to ignore. The latter half of the album is pretty weak though, and I still hate Eclipse. But I'll definitely admit I was a bit harsh in my first comment on it.
  6. I'm in the same boat, but I guess I'm not a huge fan of the genre so maybe that's keeping me biased. Talented but I'm not seeing the spark.
  7. Goofy MV aside, the second half was better than the first - some The Afterimage vibes -- but hopefully they don't stray too far from their other single: Does look like some lineup changes though
  8. DnB + Shitty Screams = AOTY for some people. This is embarrassingly bad. I mean, glad people can derive some enjoyment from it - but I'm pretty sure if it didn't have the name attached, no one would be heralding it as "revolutionary".
  9. Kind of weird that most of these tracks are throwbacks, yet DGD just picks one from their last album.
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