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  1. The ambient/post-rocky influence was what made them click for me. And they kind of give me Architect vibes at points.
  2. Honestly though, last two singles have been kind of safe. I'm fine with them going down the dark pop route, just need a bit more spice imo.
  3. Yeah as much I enjoyed a few singles on WA I could not get into like everyone else did. This sounds like a good step provided the album keeps the variety strong like Old Souls.
  4. Ehhh even with no expectations I walked away just uninterested. There's some really interesting bits and pieces here and there, but it's all overshadowed by such a generic sound. And maybe I'm a minority, but I can't stand the nasally high pitch singing Shane does now. He usually hits his higher notes in that style, but it's 'on' all the time for this LP and was the reason I didn't like the 2nd half of Dead Reflection. Which is weird, since I enjoy that style of singing, PtV being a favorite of mine...but going from the "Bad Habits" mv to "My Heroine" creates so much whiplash.
  5. Huh not my usual cup of tea but I'm vibing with this
  6. When The Wombats went for that 90's alt rock style it worked because they were already a pop band. This....I yeah..... And if anyone still has yet to listen to Time, the Valuator, do yourself a favor and check out what HLH should have (personally) turned into:
  7. Yeah this is totally Breach's level of non-stop 'atmospheric synths'....but unlike that album which took forever for me to appreciate, I'm really digging this. With the heavy reverb on top of it, it hits that niche "chill heavy" vibe that I feel like few albums try to achieve. It's lacking a lot of punch as a result and perhaps it didn't to be so long, but I think it's a nice direction to take.
  8. Can def do more Shokran-like bands. Egyptcore is the future
  9. Hoo boy, I'll have to wait and see if this will be AOTY, but there are so many 10/10 moments on this LP
  10. Weather was good but way too short and a bit over the place. This is still too short but feels much more cohesive now.
  11. Haha I need some pessimism before listening to it because man, I want to get stupidly hyped but those singles did nothing for me.
  12. Oh whoops totally missed that. Yeah I'm interested in how the HQ version turns out
  13. Everything from 1:12 on with the cheap soudning gun shots and knife fx just comes of like early 2000 samplecore stuff imo.
  14. I like the goofiness of Debt, but yeah it kind of ruins the really solid first half that doesn't match anything on the ep
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