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  1. I thought I was listening to a new Dream On Dream single at first. It's pretty solid
  2. At least for me, it creates more contrast than if it was purely sung/scream.
  3. The vocals work much better in A Way Out than the posted link, but the instrumentation is solid enough to check them out.
  4. No blackbear hype in here?? edit: well, I can see why now. Single was pretty meh.
  5. One day they'll sound like Jamie's Elsewhere right? Right??
  6. As much as people mock modern country music just being 'pop music with twang'...I find that much more palatable than the bluegrassy stuff.
  7. Ah gotta love band drama. (Also Mami is still best girl, fight me)
  8. Oh man, I always forget about them for a few years, go back and find new material that is always a guilty pleasure. Hell if I know where the storyline is going tho
  9. Oh wow they're still around? It sounds like they transitioned from the heavy auto-tune alright, but I am hoping they stick to the goofy "trancore" that I listened to on occasion.
  10. Surprised Night Vibe$ wasn't on here. Something about the vocalist always gives me Alive in Standby vibes. The fact both are Asian is weirder too. It's good, not as strong as their debut, but good.
  11. The other songs are a little better. I'm not writing this off completely yet, got a bit of a Johari feel
  12. Saw the music video Rebirth randomly a few months ago and I just giggled at it - it's hard to take headbanging on a hurdy-gurdy seriously. And yet here I am a few months later, relistening to Evocation II until this new LP comes out.
  13. I just hope this one sticks around longer with me. Liked Leave Your Love when it came out, but then it lost it's luster quickly.
  14. Cautiously optimistic - the singles didn't do much for me, but their albums have always grow on me as a guilty pleasure.
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