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  1. This was a fantastic CD. Recording wasn't the best, but there was some amazing songs on this CD.
  2. It's always nice to be able to disagree with someones opinion on the internet without it turning into a flame war lol.
  3. Gonna have to strongly disagree with you on this one.
  4. Alright so I waited for the 320 up and listened to it on my drive into work. Demons is easily in my Top 5 albums of all time. It is heavy, catchy, and just outstanding to me. I really liked Best Kind of Mess. It had some super catchy songs on it. I really disliked Everyone's Out To Get Me. I pretend that that album doesn't exist. Now this album... ugh. I was so hyped for this album after Demons. The first half of the album is ok. It's heavyish but a bit repetitive. The songs generally lack the catchiness that I found the songs on Demons had. Then you get to the so out of place pop-punk songs. I feel like they tried to do something similar to EOTGM but it ended up falling flat. The end of the album is just meh. Nothing really stood out as memorable to me. And that is a shame because Get Scared has had some super memorable songs, especially on BKOM. Overall I am let down. It didn't come anywhere close to Demons or BKOM, but it is better than EOTGM. Verdict= Get Scared: R.I.P.
  5. This isn't a new issue. He has had substance abuse issues before. He was clean for a while, but his girlfriend/fiance (I don't remember which it was) broke up with him just as they were finishing the album and apparently he took it real bad and started using drugs again. The band couldn't get a hold of him or get him to commit to anything. So it all just fell apart.
  6. All their songs so far have been bangers. Love them!
  7. I used to love this band. But everything after Connector has been so disappointing to me. This is no different.
  8. This is an absolute banger. I've listened to it 5 times in a row already. Amazing song by DGD.
  9. I love BTF. This was garbage. They should take lessons from I See Stars on how to do songs like this. They have it down to a science.
  10. They should just turn OM&M to Jamie's Elsewhere and move on. JE was sooo good.
  11. I totally can see the Protest the Hero with a chick singer comparison. But this toes a little more to the metalcore spectrum than PTH does in this sense that this is much heavier than most PTH stuff.
  12. It's not bad but I really miss their old vocalist. Blind Love was unreal.
  13. Maybe they also want to make the vocals easier for Keaton to do live going forward because he has become awful live. I've seen them 4 times over the past 4 years and Keaton was great the first time I saw them, and then has progressively been worse live every subsequent show I saw them. The last show I saw them at he did almost no signing because he was constantly out of breath. Now granted in this time he has gained a lot of weight, which I'm sure hasn't helped. But damn this sucks. As others have commented this lacks the raw emotion of his vocals. His transition from singing to screaming is still my favourite of any vocalist. It sounded soooo good. This is just so Edit: the end of The Fear of Letting Go is basically exactly my beef with his vocals now. I would imagine he normally would have sang this part similar to how he sings the chorus of What I Wish I Could Forget. The problem is this ending falls so flat emotionally. You can also really hear him struggling to try to do it.
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