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  1. By no means do I like this album. It is not nearly as good as anything prior to Dark Matter. But, it is definitely better than Violent Noises. I still can't listen to Violent Noises all the way through.
  2. Pretty good. Has a throwback sound to it.
  3. I don't know how to feel about what I just listened to.
  4. Their last good album was Real. Dark Matter was not bad, but not as good as Real. More continued bland TWA with no real vocal limit pushing or emotion by Telle. Ugh.
  5. Lots of amazing albums this year. Tough call on the top 10 this year: 1. How It Feels To Be Lost- Sleeping With Sirens (this album came out of nowhere and was ) 2. Let Light Overcome- Our Last Night 3. Sleep Therapy: An Acoustic Performance- Ghost Atlas (I chill to this CD all the time!! Soooo good) 4. Sleeptalk- Dayseeker 5. Peach Club- Emarosa 6. The Beauty in Tragedy- Awaken I Am 7. Overcome the Darkness- Our Last Night 8. Pressure- Wage War (had such high hopes for this album. Disappointed, but not awful) 9. Patterns- Meliorist 10. Gone In Your Wake- Thousand Below Bonus (cause picking Number 10 was a pain in the ass): 10b. Mr. Pain- Dayshell 10c. PVRIS- Hallucinations 10d. I'm Hard To Love But So You Are Vol. 1- Too Close To Touch 10e. Empire- Windwaker PS. I can't believe I am the first to give HIFTBL by SWS the 1. spot out of all the posts to this point.
  6. Brady is a pretty talented vocalist. I am curious to see how this sounds compared to his stuff in The Paramedic, which I quite liked. The first single ENMY released I liked, the second not so much. Thanks for the upload.
  7. Not bad at all. Looking forward to hearing some more from them.
  8. That was really good. Gonna check out that Sister Moon album for sure.
  9. It's a shame that the breakdown is the best part of the song.
  10. Check out NERV if you haven't already. They are basically TCTT but with a vocalist who can actually sing. They are working on a full length that will probably be out early 2020.
  11. I really miss old TWA. Idk if anyone else heard this.... but in some parts of this song I would swear that this sounded like it was a Too Close to Touch song (not one specifically, just sounded like a song they would do).
  12. So far nothing after Shapeshifter has come close to touching the songs on that album. That album was unreal.
  13. From the Light Up the Sky FB Page: Definitely a catchy song. Looking forward to hearing more.
  14. Well that was not what I was expecting based on Wake. It is interesting. Gonna have to listen to this one a few more times through to determine if I like it or not.
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