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  1. Yes Taylor did this album. He last did Matriarch with them. On a good sound system it isn't flat. I think what most people here are referring to as "the lows" or "flat" is the lack of gurth that say False Idol had on the recording. The lows are very present in the mix of this song. Just this song's mix is more well balanced. The reason that it is perceived as "flat" or the lack of "lows" is due to the fact that they tuned the guitars different, and are using different distortions and effects for the guitars versus say False Idol or Matriarch. I didn't love his Neon Mix. It was well balanced, but lacked the gurth that say Augment had. But Drift wasn't also well recorded either. But this song's mix does sound similar to his mix on Neon. My only gripe with his mix on this song would be that it is a little quiet. Overall I like how balanced it is. Sure it lacks the "gurth" of the guitars, but I'm ok with that. And this is one song. Maybe the gurth is there on other songs. I haven't listened to anything from VoM before Matriarch. So I went and fired up the Eclipse album. That mix is just ok. It is quite muddy. [ID] mix is awful. Thus making the point that I made above. It isn't the actual production that people say they like. It's the way that they recorded the guitars with the low tuning and gurthy effects that people like. Whereas the way Taylor mixed the guitars on this song sounds like the way he mixed the guitars on Neon. The perfect album I can use as a point of reference is The Death of Greeley Estates by Greeley Estates. If you listen to Straitjacket and you like the sound of the guitars then you like the "gurth" of the guitars. Because that is probably one of the worst produced and mixed albums of any band that doesn't record out of their garage that I have ever heard in my life. And I love Greeley. I wouldn't say that VoM has had a great produced/mixed album. But the one that I think has been the best produced/mixed for their sound is probably False Idol. I like the guitar sounds a touch better than I do on Matriarch.
  2. This album is actually pretty damn good. The best SWS album in quite a while. Strong contender for AOTY for me.
  3. The best songs on the album are the singles, The Line, and Fury. The rest of the album was just ok. Kind of a let down in my opinion. I was expecting a couple different sounding songs, but not nearly as many as there are on this album. Definitely a step back from how good Deadweight and Blueprints are.
  4. I guess these guys really liked Blade Runner.
  5. This is the best Dayseeker song in a while. Now I am excited for this album.
  6. I thought it was good. I'm sure they slotted it somewhere as a transition song, or at the end of the CD. It's not as bad as everyone is making it out to be. Sure we all love heavy Wage War, but there is nothing wrong with this song.
  7. I loved Ground Dweller. Unimagine was alright. I think Dissonants was peak HLH. I still have not listened to Anon. all the way through because I hated almost all the singles so much. The band is sadly dead to me. Nothing different here with this single. Please come back old HLH!
  8. This was a fantastic CD. Recording wasn't the best, but there was some amazing songs on this CD.
  9. It's always nice to be able to disagree with someones opinion on the internet without it turning into a flame war lol.
  10. Gonna have to strongly disagree with you on this one.
  11. Alright so I waited for the 320 up and listened to it on my drive into work. Demons is easily in my Top 5 albums of all time. It is heavy, catchy, and just outstanding to me. I really liked Best Kind of Mess. It had some super catchy songs on it. I really disliked Everyone's Out To Get Me. I pretend that that album doesn't exist. Now this album... ugh. I was so hyped for this album after Demons. The first half of the album is ok. It's heavyish but a bit repetitive. The songs generally lack the catchiness that I found the songs on Demons had. Then you get to the so out of place pop-punk songs. I feel like they tried to do something similar to EOTGM but it ended up falling flat. The end of the album is just meh. Nothing really stood out as memorable to me. And that is a shame because Get Scared has had some super memorable songs, especially on BKOM. Overall I am let down. It didn't come anywhere close to Demons or BKOM, but it is better than EOTGM. Verdict= Get Scared: R.I.P.
  12. This isn't a new issue. He has had substance abuse issues before. He was clean for a while, but his girlfriend/fiance (I don't remember which it was) broke up with him just as they were finishing the album and apparently he took it real bad and started using drugs again. The band couldn't get a hold of him or get him to commit to anything. So it all just fell apart.
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