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  1. Ugh I want old HLH back. I still haven't been able to make it through Anon. even once because I hate it so much.
  2. Lead Sails Paper Anchor is the best Atreyu album and don't even @ me. But this is terribly underwhelming, and just not good.
  3. They definitely switched up the song a fair bit. I don't mind it. I think I still prefer the original better tho. Arrivals & Departures was hands down my favourite Silverstein album.
  4. This was actually pretty good! Looking forward to hearing more.
  5. Solid song. Can't wait for a full album from them.
  6. I have no idea what you guys are listening on.. my studio monitors with subwoofer are pounding from the FLAC version of this song. The only thing flat in the mix is the drums. I agree that the bass itself is drowned out. The bass seems to only be coming out of my subwoofer. But for heavy guitars this recording slaps. Recording and mixing lower tuning heavy drums is not easy. I agree with your opinion on the cleans. Really weird.
  7. Sadly this is a big step back from a song like Disconnect. Will have to see where they are going sound wise.
  8. Yeah the vocals are wayyy too quite and fall well behind in the mix. I agree that Dark Divine had a great vocal mix. Listening to the FLAC version on my studio monitors confirms that the clean vocals are quieter than they should be in that mix. The screams are not as bad. The cleans are the bigger issue.
  9. Their vocalist sounds like Craig Mabbitt and Patrick Stump mixed together. Really interesting.
  10. I didn't think a heavy cover of Lady would turn out very good. I was wrong. This was pretty solid.
  11. Yes. At 3:19 it does a weird pause like a part of the song is missing, and then that outro kind of comes out of nowhere. Definitely something wrong with that track. EDIT: Same issue on the FLAC issue
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