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  1. And that, not all round not good haha
  2. Worst name for a live album goes to...
  3. Same, it's weirdly addictive, adore this album, wasn't overly keen on their last album but this is incredible.
  4. Love this album, think Boogiewoman is my favoute track on it. "Kick up dust across the badlands!"
  5. That is correct Has a nice mix of new and old Korn in it, preeeeetty good.
  6. Think the video is going to be up in a couple of hours too according to their Facebook.
  7. This sounds much more like a Times of Grace song rather than KSE to me which is odd since Adam D confirmed they are working on ToG stuff now as well though he did say that years ago as well so who knows. Overall though great first single.
  8. Cannot wait for this album, think it could be their best record thus far.
  9. Been waiting a while to listen to this, excited!
  10. Love it, don't know if I'd put it above Human Target but I've had way more listens to that but this album is going to obliterate this year.
  11. Not the biggest Upon a Burning Body fan, think they're overall quite decent though but the last single and this one I'm finding to be much better than their earlier stuff.
  12. Parts of it I like but it does sound like an absolute mess.
  13. Tracklisting: 1. Insert Coin 2. Unsainted 3. Birth Of The Cruel 4. Death Because Of Death 5. Nero Forte 6. Critical Darling 7. Liar’s Funeral 8. Red Flag 9. What’s Next 10. Spiders 11. Orphan 12. My Pain 13. Not Long For This World 14. Solway Firth
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