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  1. Really liked the singles and I'm really liking the album.
  2. It's about time, been waiting for an album for too long!
  3. A lot stronger than Checkmate, very very good.
  4. While I don't think Forever quite deserved the insurmountable hype it got, despite being a very good album and the same thing was happening with this and I shrugged it off assuming it to be the same scenario. Nope, this deserves all the hype, it's insane.
  5. Feel like I've been waiting for this forever!
  6. A lot better than whatever Instant History was.
  7. Trivium are on absolute top form these days after a couple of duds, Heafy's never sounded better.
  8. This is a structural mess of a song, Robb really needs to let other members help write songs with him, hopefully he'll let Vogg write a lot of the music for the next album.
  9. Thought this was a new Orbit Culture track, got excited, then confused and then excited again. Very good cover.
  10. Feel like I'll have to go back to it, not listened to it in a while.
  11. Adore this. A hell of a lot better than Nattesford, whilst that was a good record overall it really needed the fat trimming off it which I'm going to assume is a fault of them self producing it and didn't know when to say stop. Ivar is killing it, I thought Kvelertak wouldn't be the same without Erlend but Ivar fits right in.. The English spoken tracks are also fantastic, still surprises me just how at home Troy Sanders fit in on a Kvelertak song.
  12. Is this a radio rip? Seems to be censored near the end. Such a good track though.
  13. I really liked The Spark but something more akin towards Flash Flood would be great. New single Dreamers Hotel is on Annie Mac tonight.
  14. Sounds like classic Lamb of God, can't ask for much more than that, solid track. Art Cruz is doing a great job too.
  15. Here you go! Wasn't sure what to expect after the teaser but I'm loving it, Eddie Vedder sounds incredible.
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