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  1. Really hope they have some of their slower moodier stuff on it too like A Good Life on Lightless Walk, adore that song.
  2. I don't know how they'll be able to top it but they do.... hoooooooo boy
  3. What a band, their last album was brilliant.
  4. Thanks! Think I can hold out for the FLAC version, hoping it's as good if not better than Your Wilderness.
  5. One of my all time favourite bands, this album is stunning as well.
  6. Hasn't he wrote/performed all the records for Beartooth though? I mean it's certainly showing, he seems like he's out of ideas which is what I thought throughout Aggressive as well.
  7. Really liked the first half but the second half goes down way hill for me.
  8. Exactly the same here, usually only buy CDs of bands that I really enjoy and want the entire collection for, which obviously is the same for T-shirts and such which I probably have too many of at this point. I do like purchasing digital stuff from Bandcamp though, feels like the artist would get more money that way, no idea if they do though! Haha
  9. Very true, I try to buy as much as I can especially for smaller bands like this, my CD collection is getting big now but there's only so much money to go around
  10. Been looking forward to this! Any chance of a FLAC version being upped? If not I'll just buy it.
  11. Love this band, assumed this would be a single from a new album but they apparently went into the studio, made two songs in 2 days and this is one of them, and they're going into the studio soon for the third album.
  12. Sounds decent, I don't think the light/heavy moments mix that well together though, it's a bit jarring.