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  1. Underoath - Rapture (Single) (2018)

    This sounds like new Three Days Grace to me.... blegh.
  2. Greyhaven - Empty Black (2018)

    I really hear the Deftones vibes in Day is Gone. This album's been on repeat for the past couple of days and I find myself randomly singing different songs from it, just like I've had Echo and Dust stuck in my head since the single came out, hooks for days.
  3. Greyhaven - Empty Black (2018)

    Well this is definitely a contender for AOTY for me.
  4. Greyhaven - Empty Black (2018)

    Bangers everywhere.
  5. Myles Kennedy - Year of the Tiger (2018)

    Decent album but man it feels so long winded, felt like I was listening to it for a life time.
  6. Turbowolf - The Free Life (2018)

    All the rifs, fantastic album.
  7. Myles Kennedy - Year of the Tiger (2018)

    Getting 502 bad gateway Edit: Working now, cheers!
  8. The hell is up with the production on this? The vocals sound awful.
  9. I've seen a few comments around social networks of people saying they picked up this from various shops, I need it!
  10. Shinedown - Devil (Single) (2018)

    Expected it to be blegh after the last album but it actually sounds like good ol' Shinedown.
  11. 2018 Best February Release

    Turnstile and Harm's Way for me.
  12. Could be just before they start touring so maybe April-ish will be when it's out I reckon.
  13. Greyhaven - Blemish (Single) (2018)

    Definitely one of my most anticipated releases this year, can't wait.
  14. Turnstile - Time & Space (2018)

    This is absolutely stellar! Loved Nonstop Feeling but this is a major improvement.
  15. Northlane - Citizen (Live in Melbourne) [Single] (2018)

    I thought it was a new album when I first saw it then I was like "Oh.... meh", I don't think the sound is good enough for it to be released as a record either.