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  1. Whitechapel gone full Tool.. Sounds killer though, hopefully we have more tracks like this on the record.
  2. Just saw Architects in Manchester last night and they were fantastic. 1.9% for Greyhaven though?
  3. Disasterpieces is my favourite live album, no other live album has matched that in terms of audio quality, I tend to listen to that more than S/T or IOWA.
  4. Definitely know what you're saying, it's taken a long time for Fever to grow on me, but they do make really fun tracks, they might not be as written as well as letlive. but they're still good tunes. I do prefer the Pressure Cracks EP they released, and I'm glad to see they're making new music for that too.
  5. Yessssssssss, been looking forward to this for a while!
  6. Great track, really looking forward to hear a non-radio rip!
  7. Definitely the best of the singles so far, hopefully the rest of the record will be more like this.
  8. Not bad, completely understand why it was cut from Polar Similar though, doesn't fit in sonically at all and would definitely be the weakest track on it.
  9. This came out of nowhere! Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiips
  10. Been an epic year for music, next year's going to be huge too. 10 - Cancer Bats - The Spark That Moves 09 - Black Peaks - All That Divides 08 - Palm Reader - Braille 07 - Architects - Holy Hell 06 - Can't Swim - This Too Won't Pass 05 - Hellions - Rue 04 - Turnstile - Time & Space 03 - Zeal & Ardor - Stranger Fruits 02 - Greyhaven - Empty Black 01 - Murder By Death - The Other Shore
  11. Basically Lamb of God with Chester on it... in other words, it rips.
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