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  1. Go straight into A Snow Capped Romance if I was you, but all their albums are fantastic.
  2. Incredible song, I thought the breakdown could've been a bit better I found it to be a bit generic for STYG but overall a stunning song.
  3. That moment of disappointment when you find out that this is just a 2 song EP
  4. *Destroys everything in the room*
  5. 2 great songs in Less Than and Not Anymore, the others feel like filler to me.
  6. I've listened to this album non-stop since Friday, insanely brilliant.
  7. I'd do it but again it won't be till later when I finish work
  8. Phenomenal album. Edit: Track 9 on the FLAC is corrupt.
  9. This is so damn good.
  10. Love it, sounds like it could be on With Teeth which is my favorite NIN album.
  11. I was a bit disappointed that it doesn't kick in at all and then I saw it's just a cover of a The Call song, it's alright, can't say it'll get many more listens from me though.
  12. 6 years waiting for this, hopefully it's worth the wait!
  13. I think Don't Stop is better but this is great too.
  14. I thought their last album was pretty good, and had one stunning track in Ocean Floor/This is the Time (Ballast) but I'm loving this.
  15. Yeah a lot of the lyrics on this album are rather generic, it's kind of odd really after the first album which was great.