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  1. Them Pale Emperor vibes, YESH! Sounds like this album is going to be a mix of his previous albums, lovely stuff.
  2. More than Flash Flood? Whooooah, that's saying something! The only Shikari album I don't actually like is Take to the Skies, could never get into it at all.
  3. Barely even sounds like the same band, so generic.
  4. Yeah 9 songs makes it a bit brief, I do like the short run time though, leaves you wanting more so you just go back and listen through it again, think it could've done with one extra song though.
  5. Really liking this, I'd definitely put it above Mindsweep which aside from a few brilliant songs I never fully got into. Revolt of the Atoms is probably my favourite track off this, so so good, that along with The Sights, Live Outside, and Rabble Rouser, all bangers.
  6. Was not quite prepared for how brilliant this album is, this is the best thing they've ever done by far.
  7. Looking at the track list the first song is only 18 seconds long, that's one short intro, think I'll be able to live without it.
  8. I had really high expectations and it's blown them out of the water, absolutely incredible album.
  9. Same size as before so don't think so, waiting for the first track before diving in, got Arcane Roots and Mastodon to listen to till then!
  10. Ohhhhhhhh, had no idea! At least it's closer to the album release now...
  11. Wasn't keen at first but it's slowly growing on me. All week? Wait, have I missed something?
  12. Same haha, who knows though the album could have a few Pale Emperor esque tracks on it, it's a great song as it is though.
  13. So groovy, and has a lot more electronic elements than I expected too, going to hard to live up to the first album.
  14. All Our Gods was great but I genuinely think this is better than everything on that album.