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  1. Links are broken me thinks, just says "n/a"
  2. Just finished listening to it, with In Waves and Shogun being my favourites, this is right up there with them, I hated Vengeance Falls and Silence in the Snow is only just about listenable, wasn't expecting quite a return to form like this is. The Wretchedness Inside - HO-LEE SHIT
  3. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!
  4. There's a longer version of this that's even better, banger of a song.
  5. Married to the Noise, Cave Canem, Doomed By You and Owed Nothing are definitely my favourites.
  6. Cheers man but yeah I'm only getting audio on the first track :(
  7. Nice work man! Looking forward to it
  8. Why does every song last 3:21 lol
  9. Seeing these guys live on Sunday, album is stunning.
  10. Kyle's lent his vocals for this at least, and aren't the other members in another band now? Could be wrong though.
  11. This is really great, can't beat Handmade for me though.
  12. Really enjoyed it on first listen, going to wait for better quality for repeated listens, it's no Strangers Only but it's solid.
  13. We Die Young is an Alice in Chains cover, it was on a Metalhammer CD a while back Angelfuck will be a Misfits cover song. She is the only one I'm not sure of but I'm willing to bet it's a cover.