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  1. This album is incredibly impressive, been on non-stop repeat. Easily their best album for me.
  2. Jesus, this is somehow even better than Force Fed.
  3. The singles have been ridiculous, can't wait to listen to the full thing!
  4. The North Stands For Nothing - Good This is the Six - Great Brainwashed - Reeeeeally good You Are We - Medicore So What? - Few good moments but it's a bit shite for the most part, really disappointed.
  5. Hahahaha perfect rendition. This song bangs.
  6. Thought Davey Muise from Vanna came in on Wide Eyes near the end. Pretty good album though, favourites are: Ghost Heroin Die Murder Games Wide Eyes
  7. Finished the first listen, thought it was alright, has some pretty good moments but a lot of the songs blurred together, and I thought most of the cleans were done pretty poorly overall and didn't really fit with the songs, he just sounds quite bored doing them for the most part. They've definitely been listening to a lot of early Slipknot though with the scratching and other weird samples being played throughout, and at the end of Exhale sounding like (515) from IOWA.
  8. Saw them a few years ago and they were great, been looking forward to this.
  9. Bozeman's cleans are so Maynard and they're brilliant just like they were on Third Depth. This album is going to be epic.
  10. Grown on me a bit since listening to it a couple more times, hopefully the rest of the album can do the same!
  11. Pretty decent, I do feel like they're trying a bit too hard to be Knocked Loose, especially with the barks, or is that just me? Enjoyable never the less.
  12. Can't wait for this record, New Salem is an absolute banger too.
  13. Been looking forward to this for a long while, so excite!
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