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  1. Digital Album Release: October 7th 1. Heaven of Stone 2. Creator of God 3. Fire For Water 02:56 4. Deep Set 03:44 5. Temporary Object 6. Fireflies 7. Do You Need Me to Remind You? 06:18 8. Roach Hiss 9. Down When I'm Not 10. You Know I Do 11. Through the Walls 12. A Pair of Questions 13. Evacuation 14. Heartfree 15. September City
  2. This is honestly the only album I've genuinely really liked from this band, this is a really strong album.
  3. This album is actually insane, definitely going to be on my top 10 of the year for sure.
  4. Oh yeah, completely forgot they played a new track live, hopefully the release doesn't get delayed or anything. Yeah I've seen them a couple of times in similar cap venues and they're superb every time.
  5. Yeah it's a stunning album, the first one is still my favourite though, just hits so hard. Also they've finally decided on a name for the new record so hopefully that'll be out soon!
  6. Really liking the sound of this record so far!
  7. I assume this will be the last EP, there's only 2 songs left on the album to release and the album will be called Slow Decay and out July 17th. 02 - Crippling Poison 11 - Birds of Paradise, Birds of Prey
  8. Yeah, rubs salt in the wound when Mark Morton just came out and said Adler was more "robotic" and Cruz has more "feel", he says he didn't mean it as a dig but it sounds like it to me. Sounds like Adler's dodged a bullet on this one to be honest, I'd love for him to do another Protest the Hero record as I think his best work is on Volition, absolutely insane.
  9. Super weird as I was actually going to say the exact same thing in my original comment!
  10. I can't recall what Bloodshot Eyes sounds like but Resurrection Man is one that stood out as being slightly different. Don't think this will be getting many listens which is a shame as I was looking forward to it.
  11. I love Memento Mori but honestly, I found the rest of it to be quite boring, uninspired, run of the mill LoG, it's an alright listen but nothing compared to their earlier releases.
  12. Wasn't a huge fan of the first single but this is fucking sick.
  13. Really digging this, looking forward to the album.
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