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  1. Here you go! Wasn't sure what to expect after the teaser but I'm loving it, Eddie Vedder sounds incredible.
  2. Track list here: 1. Who Ever Said 2. Superblood Wolfmoon 3. Dance of the Clairvoyants 4. Quick Escape 5. Alright 6. Seven O'Clock 7. Never Destination 8. Take The Long Way 9. Buckle Up 10. Come Then Goes 11. Retrograde 12. River Cross Need that first single!
  3. Ttally get that, I'm the same way when a band has a massive discog I always put off going through it but thankfully Sylosis only have 4 albums at the moment. You can't really go wrong with starting with any album but I'd say a good place to start would be Edge of the Earth as that's when Josh Middleton started doing lead vocals, and then move on to Monolith and then Dormant Heart, but you can check out Conclusion of an Age after which is their 2008 album with a different vocalist and that's also fantastic.
  4. Never tried listening to this band before but this single is pretty great, shame I have to get into them after all that.... stuff happened.
  5. Definitely check out their back catalogue, they're all incredible.
  6. Holy shit this fucking rips. Getting a He Is Legend vibe.
  7. Kvelertak in English? Not something I thought I wanted but I adore this, absolute banger. Can't beat Troy Sanders guesting either.
  8. Agreed, new album can't come soon enough.
  9. This is pretty good, nice breakdown at the end too, any information on an album?
  10. 'Was' is pure Gojira and it's brilliant.
  11. Lead singer sounds a loooooooot like Spencer Sotelo.
  12. One of the best bands going and this is incredible.
  13. That Killyourstereo review somehow got me even more hyped, 7 days left!
  14. Love the first 3 records, Fortress was good, Last Hero was... fine, and this is also.... fine. I feel like Myles and Mark are spreading themselves too thin between their other projects, the lryics are pretty weak and so are a lot of the riffs beside a few. Doesn't sound rushed per se but it sounds like it's lacking that AB magic that made the first 3 records so damn good.
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