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  1. Yeah I thought that, was expecting it to be the first of 4 new song.
  2. This band is borderline perfection, especially live as well, they're absolutely incredible. If you have the chance to see them definitely do it.
  3. Album of the year contender for me, insanely brilliant.
  4. Been looking forward to this for so long.
  5. He's always been a great vocalist but he's really stepped up his game on this. So good!
  6. Not the Greyhaven I wanted, it's the UK one who are blegh. I found this whole album to be pretty bad though so they probably saved themselves.
  7. Just listened through the FLAC version and the issue is still there.
  8. This is brilliant, really hope we get a full album from this band, as well as Fever 333 of course but I'd definitely take this over Fever.
  9. Yessssssssss, thanks duder!
  10. Trying to hold out for higher quality before listening to this beast.
  11. So damn good, definitely has the potential to be their best album.
  12. Love this, sounds like something from Year Zero.
  13. Incredible album, their first record "Herb Your Enthusiasm" is also brilliant.
  14. Very good, hoping the albums better than Dinosaurs which was decent but has nothing on Black Gives Way
  15. 6. A Perfect Circle - Eat the Elephant 5. Bleed From Within - Era 4. Haggard Cat - Challenger 3. Palm Reader - Braille 2. Boss Keloid - Melted on the Inch 1. Cancer Bats - The Spark That Moves