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  1. Really liking this actually, Witt has a great singing voice, I am glad that they're doing this as a sort of experimental EP rather than a full length though as I do prefer their heavier side.
  2. Anyone have the last song in 320/FLAC yet?
  3. Nice ! Aokigahara was great, waiting for FLAC to hear it in it's full heavy glory!
  4. 320 and FLAC all good now dude, thanks!
  5. Downloaded the FLAC version and it's not fixed lol
  6. I can report the same, To:Achlys and World of Joy are the same song, was going to listen on the way to work but I'll wait for a fix to listen to the rest, it's an absolute blinder of an album thus far though.
  7. I knew this would be good, but this is really fucking good. Deftones vibes in it too which is always appreciated.
  8. That's the one, released that in March, Empty Black is definitely a contender for AOTY for me.
  9. I will flip if that leaks early. Going to try the 128 of this now though, hoping it's decent quality, if not I'll just wait.
  10. Mirror Image is one of my favourites on it, such a tune.
  11. Vocalist sounds like the Polar vocalist, very nice.
  12. Read the same thing, and it sounds a lot like Dan's writing to me. Such a banger though.
  13. Actually watched that after I wrote that, was good to see him collaborating with the other members!
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