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  1. Lead singer sounds a loooooooot like Spencer Sotelo.
  2. One of the best bands going and this is incredible.
  3. That Killyourstereo review somehow got me even more hyped, 7 days left!
  4. Love the first 3 records, Fortress was good, Last Hero was... fine, and this is also.... fine. I feel like Myles and Mark are spreading themselves too thin between their other projects, the lryics are pretty weak and so are a lot of the riffs beside a few. Doesn't sound rushed per se but it sounds like it's lacking that AB magic that made the first 3 records so damn good.
  5. Mushroom Cloud aside (which is hilariously awful), it's not too bad, it's quite ploddy and repetitive in places and the lyrics are super generic but it's an alright listen, doubt I'll get around to a second listen any time soon though, if only Carlile came back and get got The Flood Part 2
  6. Track itself I like but the lyrics are cringe, hopefully the rest of the tracks fair better.
  7. Still don't know how you can go from Nocturnal to this, doesn't even sound like the same band and the lyrics, my god.
  8. Actually my favourite track so far from the album.
  9. This is fucking insane, cannot wait for this album!
  10. 'bout time we're due a new record, Stage Four is phenominal. Great song but production isn't the best though, Stage Four had a better sound... "Produced by Ross Robinson" Now it all makes sense.
  11. This is easily the best they've done since Untouchables, as much as I liked Paradigm Shift and Serenity I don't think they hold a candle to this.
  12. Wasn't expecting the melody in the chorus, this album is definitely going to be an AOTY contender for me, going to be non-stop bangers and mash on this one.
  13. Loved Nocturnal Masquerade, didn't like their last album at all and this sounds like an awful generic radio rock song
  14. This has so many good riffs, god damn, brilliant. Is it from a new album or just a random single?
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