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  1. Agreed. Not necessarily bad but definitely underwhelming (for them). The hooks and energy just aren’t there. We’ll see how the album plays out...
  2. Cool. What exactly is going on in the artwork?
  3. Literally no one has anything negative to say haha. Yeah, it's great.
  4. yeah links are down...please re-up if you guys can. so excited to hear this!
  5. So happy to see these the rest of the album is more like their debut?!
  6. I play a lot, usually in a party - anyone here is more than welcome to join us anytime. We regularly play overwatch, battlefield, halo, dark souls, gta, rocket league and plenty of other games. Just a bunch a bunch of working dudes in their 20s. GT is "Cat In Disguise"
  7. Obviously not complaining by any means KL, thanks as always!
  8. OMG. Guys I need info. Should I wait for my preorder? How bad is the quality?
  9. Sounds great, excited to hear the whole thing. Love how you snuck a full song in there too thanks!
  10. Far-less - Broken Hearts Unite (2003) Far-less - Everyone's Out to Get Us (2006) Awesome post-hardcore albums I lost over time...would be so happy if you could find these. Thanks!
  11. The official bandwagon - "let's hate this band's new material regardless" band. I just don't get it. Now this isn't a great song, pretty uninspired in my opinion. But the outspoken hate for this is laughable. It's just an alternative, radio-rock song. Get over it people.
  12. I dig the song, is this the final mix though? Everything sounds distant and kind of muffled - missing that crisp "pop" that Taylor Larson brought the last record.