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  1. YES. Larson’s projects end up sounding so clean. I love False Idol but I wish it had the Matriarch production behind it. Song is cool. Sounds like a natural continuation of Drift.
  2. This “album” is a product of a lack of resources and internal struggle. It’s not a “dare to be different” approach to the music industry.
  3. Damn, what a frustrating band to listen to Seriously though, I’ve got a few things to say after a couple listens. I’ll start with a positive. There’s some fun to be had here. Mikey has some talent and their subtle approach to heavy has always been appealing. There are definitely plenty of moments that I enjoyed. Okay, got that out of the way. Release is honestly pretty sloppy. 9 tracks, the fuck? As mentioned above by @The Top Hat anyone with mild ocd is going to struggle with that. And the mix. Fuck. You might need in ear, high quality buds but otherwise it’s very noticeable. The singles were obviously developed in a different time/space. Really fucks with the cohesion for me. Shame, he should maybe get his act together? You could sell the fuck out of a more polished, consistent version of what we’re hearing here. Oh well. Never forget the time when Ash Avildsen hyped this act up as some kind of second coming and then dropped them from the label about a year later. p.s. I still really enjoy “Die for You.”
  4. Dude dropped off so hard. He was a part of so much gold back in the day.
  5. Will check this out later. Is the mix and production consistent?
  6. 70% horrorcore. 30% fall out boy. works.
  7. Hell of a song. The production is unbelievable. Everything is so tight but it’s such an erratic song. 🤘🏻
  8. Does this have the energy and punch the last record did?
  9. Cool leak, thanks LK. Now the debate of whether to listen or wait for HQ begins 😐
  10. @Dwesk Yeah spot on man. I actually like “I Don’t Mind” and “Human.” They’re not heavy but at least they’re interesting. Some of it will probably grow on me. These guys need to take some notes from Treehouse and maybe even Hard Feelings. ISS and BTF figured out how to incorporate heavier sounds in lighter, more approachable songs. I guess that’s what TWA is trying to do?
  11. At this point I’d say it’s not quite as strong as Dark Matter but they’re definitely comparable. Honestly, I think this record suffers from the same issues as DM. I don’t think these guys consistently play to their strengths, which is puzzling. They have a knack for quick change ups that create natural heaviness. So why don’t they do it? I’d argue “Made This Way” is one of their best songs and it demonstrates exactly what I’m talking about. The chorus has so much umph to it and it’s catchy as hell. The second verse has that djenty vibe to it and the bridge/breakdown literally pops. It’s memorable and gives the listener something to look forward to. I guess that’s what I’m getting at. Songs like “War Evermore” “Real Life” and “Lost In the Dark” just don’t seem to go anywhere. Nothing ever really happens? Dark Matter had that same section about midway through the record. Several tracks that lacked energy and just felt like...well songs. And I’m not saying Telle needs to be constantly screaming or anything like that. But it’s obvious the band’s best songs capture both sides of the spectrum. If they put out a record with back to back tracks that hit you the way “Trapped” and “Made this Way” do it’d be 10/10. Cut out the safe filler crap. Like everyone says: they have the ability, they just don’t do it. Violent Noise: 7/10 (for now) Dark Matter: 8.5/10
  12. Did basically nothing for me. Always possible it could be a grower but I doubt it. Still excited to hear the record.
  13. Agreed. Not necessarily bad but definitely underwhelming (for them). The hooks and energy just aren’t there. We’ll see how the album plays out...
  14. Cool. What exactly is going on in the artwork?