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  1. Uhh. Why is this thread not blowing up? Don’t sleep on this people!
  2. Interesting. Kind of sounds like newer I see stars mixed with bring me the horizon.
  3. It’s a great, smart record for the knot. Feels organic and in line with the older sound but a modernized version that’s easier to stomach for the average listener. Pulls it off better than .5 that’s for sure. There’s little point in talking about how “heavy” it is in comparison with the older material. At no point did I feel truly grimy listening to this the way I did when listening to Iowa and the self-titled. And that’s fine. I’m not a young, angsty guy anymore and the guys in the band aren’t either. The pure rage of a recently homeless, living under a bridge Corey Taylor is gone people. That level of hate is in the past and it’s a good thing. He has other things to yell about now and it’s far from just... people=shit. What I like the most is how natural it feels. They felt stuck and out of place on the last couple records (not saying they’re necessarily bad) but I’ve always felt there is something off about .5 and AHIG is clearly a commercialized version of their sound. The hooks aren’t quite as strong as what you find on Vol. 3 which I personally argue as the definitive Slipknot sound (IMO). Anyway, it’s solid. Fans will enjoy it, newcomers will join the fun and have lots to go back and discover. For a band that’s had a challenging career with minor hiccups; there is a lot to commend here. Good for them and that makes me happy. Oh and last thing. Great job Sid and Craig. The samples and scratches really bring this together and are a true return to form. 🤘🏻
  4. This song covers at least 3 genres. Absolute banger though. I had to sit back and really absorb it. The progression is nuts. The Last minute or so slaps hard.
  5. Whoa, really random. Will this be a part of some release?
  6. I adore Amo. But I’m not familiar with many other albums that have a rock driven, polished electronic sound like it does. Can you recommend some stuff for me?
  7. That album art makes me sick to my stomach.
  8. I’ve had one solid spin. It’s pretty great as expected. A lot of depth given it’s length. I will say SAVAGES isn’t quite as bad as everyone is making it out to be . It’s kinda fun but is definitely a little boring. It’s got an anthem feel - so an upbeat, bouncy breakdown towards the end could have done a lot for the song. I think Frak Flag is actually really groovy and a lot of fun. Again though, like SAVAGES they could have upped the energy for a bit towards the end. The World In My Hands is probably the best of the lighter stuff along with A Grave Mistake. A lot of emotion in that one. Love Bites is a nice little tune. I enjoyed how it was lyrically written. Everything else is ridiculous (in a good way) and exactly what most everyone wanted to hear. A solid 9/10 for me. Well done.
  9. Which ones are you not crazy about and why? Just curious.
  10. Is it just me or do the majority of the vocals sound new? Even Sam’s part sounds different apart from the mix. For the best anyways, song has a nice, new shiny coat of paint. Preordered just now. This was the icing for me. Shows how much these guys care about their craft. They could have easily slapped the old version on here.
  11. Yeah it sounds tighter and the big moments are bigger. Fits right in, no brainer to include this on the album. American Nightmare is a great opener but this could have been it as wel.
  12. Oh, wow. Well said. Fuck anyone enjoying this. Right?! Nice, keep doing you 👍🏻
  13. No. They’re either foreign or an idiot.
  14. Absolutely love it. Gonna post a whole spiel soon. For the time being, the quality of this transition is comparable to what BMTH and ISS have recently accomplished. Like anything, this isn’t necessarily for everyone but there’s a whole lot to enjoy here.
  15. Well said, this is a great piece of work for a fantastic band. And I’m just beginning to dissect it.
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