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  1. These guys have one of the best mixes in the game. Easily became one of my favorite records. I always love hearing how much more complex some of these songs really are when there are no vocals.
  2. HOLY CRAP! This one is a banger. Sooooooo good and bouncy as hell. Been wanting to see what a heavier Dayshell track would be like. Cannot wait for a new album from them!
  3. Personal opinion: This is better than all of Neon. Personally highly preferred Drift over Neon. This song is fantastic. Can't wait for more!
  4. This song is filthy. Love the 2 released so far, used to LOVE This or the Apocalypse. Can't wait for more!
  5. The first EP unfortunately was soooo much better than this one. Disappointed but it isn't bad.
  6. SharpTone Records has the most insane roster. Every band they sign is amazing. These guys are gonna kill it with this album, such a sick song.
  7. Best single so far, these guys are just so damn good. Love the singer's voice and they're just so good at their sound. Can't wait for this album
  8. Always will love these dudes. This song is great. Can't wait for more
  9. Used to listen to these guys a lot back in the day, good stuff. Not sure how people never heard of them before. Stroma was a great album
  10. Forget all the haters, I just really enjoy their fucking sound. Wage War is the tits, cannot wait
  11. Awesome track! Made me check out their 2017 EP which is great too!
  12. This EP is fuckin phenomenal! Awesome stuff, do NOT sleep n these dudes. Very djenty at times and the cleans are great.
  13. Pretty wild that Taron Egerton sings almost all of this himself. Had no idea he had such a good voice. Really like him as an actor so I'm excited to go see the movie eventually!
  14. Holy shit! These dudes are wild! Those screams are so good. Cant wait to jam this. Love being introduced to amazing bands I've never heard of before.
  15. Big fan of this. Getting their discog now
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