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  1. Pretty wild that Taron Egerton sings almost all of this himself. Had no idea he had such a good voice. Really like him as an actor so I'm excited to go see the movie eventually!
  2. Holy shit! These dudes are wild! Those screams are so good. Cant wait to jam this. Love being introduced to amazing bands I've never heard of before.
  3. Big fan of this. Getting their discog now
  4. Awesome new single! Can't wait for more Glass Hands. Really underrated band
  5. Same band that released Transcend Reality back in 2013???
  6. Jammed the whole thing. Holy shit this is everything I wanted from them. Entire album is banger city and super heavy. The singer's vocals are insane. I love that there's a good balance between more melodic tracks (which are still heavy as hell) and really heavy ones. Easily a 10/10 for me. Well freaking done dudes
  7. Finally, been waiting on this one. These guys are soo good and the singles were better than everything off the last album which I still enjoyed. Can't wait to jam this!
  8. @Evanwiger What software is that because I don't have anything to manually adjust EQ settings for tracks
  9. I saw BoS at one of their farewell shows. Couldn't believe they were breaking up let alone touring in the U.S. One of the best fucking shows I've ever been to. In my top 3 shows of all time. Back on track, hell yes. Love me some Adept. Never heard this original album (I started with Death Dealers) so it's nice to hear it remastered because their sound now and on the last record was dope
  10. There's still 3 other singles off this album that I had no idea already came out. Never was posted here. Been waiting for an album from these guys after their last EP which was great. Definitely check this out. The vocalist is really good.
  11. This is fucking perfect. Love these guys so much, even more respect for them. An even more beautiful version of this phenomenal track.
  12. While I agree this album definitely is more metalcore, they've just always been a Post-Hardcore band in my eyes. It's evident on previous material but I hear what you're saying. This blows a lot of material we get from the genre out of the water. Somone earlier said this was better than Blessthefall and even though I really liked their newest release, this record is way better IMO.
  13. Been waiting what seemed like forever for this. This album freaking slaps. Post-Hardcore AOTY
  14. Oh ok cool thanks, def will have to check those out
  15. Ok so what else have the released because this is awesome. Never heard of these guys before
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