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  1. What in the fuck... I love this so much
  2. Thanks so much for sharing!! This is some of their best work. Analogs in a cell made my half chub into a full on flagpole 😏
  3. Hey man, really feeling this! Good for you.
  4. August Burns Red - Phantom Anthem Phinehas - Dark Flag Nothing More - The Stories We Tell Ourselves Veil of Maya - False Idols Being as an Ocean - Waiting for Morning to Come Our Hollow, Our Home - Hartsick Rings of Saturn - Ultu Ulla Kingdom of Giants - All the Hell You've Got to Spare Make Them Suffer - Worlds Apart Trivium - The Sin and The Sentence Honorable: Fit for An Autopsy - The Great Collapse Stick to Your Guns - True View Sikth - A Future in Whose Eyes?
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