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  1. Pretty clearly one of Bodom's efforts. Albums flows really well. Glad they detoured back to their roots after the horrible string of releases from 2005-2011.
  2. As someone who has been following In Flames since 2006 and accepted every bit of love and hate they get, I was very impressed and pleased with this album. Siren Charms was the clearcut worst album they have ever done, it's really not even close (althought Lunar Strain actually sucks too). I was very concerned after that release that it was time to call it quits. I enjoyed Battles, and felt they did some newer things that didn't necessarily work, but they weren't afraid of risks anymore. It's been clear that was an issue with albums that are looked as as "masterpieces" now with ASOP and SOAPF. Songs like Before I Fall and In My Room were forgotten jams from that album and should have really gotten more recognition. As for this album, I really only found two songs that stood out as, alright not for me. This Is (Our House) is pretty much the biggest bit of bait for a reason to hate what In Flames has become, and All The Pain just didn't flow well. The rest of the album? Great work. Many solid tracks here that have already been mentioned but I felt the need to comment as I don't think Anders is going to get enough credit for the effort put into Stay With Me. I did not think in any way shape or form he was capable of singing in a ballad form that cleanly and logically. It's not perfect, but about as good as you can possibly expect. When he has tried it before (The Chosen Pessimist, Wallflower) they ended up dragging too long and not showcasing his voice's progression (yet it's also a regression let's be real) Couple days late on this really but I just felt the need to get out some opinions of support for these guys. They were my nucleus of metal and allowed me to branch out into other genres so I will always love them for that. Top 3 I, The Mask I Am Above Stay With Me
  3. 1. Dance Gavin Dance - Artificial Selection 2. Beartooth - Disease 3. WSTR - Identity Crisis 4. Blessthefall - Hard Feelings 5. Ice Nine Kills - The Silver Scream 6. The Story So Far - Proper Dose 7. Boston Manor - Welcome To The Neighborhood 8. We Were Sharks - Lost Touch 9. Trash Boat - Crown Shyness 10. Breaking Benjamin - Ember time for DGD to get the threepeat
  4. so this is basically an EP I see
  5. RGOI was also in my top 3 last year. I absolutely love this band. Came into this album with tempered expectations and was okay with the outcome. While I miss their edgier sound from the EP and RGOI this album has a more accessible sound and will hopefully help them grow a fanbase in the US.
  6. This Addiction and From Here To Infirmary are my top two. If this is like those we are gonna be in good shape. Not a fan of the Good Mourning/Agony & Irony sound.
  7. Been following this band since their EP. The debut album was hit or miss at times. The three singles told me this was the breakout album for Like Pacific. Can't wait to hear this in 320.
  8. Not the WSTR I fell in love with but not awful. I'm thinking this will give them more exposure at least.
  9. What a shame. Kind of figured it was a transcode though. Guess I won't be listening to the album before/after seeing them live tonight.
  10. That was what I assumed as well. The link I posted previously is a 320 but waiting on confirmation from @LKA as to whether it is a transcode or legit.
  11. I personally think Instant Gratification is their best but if you want an idea of DGD's sound with Tilian... Chucky vs The Giant Tortoise We Own The Night Death Of A Strawberry Frozen One On The Run
  12. It's a screenshot from a poster in the DGD Swanposting FB Group. I also found a 320 leak but it maybe a transcode, currently downloading to test.
  13. Apparently the album is already on Google Play. How??? Would that be a 256 or 320? I am very excited for this almost guaranteed AOTY. Glad there is a listenable leak but I've been burnt too many times in the past by 128.
  14. Not a big poster but I feel I should weigh in on TWA debates after this listen and reading comments here. Is this their best album? Not by any means, but I think this has the upper hand on Dark Matter in many, many ways. I feel like the album has something for new listeners, fans reaching to find more bands in their favorite genre, and even hardcore fans. It has literally the good (Why Am I Like This, My Enemy), the bad (Real Life, Lonely) and the downright ugly (Human) of TWA. As other people mentioned, Real is the best overall album and I honestly don't think it's even close. The Fortune Teller and Your Mirage are two of the most underrated songs in the bands' discography that prove Telle has outstanding songwriting capabilities. Unfortunately to many, the band gets looked at as underwhelming because every release after Life Cycles has been hit or miss to people that have listened. In addition, they also literally play THE SAME 8 TO 10 SONGS for every live performance and I hope to god they actually play songs from this record. Dark Matter was the perfect example of being hit or miss, as I absolutely despised their change in direction for a softer sound and I think Trapped is one of the worst songs in their library, plus extremely overrated. It never grabbed me, but clearly it grabbed a fanbase that enjoys bands who branch out and explore new sounds with every record. This album accomplished that, and much more accessible as well.
  15. I rarely post but as someone who has followed TWY since virtually their inception and seen then 11 times live since 2010, I completely hate this 180 direction in music they have taken with their last two albums. I miss pop punk TWY. Truly hoping the album grows on me a bit but this is just very underwhelming and one of the most disappointing records I have heard in quite some time.
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