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  1. Great band & great guys. They have 3 full length albums that develop from pretty raw almost surf punk to more of an alt rock/grunge sound.
  2. According to info packaged with the flexi-disc, this is Track #5 on Lament, out 10/9 on Epitaph.
  3. Thank you to KL for introducing me to this band. I had never heard of them before the first single to the new album leaked; after listening to it for about 45 seconds, I bought their entire Bandcamp discography.
  4. If you’re into “heavy emo” (my term for emo-tinged lyrics but more of a punk sound) bands like Can’t Swim & Endless Heights, try these guys. They mash up some genres into a decidedly catchy style.
  5. I love it when I find bands on this site that I’ve (somehow) never heard of despite being a fan of the genre. Time to go throw some money at these guys...
  6. 1. Bayside - Interrobang 2. The Dangerous Summer - Mother Nature 3. PUP - Morbid Stuff 4. DZ Deathrays - Positive Rising: Part 1 5. Jimmy Eat World - Surviving 6. Dream Ritual - Trips Around the Sun 7. Youth Fountain - Letters to Our Former Selves 8. La Dispute - Panorama 9. Defeater - Defeater S/T 10. Kitsune - Nothing Makes Me Happy Anymore
  7. Discovered these guys through their ties to another Australian band, Violent Soho. They don’t sound all that similar - Violent Soho is kind of a grungy alt-rock band & DZ Deathrays are like a funk punk band - but they’ve toured together. Anyway, I did preorder this but it’s nice to get it a day early. Thanks!
  8. Another one I bought after waiting for an hour in line only to find no download code. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for this! I stood in line at my local record store for an hour today only to get home and realize there wasn't a download code.
  10. Just discovered these guys. Thanks for posting this. It's unavailable in the US due to licensing restrictions on digital music.
  11. According to their store, this is a single for charity. Great song, thanks.
  12. This is surprisingly good. Sort of a Taking Back Sunday vibe, only heavier. I'm from Milwaukee, and I feel like I should have heard of these guys before now. Thanks for posting!
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