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  1. 5-song EP (titled Someone Who Isn't Me) due out in December of 2020 (I think it's December, anyway) on Pure Noise. This is the 2nd track of the 5.
  2. Does anyone have info on an album? I’m assuming there is one since the album art features a different title than the song. Their (and Pure Noise’s) social media have no mentions of anything. Other than soap for some reason.
  3. Is there any verified info on an album? They released a song, “Find a Way”, back in 2016 that was supposed to be the lead single for an album, and then they promptly vanished. The single was taken off their Bandcamp page and other digital platforms a while ago.
  4. Great band & great guys. They have 3 full length albums that develop from pretty raw almost surf punk to more of an alt rock/grunge sound.
  5. According to info packaged with the flexi-disc, this is Track #5 on Lament, out 10/9 on Epitaph.
  6. Thank you to KL for introducing me to this band. I had never heard of them before the first single to the new album leaked; after listening to it for about 45 seconds, I bought their entire Bandcamp discography.
  7. If you’re into “heavy emo” (my term for emo-tinged lyrics but more of a punk sound) bands like Can’t Swim & Endless Heights, try these guys. They mash up some genres into a decidedly catchy style.
  8. I love it when I find bands on this site that I’ve (somehow) never heard of despite being a fan of the genre. Time to go throw some money at these guys...
  9. 1. Bayside - Interrobang 2. The Dangerous Summer - Mother Nature 3. PUP - Morbid Stuff 4. DZ Deathrays - Positive Rising: Part 1 5. Jimmy Eat World - Surviving 6. Dream Ritual - Trips Around the Sun 7. Youth Fountain - Letters to Our Former Selves 8. La Dispute - Panorama 9. Defeater - Defeater S/T 10. Kitsune - Nothing Makes Me Happy Anymore
  10. Discovered these guys through their ties to another Australian band, Violent Soho. They don’t sound all that similar - Violent Soho is kind of a grungy alt-rock band & DZ Deathrays are like a funk punk band - but they’ve toured together. Anyway, I did preorder this but it’s nice to get it a day early. Thanks!
  11. Another one I bought after waiting for an hour in line only to find no download code. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for this! I stood in line at my local record store for an hour today only to get home and realize there wasn't a download code.
  13. Just discovered these guys. Thanks for posting this. It's unavailable in the US due to licensing restrictions on digital music.
  14. According to their store, this is a single for charity. Great song, thanks.
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