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  1. @Draxcazel me too i listened half way through tho,i liked it
  2. starset vocalist right?
  3. @swanny3214 what is the band in your gif m8?
  4. 1. Silent planet - When The End Began 2. Black Tongue - Nadir 3. Greyhaven - Empty Black 4. Mothersound - The Distance Between 5. Vola - Applause Of A Distant Crowd 6. Hail The Sun - Mental Knife 7. Stellar Circuits - Ways We Haunt 8. Currents - I Let The Devil In (dunno is it counts as a full album) 9. Fit For A King - Dark Skies 10. Promethee - Convalescence im a huge fan of architects and i should have mention them in the top 10,but these bands put more effort into giving something more solid
  5. OMFG i bet my soul when the songlist leaked and i was going all in for this song to be the topest of the toper glad i was correct
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