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  1. Just a heads up for people that dig this, you can buy it on Bandcamp for whatever price you want, and on 5/1/20 100% of the purchases on Bandcamp go to the artists.
  2. @lovedontlivehere Most real artists meticulously craft their tracklist so the album flows and, in some cases, tells a story. This obviously is just a collection of random songs that were thrown together, then thrown together again and repackaged to make a few extra bucks off of all the pretentious suckers that think this garbage is good.
  3. I've heard a couple Kendrick Lamar tracks over the past year without knowing who it was and each time I thought "This must be some joke song from SNL. There's no way a legitimate artist would sincerely make something THIS awful." Then I would look up the song and find out it was Kendrick Lamar. So yeah, needless to say, calling this album the best of the year is an insult to all music. I feel pity for any of you who think that it's actually good. I only wish more people liked good music anymore, maybe our world wouldn't be as shitty as it is.
  4. Beyond awful. I used to consider myself a die-hard fan, but I never imagined she could ever make music THIS terrible. 1989 teetered between being mediocre and pretty bad, but this makes 1989 look like a modern masterpiece by comparison.
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