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  1. Fashionably Late is atleast 60 times better than this crap.
  2. honestly, i haven't listen to this album for years..
  3. you're a god
  4. Great album, but waiting on the 320 though.
  5. :-) happy.
  6. The real guardian angel song made me listen to them, so i pick this up just because of the nostalgic feelings i have for this.
  7. I dig some of the songs.
  8. I love acoustics.. this one is great!
  9. Still listening to this album pretty much every week.
  10. DGD wins every year with mediocre albums.
  11. I loved their old stuff, gonna listen to this.
  12. It shows his lack of respect.
  13. All those Dance Gavin Dance votes from accounts with just 1 post..........