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  1. OmG WhErE iS ThE 320 KbPs.
  2. This is album ART.
  3. This indeed sounds like the early Fall out Boy / Mayday Parade music.. AND THATS EXACTLY WHAT I NEED ASWELL.
  4. I always download everything with genre .
  5. Talking about taking away peoples right to have an opinion right here.
  6. I enjoy listening to his voice.
  7. fuck i actually like a lot of the covers.
  8. Wow, that first song. I never heard of Pavilions before.. Does someone have a downloadlink for the whole album for me?
  9. Amazing album!
  10. Wow i missed the release of the single Vutures, but that song is fucking epic jesus fucking christ how did i miss that wow.
  11. Interestinggg
  12. My penis is ready for this album.
  13. Didn't like the last single, don't really enjoy this one.. It's a sad day, because i was hyped for this album.
  14. I loved same albums as A Bale of Turtles says, but i actually think his voice improved on this single.. Although i don't really like the ''Sweat'' thingie.
  15. I said that their last album was my favourite of that year, but this single is just plain weird. I hope the rest of the album will be good, because im waiting for it a long time now.