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  1. Listened to Moonglow as a single a lot of times now, great song.. Will listen to the album for sure.
  2. I love Hotel Books, will listen when i can!!!! Love the surprise.
  3. I liked the original, i liked the acoustic.. but now they need to stop.
  4. Pretty good album, liked Spectrum and Locked Away the most.
  5. Nothing close to their latest albums, but 2 of the 3 songs are enjoyable to me.
  6. Good album, i like most of the songs. Nothing really special though, just likeable.
  7. In love with some of the singles, so will definitely check the album out.
  8. Oceans Ate Alaska had so many moments to create an unforgetable song, but i expected some heavier shit and not those bold boring parts. Singer of Too Close to Touch has such an incredible voice though.
  9. Went to 30STM in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam a week ago and it was mental. Excited for the new album.
  10. Why can't i vote on Hotel Books, since that is my AOTM.
  11. I loved their last album, but this single is even better.
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