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  1. Really enjoyed this album. Bittersweet, Echo's Curse and Saccharine Smile are my favourites.
  2. Listened to Moonglow as a single a lot of times now, great song.. Will listen to the album for sure.
  3. I love Hotel Books, will listen when i can!!!! Love the surprise.
  4. I liked the original, i liked the acoustic.. but now they need to stop.
  5. I forgot to vote, but i agree with the list except Dance Gavin Dance, i just don't understand the love they get on this site. Also expected Parkway Drive to be higher, went to their show last week and they were truly amazing.
  6. I don't like the new BMTH album but it will win as it seems.. My vote: 1. Fever 333 2. Breathe Atlantis
  7. Pretty good album, liked Spectrum and Locked Away the most.
  8. I had the same thoughts, but with the song The Serpent. Sounds really like olly.
  9. This album is actually really really goooood.
  10. Damn that song Hannah is actually so beautiful. I just found it on Spotify and i missed the whole album release here. Liked 4 / 5 songs of the album, but that song Hannah is amazing.
  11. Worst thing ive heard. Only Medicine and MANTRA stay. Thanks for the letdown. People who call this the best record should get into therapy.
  12. Actually a really good album, normally i don't listen to most of the albums released in December (dont know why) but this one sticks. Good album, really good.
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