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  1. Well, 2020 just got even better! ES has been one of my top artists for such a long time now. The Spark, although not my favourite album, was still great and it shows how talented they are. I do hope this album dives back to their heavier stuff while also incorporating all their styles/new styles as well.
  2. I love how versatile this band is honestly. From nothing was just intense, in your face and my God I love how low tuned the guitars are. This song is emotional, melodic and I just love the dynamics of everything. Really excited for Willow to drop
  3. This is the first time I've listened to Poppy, I must say it's very interesting how she mixes pop with metal/industrial and other genres. I like it honestly, very funky, weird transitions, heavy, dark, very different.
  4. Legit sounds like JT/Prince influence stuff with guitars. Not my thing but shit's weird, pretty cool lol.
  5. My cousin is in this band! So happy for him and the dudes on this occasion <3.
  6. No idea who he is, but he got a habs jersey on. Good choice!
  7. This album is essentially common dreads but modern/ more pop. It's one of those albums that'll take time to grow on you. From the preview, it sounds like all the songs are very similar but will still be good, don't expect anything heavy at all.
  8. The new song is insanely heavy, love it. Torch also sounds a little different on this download, the melodic guitar in the background has much more echo.
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