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  1. Quit downvoting my posts bro. 

  2. Great band that everyone thinks of as a one-hit-wonder. Their last two albums have been fun. Thanks!
  3. [PS the Fat Wreck version is 157mb versus SCF's 86mb].
  4. It looks transcodey to me... For example, this is my 320 kbps CD-rip of "Reign" from Hang. Notice how it bumps up against 20 kHz consistently. This is "Surviving California" from the ScreamingFastcore rip. It looks a lot like a 128k but sometimes spikes up to 256/320 territory, but not like a VBR would look. Go figure. Anyway, I got the real thing from Fat now. Anyway, I guess you get what you get when you find a leak from relentless South American pirates.
  5. I can get why people like new Blink 182. I can get why people don't like new Blink 182. What I don't get is the people who don't get (or claim to not get) why other people don't like this. #DefendPopPunk is taken to high heights here, but that doesn't mean everyone has to like Kidz Bop.
  6. I wasn't aware you posted here, Ross. Very cool.
  7. I'm not sure the best album of any decade can have a song called "Bitch I'm Loca". Just saying.
  8. He would be if he wasn't making atmospheric emo noise, haha. Tom was going his own direction, which is fine, whatever. But why does Matt Skiba do this to himself? I've always said the most important member of blink was Jerry Finn. RIP.
  9. FYI, the post says 320 but the filenames say 256
  10. Way to completely mis-represent what was said, which I quite agreed with. You focused on his use of the word heavy, but a better word might be "energy". There are different ways to have "energy" in a song or album, and a lot of post hardcore bands have forgotten that. That said, I don't think this is generally a problem with Thrice. Very curious to listen to the album, though I didn't like the singles a ton.
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