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  1. I tried to like this but it was too bright and happy instrumentally for the heavy vocals
  2. Been jamming this shit so hard lately, reminds me a lot of Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza. This and frontierer are a great replacement for the loss of that band.
  3. Wishing this had more of a charmers vibe, but it’s far from bad
  4. Bury your fucking dead 2019 prepare your teeth, shits going to get real
  5. I fucking love these guys, so glad I got to see them at their farewell show
  6. Thought this was going to be the Boundaries that came out with Hartford County Misery, but I’m damn sure not mad at it either
  7. How is this anything other than generic rock? D&D was much better and that’s not the best of compliments
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