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  1. I wanted to like it, just can’t seems to get into it
  2. I am feeling the hell out of these vocals and this song
  3. Like it better than what I’ve heard so far, but still wish Sam would go back to harsh style uncleans on at least some of this
  4. fucking same, I always loved the harshness of sams uncleans and on this, they were so tamed it’s kind of generically underwhelming. I love architects though so I will still be eagerly awaiting this album, but hope there is some songs with their old style
  5. That Tyler Tate feature on labrat though!!
  6. Fluoride is a fucking BANGER whole album slaps!
  7. Fucking solid as always... dont sleep on this EP
  8. I understand it being a demo, and this vocal style being common in UKHC; and still say the vocals are shit
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