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  1. Finally some good fucking music. I was tired of most of the pussy music you guys leak, now this is that I call HEAVY. Thanks a lot.
  2. A hardcore opera is something I wasn't expecting to hear in my lifetime and this one really surprised me, not in a bad way at all.
  3. Don't sleep on this one, too good to not give it a chance for being an underrated band.
  4. Crust


    I can't believe Necrophagist finally released a new album. Thanks KL!
  5. So glad we are finally getting rid of the "female fronted" tag and not giving a shit about the vocalist gender. Great hardcore, heavy stuff! Definitely on my AOTY list
  6. Amazing stuff, one of the best black metal releases of the year, for sure. Vulvodynia guitarrist is in this band so big props to the guy that can play sick slams and executes such melancholic and dissonant riffs.
  7. Voted for Crystal Lake but I think my favorite August release was A World Without. Much of the well known bands that released stuff this month were very disappointing. Other greats releases were Misery Signals, Slaves, S'efforcer, When Blood Falls Down, This Is Endless, Krallice, Selbst, Death By Stereo, Terminal Nation (heavy shit), I'll Be An Empire, Insight HC, Cytotoxin, No Pressure (because I miss the old TSSF), Babirusa and Volatile Ways (the heavier shit).
  8. Congrats @Edgekrvzher, the dude is a kick ass guy and I'm sure he'll do the job just fine. If I had enough free time I would kill to be moderator but lately my personal life has keep demanding me lot of attention and energy, that's why I've been distant (comparing on how much active I was in the past).
  9. Voted for Taylor Swift because we stan the queen. Other great releases came out from bands such as Lost Conduit, Outline In Color, Sharptooth, If I Die First, The Big Jazz Duo, The Acacia Strain, Imperial Triumphant and Upon A Burning Body. Big kudos to the underground bands such as Skeleton, Pilori and Bagdadski Vor.
  10. I almost forgot about this project. Most site says Selbst is from Chile but actually he's from Venezuela, which is great to see getting posted in the site! So hyped to give this a listen.
  11. UABB got better and better with each release but somehow they get overlooked and people are not paying attention to their consistent work. Even though I love the "Red. White. Green" and it's mix, this EP is the definition of well executed groove metal, as if Pantera was LOT heavier than they actually were.
  12. Voted for Protest The Hero because it is the best release of June but this month was packed with great music from bands like Currents, End, 156/Silence, Ballyhoo!, Justice for the Damned, Aversions Crown, Divisive, Al-Namrood and Rot. BIG PROPS to some underrated bands that put out great albums such as He Films The Clouds, The Phantom Carriage, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, Nolentia, Properties of Nature and Dismalimerence
  13. There's like so much disappointing music that came out this year. To name a few: The Ghost Inside, Neck Deep, Asking Alexandria, Emmure, The Amity Affliction, Hollywood Undead (probably the worst of the whole year), August Burns Red (most boring album of them all) and even Trivium (my personal deepest disappointment)
  14. Yeah, I'm definitely not into this one. They got too poppy for my taste.
  15. Who even asked for your opinion especially when your music taste fucking sucks
  16. That breakdown in "The Lowest Point of Hell" literally broke my earplugs, I didn't know it was THAT heavy
  17. At first I thought this album was gonna bore me (as most of the downtempo deathcore stuff out there) but surprisingly it was amazing
  18. Such a great album. Loved it from start to finish. They are relative new so this is fresh. One of the best black metal albums of the year
  19. Am I missing something? I see a lot of people praising this album but I found it very boring and uninspired. Some segments of the album are heavy of course (like the second half of Persona Non Grata) but I think the rest of it it's just an average album. "Look At Yourself" made me not miss the old Emmure sound, this one is just very forgettable. Maybe I should play it all a few more times?
  20. Such a good record, their previous one was kinda weak but this one is as good as Diaji Al Joor.
  21. Never been a fan of Smashing Into Pieces but everything Zardonic does a remix, it's a banger. I remember him opening for Dimmu Borgir when they played in Venezuela back in the day. All the trve kvlt metalhead were MAD for the fact that a DJ was opening for a black metal band but holy shit, he gave us a great seat. If I'm not mistaken he has a Anaal Nathrak remix that was on repeat in my college days. Such a great job. Hopefully this one does the work too. Support him!
  22. This album is straight fire from start to finish, listening to it reminded me why Australia's scene is probably the best in the whole world.
  23. I guess they took their name from Maybeshewill, and maybe some musical inspirations too?. It's a good record to be honest. Very catchy, atmospheric, I only wish it didn't had three filler tracks but yeah, I guess it flows with the whole record thing. Vocals are ok, the screams are better than the cleans for sure.
  24. Finally some good fucking music from this boring leak day
  25. I find it sad that this band went from being a GREAT band to be a mediocre as fuck band. Nothing interesting in this album, maybe "Fake Your Own Death"? I still got a huge respect for them, their first two records are amazing.
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