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  1. Metalcore vocalists in pop-punk bands need to be a thing sooner than later. Real Friends and FigureItOut did an amazing job with Chris Roetter and Beau Bokan respectively. Neck Deep entire discography is amazing so I'm so stoked to hear this.
  2. Sounds as good as their entire discography. Awesome band.
  3. Sounds so bad is awesomely good. More mature sound for sure, nice use of trumpets (I guess?)
  4. Their cover of "Hello" is great. EP is surprisingly awesome. Band has a lot of talent.
  5. Album turned out to be even better than I expected. Good alt rock with some classic Papa Roach sound in it.
  6. New Rascal Flatts album but every song is actually the song from Cars movie. Nah, jk. I love Rascal Flatts, one of the few country bands I really enjoy.
  7. Very chaotic and heavy. The girl does an excellent job with the vox.
  8. Now this is a deluxe edition. Whole two dics are amazing. I'm totally not missing Tom by a bit.
  9. Of course, but if you as a death metal fan hear this, you will be dissapointed because you wanted to listen to a death metal album and you got a beatdown/metalcore album.
  10. Thanks for the upload. Just for the record, Malevolence is not death metal. Death Metal fans will be pissed if they hear this lol. Awesome band, maybe the heaviest UK band in the game right now?
  11. This is surprisingly good, actually. An album full of power metal anthems. Best songs, to me, are "Judgement Day", "WAR!" (gotta love that thrash feeling), "The Edge Of The World" (pretty shocked to hear this guy screaming. Makes me really looking forward for their Death cover that will be in the deluxe edition of the album) and "Our Final Stand". Overall, this is better than their previous album and I will step on and say this Dragonforce is way better than the old Guitar Hero's era Dragonforce. Good for them.
  12. Wonderful album, it's full of great riffs, melodies and lots of grooves. Loved it! It's by far one of the heaviest prog metal albums I've heard in a big while.
  13. This is some great music! I never knew I would love a stoner/sludge album. Amazing effort.
  14. Definitely too "weird" for the KL community, which is pretty nice to see posted on here since there's people who enjoy this weird music. Vocals reminds me of Pantera but there's a lot of diferent sounds in their music that blends perfectly.
  15. Don't let some memes be bands