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  1. The Anima Effect - Upheaval (2017)

    In my opinion they sound very Born Of Osiris, which is good.
  2. This is the first leak of 2018 and a leak from a GREAT band. Starting off the new year strong!!!
  3. Jesse is one hell of a talented dude.
  4. Phinehas - Dark Flag (2017)

    Maybe is not as good as previous efforts but damn what a great listen this was. Phinehas is AMAZING!
  5. Lilac Kings - What Brings Us Back (2017)

    We Are Triumphant sings some great bands for sure.
  6. Frater - Pulso en Eclipse (2017)

    Yes, I do understand. Carajo is such a sick band. Love 'em. Maybe they will be the first band I'll see if I have the chance while I'm down there.
  7. Frater - Pulso en Eclipse (2017)

    Are these guys christian? Some lyrics are quite... heavenly lol
  8. Please don't take memes so seriously and try to cover them on a metalcore song.
  9. Frater - Pulso en Eclipse (2017)

    I listened to their previous album, it was called something like "The Light". It was good. Pretty awesome to see they released some new music. Thanks!
  10. Impureza - La Caida de Tonatiuh (2017)

    Ya'll sleeping on this one. Best technical death metal album of the year. The flamenco influence in this album is just amazing. Plus they are not even spanish or mexican (if you are the kind of people who likes to judge an album by it's cover), they are french which makes it more interesting.
  11. Evanescence - Synthesis (2017)

    Thanks to @FallenZA this thread is up for "The most cancerous and cringeworthy thread of the entire KL community ever" award. Thank you for your service, lord kvlt
  12. One of the most interesting black metal albums of the year for sure. Maybe this isn't as much avant-garde as their previous efforts but turned out to be so well.