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  1. Huge sleeper. Whole EP is amazing.
  2. I got death metal overdose with this
  3. I remember a time where "Wake Me Up" was a huge hit and by that time I was living in the States. Every morning on my way to work I listened to that song on the radio. Those were simplier times, those were good times. Rest in peace.
  4. Never thought I would hear the word "Mariachi" in a black metal song. I really enjoyed this, I can't wait for their new album. Plus, remember Chelsea Wolfe is featured on the album.
  5. Amazingly beautiful. Most people will sleep on this unfortunately.
  6. My post-black metal feels are strong again thanks to this
  7. Had to vote for Casey but March's best release was definitely Rolo Tomassi. Other great releases are Sludgde, Patient Sixty-Seven, Krosis, Asunojokie (because japanese post-black metal is cool), Rivers Of Nihil, Bog Wraith, Back Down and Altars of Grief.
  8. This is by far one of the worst albums I have ever heard in my entire life. Awful music with cheesy and cringy lyrics. I think even Hot Topic scene kids will be ashamed of listening to this.
  9. I was expecting something else. It's a good heavy deathcore band, not enough slams.
  10. I regret all these years I have wasted thinking Attila was pure shit. These guys makes Attila sound like the best band ever.