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  1. Way better than I expected. BOO was never my kind of band but after Tomorrow We Die Alive they kept gaining my attention more and more. This album didn't disappointed me at all, I really enjoyed it.
  2. Didn''t knew Afterlife could be this good. I mean, last effort was good but I thought they were just another nu-metalcore band. Pretty impressive record, I loved it.
  3. An okay album won the AOTY over some AWESOME albums. Good I guess.
  4. Just eleven days of this new year and we already got the KL AOTY. This is exactly what I expected from Shrezzers (thank God they changed their name because the first one was pure shit). It's fresh, it's awesome, not boring at all, complex, the sax is the best touch in this masterpiece.
  5. Voted for Silent Planet because reasons we all know. November was kind of a slow month for big releases to me, I'll mention those that caught my attention. Deathrite, All That Remains, Portrayal of Guilt (HUGE RELEASE), Ghost Key (second best release), Delice (for the good post-black jams), Queen Kona (underrated tech-death), Unearth (those filthy metalcore tunes everyone should dig), Acrania (one of the best comebacks of the year), Light Years and Windrunner.
  6. Came here expecting anything but a decent album and all I got was just a very easy to forget album. This album sounds so early 00's alt-metal, not a bad thing but this is 15 years late.
  7. Amazing. Incredible. Every now and then some emoviolence is good to my ears.
  8. It was okay. Not the best record I have ever heard. Next!
  9. Hit or miss, I guess some of this covers are pretty miss huh? You got DGD, I bet it won't be AOTY.
  10. ATR proved that coming back to your roots without leaving aside your newest strong spots is the perfect formula to make a great throwback album. Quality metalcore.
  11. Everyone should support the hell out of this crazy fuckers. Zeta is leaving the name of Venezuela up high in the underground hardcore scene.
  12. This month was full of great releases for sure. I voted for Ice Nine Kills but releases like Behemoth, The Browning, Atreyu, Soulfly, Hellions, Hate Eterna, Black Tongue and more. Too bad my phone died because I had a bunch of amazing underground releases to shout-out in this thread...
  13. I love this kind of post-black metal. It has such energy, emotion and much more. Amazing.
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