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  1. Thanks for the mention my boy. Been away from KL for a few days but this sounds huge. Good release for sure.
  2. This is awesome. My personal favorite of them. So much energy and identity in each song. Features are on point.
  3. Holy shit, when I thought At The Gates was the best death metal album of the year, Soreption deliver us this gem. AMAZING!
  4. This is... boring. I think I have wasted +30 minutes and I want them back.
  5. Of course I had to vote for Deafheaven. I enjoyed some other amazing releases as well like Bury Tomorrow, Birds In Row, Real Friends, Miss Fortune, Nexilva, The Home Team, Thou, Filth, Hopesfall, Ame Noire and Fronterier. GOOD underrated July releases were The Hopewell Furnace with some banging deathcore, There Will Be Hate with some slams from El Salvador and Rayleigh with the good screamo shit.
  6. Listening to this album blew my fucking mind as if I was being executed by ISIS.
  7. You can almost hear the two dudes kissing on the record.
  8. Definitely one of the biggest surprise of the year. Amazing album from start to finish. I wouldn't believe Dee could sing that heavy. Features are ON POINT.
  9. Look guys, another political album agaisnt Trump. What a excellent and not used at all idea.
  10. These guys gave us nothing new but yet some very enjoyable music. Very cool.
  11. That's not a bad idea for sure. But can you imagine the drama if someone says "FFO: Memphis May Fire" (for example) and people arguing if it sounds like MMF or if it sounds more like idk Crown The Empire?
  12. I love listening to such good albums coming out of nowhere. I'm glad did got posted because it surely deserves a mention on our "best albums of the year"
  13. Drowning - 23 (2018)

    @BERO yo check this out I guess you will relate
  14. Fuck mate this shit goes hard as fuck. For real. One of the best deathcore releases in a big while.