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  1. They did a Crown The Empire better than Crown The Empire.
  2. This album is way more alternative metal than I expected it to be but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. Most of the songs are pretty catchy and others unfortunately are very forgettable. Nonetheless, I really liked the album.
  3. Yummy. Guitar tone is amazing, good record overall
  4. Even though this is almost instrumental (not a fan of that), this is cool.
  5. Shit goes pretty hard. Will keep an eye as soon they release their album
  6. For an album that I didn't have any hopes on, it turned out to be more than good. It's fresh. I liked it. Not the greatest for me, but it's a cool one.
  7. God bless, ironically, Behemoth. This is too good.
  8. I was so hyped to check this out until I found this was a "greatest hits" (if we can call it that way). Even though that, Passcode deserve some love. Lesser known Babymetal.
  9. INK delivered their best record to date. I thought 2018 gave us so far amazing metalcore albums but this one must be the top of all.
  10. Holy fuck. This is another new level of nastiness and heaviness. Loved it!
  11. Voted for FFAK because fuck, they blew my mind. But others releases deserves some love such as Horror of Pestilence, Bosse-de-Nage, Irreversible Mechanism, The Story So Far, An Autumn For Crippled Children, 156/Silence, Revocation, Hit The Switch and Anaal Nathrakh. Some other underrated releases everyone should check are I Am Revenge (beatdown), Carthreena (Post-Hardcore/Emo from Malaysia), Miley's Dying Wish (blackened deathcore), Bellako (metalcore) and Sin Deliverance (blackened deathcore from Russia)
  12. So much good pop-punk coming out this past few months, this one deserves a spot on my AOTY list.