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  1. These are some REAL pig squeals.
  2. Toxic users will get heated over a thread from FOUR YEARS AGO. Now that's what I call "pathetic" Xd
  3. Voted for UABB because grooves, my favorite album from this month was Serpent of Gnosis. Annotations of an Autopsy, This Gift Is A Curse, Comrades, The Callous Daoboys, State Faults, The Convalescence and Ingested released great stuff too. Shotout to the underground gems such as This Is Not Utopia, GOSG, Senza, Fuming Mouth, Mtxs and Arcane Ghosts
  4. Beautiful stuff right here. I posted it in the chatbox a few days ago because it was too good to not be shared.
  5. Another great example of underground bands releasing AMAZING stuff and not getting the love their deserve.
  6. Exceptional album, definitely one of the best black metal bands out there. This could be easily one of the best black metal albums of the year.
  7. I know when I am a dick, and trust me, with MIW is not the case. Like I said before, I saw them twice (by pure coincidence) and they have KILLED IT. Their live shows are one of the few I would say to someone that doesn't like metal "you should spend money on them". But their albums are definitely not my thing. I can say I like some songs like Puppets 3, Abigail and Burned At Both Ends (MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE OF THEM), but most of their songs are just a big nope. It's music, as simple as that.
  8. Finally listening to the whole thing, it's definitely not my thing. Cringy af. This is the music you will listen at Hot Topic while they try to sell you a Naruto funko pop figure.
  9. GReally good month. Voted for Employed To Serve but my favorite record of the month was probably Frank Iero. Or they are just tied lmao. Other great records from this month were Passcode, Bad Religion, New Found Glory, Osiah, Inanimate Existence, Danny Worsnop, Decayer and Antagony. Shoutout to Vale of Pnath, Abnormality, Of Modern Architecture, Morokh and Replacer for delivering the heavy shit!
  10. This is trash, pathetic, garbage, just awful. SJW's musicians are pathetic as fuck. Xd
  11. For someone that has "blocked" me you seem to pay maybe too much attention about what I post and what I say on the shoutbox... Just saying.
  12. One of the few reasons I stopped using this site so much. I am the one called toxic but people like that guy thinks they have the right to call YOUR opinion "trash". Even though they think Beartooth was the best album ever and K-pop will domain the world. Shitty people with shitty musical tastes will always have the right view on music. Thanks for your review. I'm not a fan of MIW so this give me high hopes to listen to their new album. Actually I have seen them twice and they put out a great show but somehow their records bores me. Keep the reviews my dude
  13. KL is used to release banger after banger. Not surprised at all.
  14. Song will definitely be more and more interesting with each listen, it's not "Iowa's levels of heavy" but it's pretty cool and interesting. Masks are cool, except for Corey.
  15. No Secret Band >:( shit was too good for the month. But yeah. I voted for Get Scared but other amazing releases everyone should care about are The Brave, After The Burial, Allegaeon, Tripsitter, Volumes and Archivist. Shoutout to some amazing underground bands that released great album this month such as Wormwicht, Hellbomb, Nuvolascura, Felix Martin, Six, In The Burial, Ocean of Plague and Serpents.
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