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  1. Thank you for everything... That's literally the only thing I am able to say. I'm sad for KL shutting down.... I love you guys.
  2. So glad this band came back. Amazing album
  3. They released this shit on Agonia Records, a shitty label from Poland. Can't believe how easy the metal/hardcore scene forget about the pedophile and women abusers in the scene and let them release shitty music.
  4. Damn son "Slander" goes hard as fuck, overall a good record.
  5. I think it's just another re-release from their catalog. "Motown Classics" was released 10 years ago so yeah...
  6. Voted for BMTH because I had low expectations and really surprised me, but I think my favorite release from this month was Pallbearer. Other great releases were Shrine of Malice, Tallah, Touche Amore, Bloom, The Unguided, Devoured by the Abyss, Signs of Omnicide, Falset, Lost Trees, Undeath, Salem, Like Moths to Flames, Violent Life Violent Death, Yaotl Mictlan and Of Feather and Bone.
  7. This band makes Attila sound like the greatest band in the history of humanity. And Attila is really bad already.
  8. My first thought was "the fuck?" but since this is the guy from As Blood Runs Black, I'll check it out. And I'm keen to listen to that Backstreet Boys cover.
  9. It's not that bad, they just have changed. It's just a regular radio rock band, which isn't a bad thing if they are capable of execute it in a good way.
  10. Yeah, this is my kind of heavy stuff. Well produced and HUGE sound.
  11. Is this aliencore? Because I must say I can't remember the last time I enjoyed an album with this chaotic, technical and fast sound. Good job from this dudes!
  12. Didn't know this dudes were from Japan, which is a lovely surprise. I love Japan's scene. Cover art is pathetic for sure, but music is really good, they remind me a lot of Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! first record; also they could improve their english.
  13. Probably their best effort for sure. This is the kind of band that I would show to someone who wants to get into metal, it's modern, heavy and yet melodic. Lots of great riffs and solos too.
  14. Thank you for mentioning me, I almost forgot that my album, the one I didn't know the existence of, was coming out today. So everybody support this fucking shit.
  15. Six Feet Under does what I think it's my favorite kind of death metal, the groovy but slow and heavy one. But holy shit those vocals are complete shit lol the "pig squeals" in the noose got me off guard and almost laughed out loud in public
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