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  1. Song will definitely be more and more interesting with each listen, it's not "Iowa's levels of heavy" but it's pretty cool and interesting. Masks are cool, except for Corey.
  2. No Secret Band >:( shit was too good for the month. But yeah. I voted for Get Scared but other amazing releases everyone should care about are The Brave, After The Burial, Allegaeon, Tripsitter, Volumes and Archivist. Shoutout to some amazing underground bands that released great album this month such as Wormwicht, Hellbomb, Nuvolascura, Felix Martin, Six, In The Burial, Ocean of Plague and Serpents.
  3. Poor guys got their new album leaked so early... But it is a heavy one for sure. I really enjoyed it. Most deathcore is boring but this album is not.
  4. Voted for Whitechapel because "The Valley" was an exceptional record, outstanding if I could describe it in one word. Other AMAZING releases I can name right now from bands such as La Dispute, Children of Bodom, The Raven Age, Venom Prison, Rarity and Equipoise. Shotout to these amazing underground/not so known artists: Climate of Fear, Own Omnipresent, Cyperna, Truth Corroded, Stained Blood and Agaisnt The Inspiration.
  5. Welp, this was pretty disappointing. Not a single song one could say "holy shit pour tomato sauce on me and call me Ronald, this is awesome". I'm sad to hear what Fallujah has become.
  6. It was an ok album, has some pretty good songs and others like "Under Grass and Clover" that are pure shit. Still, Hexed was WAY better than their two previous albums. Album's artwork is fine as fuck.
  7. Welp, that was bad. Bury The Hatchet is cool tho.
  8. Voted for Astronoid. Great month for music. Other great releases everyone should give a chance are Optimist, Revolve, Outline In Color, Søren, Hotel Books, Cara Neir, Rose Gold, Hate Force, Traitors and Blood Youth
  9. What the fuck do you know about me? Lmao. I own every fucking Smash game since they came out. Cut the elitist bullshit with me and go try to main Fox on Melee.
  10. Fire Emblem's Robin's favorite band. Only OG Smash fans will get this meme.
  11. Average, not bad. Just okay. Way better than other generic bands such as Beartooth.
  12. Thank God Danny went back to AA because this is what they would sound right now if Denis was still in a band. Generic as fuck, boring.
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