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  1. Yeah I'm a big DJ Khaled fan. This is my favorite song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDLZvyjs3J4
  2. The song is so bad that it made me wish I was born deaf
  3. People hating the violin but I find it really refreshing, something new in this whole symphonic style of deathcore. Awesome effort, will be on my Top Albums Of The Year.
  4. Probably not, maybe it's just a single release. Maybe a new video is coming out if they don't have one for that song.
  5. Sounds good to me.
  6. Shit is LIT. Top notch hardcore album right here.
  7. I'm getting huge Shokran vibes without the egyptian sound in this one. A great album for sure. I loved it
  8. Previous record was pretty meh to me but this one is awesome. "Laps Around A Picture Frame" is a great tune, I'm kinda surprised of this record. Great work.
  9. One hell of a good album. Currents did it again, they are stronger than ever. First EP is GREAT but this is just amazing. Huge contender for AOTY.
  10. Surely their old hardcore sound will be missed but this kind of music is great. Very well produced, awesomely written and solid release.
  11. Let the hate begins.
  12. Don't know where this comes from but it's great. Guy's high screams sound a lot like Austin Carlile and instrumentals are amazing.
  13. Previous record was a gem, hope this one is as good or even better than that!