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  1. Your post is cancer. In other music-related stuff: this sound if George Clark from Deafheaven was in a Lamb Of God tribute band. Shit is not bad.
  2. Bitch has three arms, that's not amazing, it's weird. Just normal in Chernobyl.
  3. This is the kind of djent that isn't boring. Bonecrushing breakdowns, well executed vocals, heavy as fuck and atmospheric at some points.
  4. Only thing I didn't like about the album was the mix, drums sound kinda weird to me. Not a fan of that. Besides that, it's one hell of an album. Definitely good. I thought Bad Wolves were going to be just another cringy alt-metal band but it turned out to be a powerful band. Some songs are heavier than others, some songs are better than others. I think this will be in my AOTY list. I truly enjoyed this one.
  5. Woundvac does the kind of grindcore I love
  6. And that's why I hate sundays. The shitpost is stronger than on any other day of the week. Thank you.
  7. People need to understand that bands grow and most of the times they want to expand their musical horizons. Every band passes through that. Parkway Drive has done the job with this album. Yes, some songs are very forgettable but others are quite fun to listen to, others are arena anthems. Riffs are on point, lack of crushing breakdowns is sad but ok.
  8. A beautiful and underrated album most people won't give a shit about.
  9. Very awesome album. While waiting for Deafheaven, this should do the job.
  10. The whole album is amazing. Is incredible how good aussie bands are.
  11. My vote was for Inferi because good death metal is good. "Mainstream" releases I loved this month are Bleed From Within, Afterparty, Settle Your Scores, Sink The Ship, Cancer Bats, Ingested, Shields and Homewrecker. Other underground but yet amazing releases I can think of right now are Snakefeast, Unravel, Buried Above Ground, Symbiotic (mexican Abiotic) and Day Of Mourning (some good south korean metalcore, or should I say K-core?)
  12. It was good enough to get you salty, Goku.
  13. This Attila fan boys are salty as fuck.
  14. People: "Oh my god this is bad" *Fronz from Attila screams BLEGH over a trap beat* Also people: "OMG ATTILA IS THE BEST BAND EVER"