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  1. Powerful lyrics. Singers like Bob Dylan and Freddie Mercury must be really jelous they didn't release this album.
  2. I don't think this is the first time I have listened to this band but this EP is great! They did an amazing job with the electronic arranges.
  3. Can we say RIP Darke Complex?
  5. Good as every The Black Dahlia Murder song.
  6. Is this the cover that started all the drama because a fucking word huh?
  7. Last single was amazing, last full length was good but got a lot of hate. I have high hopes with this one. Trivium can't do wrong.
  8. What if this is the version the band "ditched" and we haven't heard the REAL new Brand New album?
  9. Yeah but you can't compare what Hearts & Hands did with what TNL is doing. Two different sounds. Alex was killing it in such "soft" band but fit perfectly with his screams. First EP was great. First full length was really enjoyable.
  10. The kind of post-hardcore that is beautiful. Awesome record. Listening to this made me remember a little good band called Hearts & Hands. They could have made it but shit happens. Good to hear this kind of bands still do some great music.
  11. MY BOYSSSSSS! Local dudes for me. Great dudes, better music.
  12. Nice, I needed some shitty music to listen to
  13. Way better than the average progressive metal album. Amazing effort.
  14. Good to hear they are trying new things. Has some pop songs but it also has some solid pop-punk songs. Sam Carter guest spot was on point. We need more metalcore vocalists in pop-punk songs.