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  1. Trivium just gave us one of the best metalcore albums of the year. Lots of old schoold sounds in this new album and the perfect amount of melody that blended so well within the whole album. This is some serious content for AOTY. Silence In The Snow was good (I liked it) but this is like a 4x4 running over SITS over and over and over again. So glad to hear these guys doing this kind of material again.
  2. Meet me in the pit boy! (Seriously I only downloaded this live performance because of Prosthetics and Eeyore, some of the best Slipknot's songs ever)
  3. Who the fuck likes Slipknot in 2017?
  4. Blackened me. Thanks boy!
  5. Another solid Unique Leader Records release. Good and brutal as usual, TKV can't do wrong
  6. These sexy little bastards are talented af
  7. Too violent to be canadian
  8. Very impressive stuff right here. I'm getting lots of Abnormality vibes (their demo especially).
  9. Fuck me right in the asshole, this shit is HEAVY
  10. Love has been shown
  11. Dudes vocals reminds me to King 810 at some points. Pretty good concept album for sure.
  12. Two things France is good at: surrendering and death metal.
  13. Always good to hear our community is full of well talented guys and girls. Good job!
  14. Some good metalcore. Dudes still got it.