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  1. Welp, this was pretty disappointing. Not a single song one could say "holy shit pour tomato sauce on me and call me Ronald, this is awesome". I'm sad to hear what Fallujah has become.
  2. It was an ok album, has some pretty good songs and others like "Under Grass and Clover" that are pure shit. Still, Hexed was WAY better than their two previous albums. Album's artwork is fine as fuck.
  3. Welp, that was bad. Bury The Hatchet is cool tho.
  4. Voted for Astronoid. Great month for music. Other great releases everyone should give a chance are Optimist, Revolve, Outline In Color, Søren, Hotel Books, Cara Neir, Rose Gold, Hate Force, Traitors and Blood Youth
  5. What the fuck do you know about me? Lmao. I own every fucking Smash game since they came out. Cut the elitist bullshit with me and go try to main Fox on Melee.
  6. Fire Emblem's Robin's favorite band. Only OG Smash fans will get this meme.
  7. Average, not bad. Just okay. Way better than other generic bands such as Beartooth.
  8. Thank God Danny went back to AA because this is what they would sound right now if Denis was still in a band. Generic as fuck, boring.
  9. Overall, good album. Some songs are very easy to forget but others are really good.
  10. This would have been better if it was more symphonic than electronic but hey, to each their own. Not my kind of stuff.
  11. Air was amazing, this is no exception. What an amazing album, I really fucking loved it. A few screams here and there would have been really nice but hey, this shit slaps. This album reminds me of Alcest's "Shelter".
  12. Periphery is the Dream Theater of djent. Their fanbase is toxic as fuck but hey, it's not their fault. Music is okay, their first two albums were awesome, hopefully this one won't be a shame.
  13. Obviously voted for Shrezzers because OF FUCKING COURSE THEY ARE THE BEST JANUARY RELEASE. Other good records I must mention are Soilwork, Epilogue, Divided Life, Afterlife, The Last Ten Seconds of Life, Born of Osiris, Wristmeetrazor, Gorgon, Bring Me The Horizon, Incite and Judiciary.
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