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  1. ILIB was the shit back in 2014. But their best was definitely their first EP, I remember finding out about them in Reverbnation. Too bad they went complitely bad after the screamer left.
  2. This is exactly what Infant Annihilator is, fucking stupid and technical. Loved it.
  3. Holy shit that fucking sucked. Hopefully they get back into their gay stuff because that was cool.
  4. Obviously voted for Slipknot, my AOTY so far. August was a great month, lots of amazing releases such as Knocked Loose, Carnifex, Pathology, Wolf & Bear, Deadthrone, Wrvth, Elle, Much The Same and Guilt Trip. Underrated bands such as Junior, Foxblood, Bleak Flesh, and The Burning Wind also gave us great material to hear. Shout out to the boys in Darkness Fall from Cuba for making a metal cover of a reggeatón song. That was epic lmao
  5. No wonder why you never replied my PM. Don't worry bro, you deserve to have some time for you. One of the few people that I really enjoyed talking to, the good old times will always be cherised deep inside my heart. Thanks for everything, you are definitely one of the best admins this site ever had.
  6. I've heard better. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Their previous album "Reaching into Infinity" is by far their best record and this one is also an awesome record. I liked it a lot. DF is another thing since they changed their vocalist.
  8. This is easily one of the best metal albums of the year. Amazing record. Pure fire. And definitely not melodic deathcore.
  9. Boy that was one of a boring album. Mix was awful as fuck.
  10. If this album was released three years ago, it would be definitely a gem. Record is good, not bad at all, just boring because we all know we have heard this exact same sound in other bands before. Capture was better when they were AA with kangaroos.
  11. Sean is the best, love the way he screams. Cover is quite good. The whole cover record is hella good, especially Conjurer that killed "Vermilion" making it a doom anthem.
  12. Not gonna lie, that was boring as fuck.
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