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  1. Torn Shore - Reduced (2018)

    Polish bands are good folks, this one does a great job at being chaotic.
  2. Attila - Guilty Pleasure

    Not sure what the fuck is this shit but if it's something Desk did and it's related to Attila I know it sucks ass
  3. Cane Hill - Too Far Gone (2018)

    I was a nu-metal kid back in the day (first bands I ever listened to were bands like LP, Slipknot, Dope, Drowning Pool, etc) and this brings me so many good memories. Cane Hill's new effort is like discovering Nothingface all over again. Nu-Metal at it's finest.
  4. Of Mice & Men - Defy (2018)

    The Flood > Restoring Force > Self-Titled = Defy > Cold World
  5. Of Mice & Men - Defy (2018)

    If you are hoping for another "The Flood" you are gonna have a bad time waiting for it. Hey, this is WAY better than Cold World nothing new, nothing innovating, just another okay average "post-hardcore" album. Vocals are simply alright. Some good heavy songs, some other generic songs and some melodic songs.
  6. Fall Out Boy - M A N I A (2018)

    I have heard worse albums. It's pretty okay. Wouldn't listen to this again.
  7. We Set Signals - Abandon Ship [EP] (2018)

    Don't get me wrong, WSS is a killer band and re-releasing their music in the US with WAT is a good move.
  8. We Set Signals - Abandon Ship [EP] (2018)

    Not sure what's the difference between this and the "Abandon Ship Abandon Hope" album they released last year.
  9. Line Of Sight - Dissent (2018)

    I'll say what my girlfriend always says to me: "Is that it?".
  10. Pretty interesting stuff right here!
  11. Dirty $prite - $treetcrawler (2018)

    Music this bad ends up being good as fuck and very enjoyable.
  12. Boss Menace - Balli$tic (2018)

    So bad it's so good.
  13. Living Machines - I: After Onyx (2018)

    It's just like Saviour with lots of breakdowns. Not bad, but nothing new at all. Some people might dig it. Instrumentation is sick though.
  14. Oh my, this reminded me of the good ol' Casino Madrid and Abandon All Ships. Very solid EP, band is awesome as well. Good job @TPlaguez