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  1. That breakdown in "The Lowest Point of Hell" literally broke my earplugs, I didn't know it was THAT heavy
  2. At first I thought this album was gonna bore me (as most of the downtempo deathcore stuff out there) but surprisingly it was amazing
  3. Such a great album. Loved it from start to finish. They are relative new so this is fresh. One of the best black metal albums of the year
  4. Am I missing something? I see a lot of people praising this album but I found it very boring and uninspired. Some segments of the album are heavy of course (like the second half of Persona Non Grata) but I think the rest of it it's just an average album. "Look At Yourself" made me not miss the old Emmure sound, this one is just very forgettable. Maybe I should play it all a few more times?
  5. Such a good record, their previous one was kinda weak but this one is as good as Diaji Al Joor.
  6. Never been a fan of Smashing Into Pieces but everything Zardonic does a remix, it's a banger. I remember him opening for Dimmu Borgir when they played in Venezuela back in the day. All the trve kvlt metalhead were MAD for the fact that a DJ was opening for a black metal band but holy shit, he gave us a great seat. If I'm not mistaken he has a Anaal Nathrak remix that was on repeat in my college days. Such a great job. Hopefully this one does the work too. Support him!
  7. This album is straight fire from start to finish, listening to it reminded me why Australia's scene is probably the best in the whole world.
  8. I guess they took their name from Maybeshewill, and maybe some musical inspirations too?. It's a good record to be honest. Very catchy, atmospheric, I only wish it didn't had three filler tracks but yeah, I guess it flows with the whole record thing. Vocals are ok, the screams are better than the cleans for sure.
  9. Finally some good fucking music from this boring leak day
  10. I find it sad that this band went from being a GREAT band to be a mediocre as fuck band. Nothing interesting in this album, maybe "Fake Your Own Death"? I still got a huge respect for them, their first two records are amazing.
  11. Voted for An Autumn For Crippled Children because yeah. Wasn't New Found Glory coming out this month too? LOL. Other great releases are Umbra Vitae, Vader, Caligula's Horse, Bleed From Within, Crossfaith, Xibalba, Joyce Manor and even Corelia with their demo.
  12. meh, pretty boring in my opinion You should reconsider supporting a guy who hired a hitman to kill his wife, bruh
  13. Holy shit I havent listened to this band since 2013. This is such a pleasant surprise. Can't wait to hear it
  14. Is Xibalba one of the most underrateds bands ever? Surely they are. This album is the perfect definition of "heavy". First we got Kruelty and now this. Holy fuck.
  15. Well I didn't know they were signed to Stay Sick Recordings. Definitely something fresh on their roster. If you liked Carnifex on their "Until I Feel Nothing" era, you'll definitely dig this
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