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  1. Is it two owls or just the same owl twice?
  2. Chorus is massive. A great track indeed
  3. There are a bunch for me that fall into a few categories, Disappointing after a great previous release: Silverstein. God, Dead Reflection was SO GOOD, but I knew what direction ABPTD was going even from the singles. Don't get me wrong, I like catchy Silverstein, but the only song on here that feels like them is September 14. Also, The Ghost Inside gave me one nice listen and I haven't picked it back up. Albums with great singles that disappointed on full release: Polaris, Currents, Amity Affliction Albums that I didn't even have high expectations for: Asking Alexandria, August Burns Red, The Word Alive, Four Year Strong Albums hyped by other people that I didn't care for: Bury Tomorrow, Ocean Grove, The Weeknd, If I Die First
  4. Ah yes, you see my Slipknot sig and go the "fanboy" route. Sure, i have the MINIMAL knowledge to know that this project of his is the least serious bar band act, but you can find that out from a google search like I did. It's just funny to see people think Taylor's shooting his career in the foot and ripping off Radke by making joke songs now. Anyway, the mix is muddy as hell and a tough listen, not worth it. Haven't checked the other though.
  5. when someone says white people don't have culture show them this
  6. Reminds me of Young Medicine's release from last year. Very cool.
  7. Coming Home era is the best era of FIR idgaf
  8. Oh wow, i expected a short 3 or 4 song EP since this was a surprise, but this is a full on acoustic rendition album. Very nice. Just saw Second Thoughts on there too. A personal favorite of theirs that's high underrated.
  9. Well i don't know shit about their history but i like this.
  10. The edm production throughout sounds very Code Orangey
  11. Hey look at that i totally missed Sew Your Mouth Shut. Thanks chief.
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