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  1. I remember being 12 too.
  2. Go to bed
  3. You know what happens when you leak the new Fozzy album? You know what happens huh!? YOU JUST MADE THE PLAYLIST
  4. Zippy is down and the Front Bottoms release is listed in the KL DL
  5. Cheers!
  6. call the 4 oh 4
  7. Fun fact, this song apparently had around 8 or 9 different choruses and vocal melodies before they stuck with what they did. They started writing with this song but waited until the end to finish it. Glad they went with what they did because it sounds pretty great. Sauce: Lead Singer Syndrome w/Shane Told episode with Kyle and Dave that came out on Monday.
  8. Glorious.
  9. And when it isn't a cover song.
  10. Oh no the genre isn't listed as what I wanted to be listed as. Tragic
  11. Link is down
  12. Found out about these guys from Black's entrance. Immediately a fan.
  13. Pros of usual FOB songs = Fun sing-a-longs ....Well since half the song is chopped up, can't really do that.
  14. When a meme song is too fucking good.
  15. There's a good amount of songs in the Star Wars-verse, but they covered the casual ones in the debut album. The next would be very in-depth.