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  1. Oh wow, i expected a short 3 or 4 song EP since this was a surprise, but this is a full on acoustic rendition album. Very nice. Just saw Second Thoughts on there too. A personal favorite of theirs that's high underrated.
  2. Well i don't know shit about their history but i like this.
  3. The edm production throughout sounds very Code Orangey
  4. Hey look at that i totally missed Sew Your Mouth Shut. Thanks chief.
  5. Loved their album in January. Didn't expect a single this soon.
  6. This is like the New Game+ final boss of Metallica.
  7. Is myspacecore already having a renaissance?
  8. Loathe is goddamn filthy I'm excited for this.
  9. This made me feel like I turned 72 and jumped off a cliff feet first.
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