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  1. Tough to get into the vocals but the instrumentals are so good.
  2. Fits in latter with latter album Iowa songs. Cool they're using samples again too. Lot of weird shit in it that fans of their lesser known stuff will like.
  3. See? Everyone just had to wait. Unsainted was just the radio single. The boys really fuckin delivered on this one.
  4. Not a problem thanks for letting us know. STANDARD EDITION: 11 Album Tracks - HISTORY EDITION: 11 Album Tracks With Short Narration Before Each Song - SOUNDTRACK EDITION: Instrumental Version of 11 Album Tracks
  5. Half of my downloads today all had the black cover art (itunes). Idk might be different picture files or an itunes error. Easy way around it is save the photo > get info > artwork > add artwork > open picture file. It's annoying but better than a black square.
  6. Music video is real well done and the song slaps. Time to listen through the album.
  7. Exactly that. Cool things are happening on this album that are more impactful than Retrograde but it feels like they're still falling flat at some points. Sequence, what i am, Red Pills, and the title track are bangers. MZRY is growing on me since the single release. 6/10. Ill pick it back up time to time.
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