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  1. one of my favorite releases from last year. I'm glad they decided to release this it's beautiful.
  2. Curious if they're releasing an English version of the album too or if Conflagration is the only one?
  3. The first song by them that actually clicks with me. Has more energy than the few I've heard.
  4. I should've looked at the comments before disappointing myself. NotThePolice/10
  5. not a fan of the vocals but everything else about this had me real intrigued. They almost got me.
  6. Everyone's afraid to make a song about the most metal mythology behind Norse. I'm here to accept it all. That being said this song is dope.
  7. The songs are GOOD. I like them as songs. But this is the first album of theirs that doesn't quite FEEL Silverstein, which personally most of this album ranking under a lot of their decent album tracks for me. I'd honestly rather them still feel like the same band rather than just writing good music lol.
  8. People were afraid of this one on paper but it is one of the best so far.
  9. If it doesn't leak any time soon I'll be going to the Trilogy show on the 10th hoping to pick up the physical copy
  10. the workhorse of the scene back with another dope song
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