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  1. I am at least, idk about the rest of the guys lol. I’ve been using KL well before I was in this band so it’s honestly super cool to be included as a part of the site’s content in this way!
  2. Hey that’s me! Hope y’all enjoy the song as much as we do, it was fun to make and is fun to play. Full album will be out ASAP!
  3. LOL!! Arigatou LKA-kun! Arigatou to the rest of y’all for foolin’ with us!
  4. I'm loving this thing so far, this is incredibly refreshing for the genre.
  5. I think may be my first post but I've been here for a minute liking everyone's posts Thanks for all the positive feedback, me and the guys are so glad y'all love this thing as much as we do!
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