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  1. I'll start with this, I've loved this band even before "Adornment". I thought they were solid in their Pop-Punk sound. And I thought they were even better with evolving their sound on "Nella Vita". This track is a decent catchy single by itself. Now, compared to the band's past catalog, I would say one of their weaker songs. I see this as a Stand-Alone single. Maybe testing the waters with the fans on this sound. Reception could honestly decide whether it makes it onto the next album and continues that sound. Or just stays as it is and they adapt. Either way, I always love how this band tries to push the boundaries on every release, gotta give em that.
  2. @Zephyr Sunrise THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Just the words alone mean the world to the entire band. I've been a member of this page for years and feel so privileged to be able to share our music on here. We're still getting stuff together for what's aiming to be our biggest release yet. You know this will be the first place we hit up. Much love guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  3. Wow, Yandhi finally leaked!!!!
  4. @popcore182 I think it's them showing the variety on the record. Especially after losing a member, people are waiting to see how they do now. I'm sure we'll have some more Bangers on this album when it drops. This one I believe showcases the softer side where as Big Vibe was a straight catchy bop. TSSF did it with Proper Dose and I think it worked great for them. Interested to hear more from the Seaboiz now.
  5. @AMNESIK That new Bearings track is pretty catchy and very energetic if you haven't heard it yet.
  6. Honestly shaping up to be the best Seaway record yet. I personally always liked Ryan's vocals more than Patrick's. So it's cool to see him have full reign over these songs.
  7. @JESTER31 DUDE, I'm dying for another Snarl record. Even just a few fast jams like their last two releases. But this was surprising and dope.
  8. That link is such a pain in the ass that I'd rather wait for it to release.
  9. I've loved these guys for a long time, since Rain and History. The record is decent. Some good jams (mostly the singles). But does anyone feel like Ben uses the same melodies or variations of melodies we've heard before? The pre-chorus in "Revolve Around You" sounds like "Motion Sickness".
  10. Finally, a song where the vocalist doesn't do the the same "Choppy Vocal Pattern Melody" in the verses like a lot of their singles. And as always, the instrumentals fucking slap.
  11. Instrumentally, this band fucking shreds. Definitely trying something new with the pop punk genre which I appreciate. But there is just something about the vocals that don't catch me at all. A lot of the melodies on their songs sound the same and nothing really changes with his vocals as far as range or special stuff he does. Sucks too cause I know a lot of people have been hyped about this group. Maybe this new record will make me a full fan.
  12. 1.Ginger- Brockhampton 2. Rich Sips- Bilmuri 3. Beautiful Oblivion- Issues 4. Peach Club- Emarosa 5. Arizona Baby- Kevin Abstract 6. Ariana Grande- Thank You, Next 7. Nothing Left To Love- Counterparts 8. Letters To Our Former Selves- Youth Fountain 9. Amo- Bring Me The Horizon 10. Nella Vita-Grayscale
  13. Whether you like this or not. Shit, even if you didn't like Amo. You have to admit that BMTH has had one of the cleanest evolution as a band. You put Count Your Blessings even next to Sempiternal and it's night and day. But you stack their entire discography together. It's an almost perfect arc. Nothing too drastic, each album slowly pushed a bit further. Whether I like their next releases or not, I'm very excited to see what they do next.
  14. Unfortunately no. Those are definitely Johnny's screams. That's what I think makes Caleb talking at the end when funnier. That's the only "vocal" part ?
  15. I think if you look at it like this, He puts out 2 records a year at least. Those two albums are usually in the same sound. But Taco is way different then this, more lofi-midwest. And then Banana and Solid Chub were straight Electronic inspired albums. Then Frame and everything before that was more in the Post hardcore with just little glimpses of what was to come. I definitely see similarities but when you stack his entire discography together, it kinda makes sense as far as evolution. And literally only in less than 4 years which is crazy.
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