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  1. @itstakenallihave I love Pilot!!! And I never hear a lot of people talking about them.
  2. I was literally just saying I can't wait for this, and what do you know! Thank you so much!
  3. I remember him saying something on his Facebook about copyright stuff. I'm sure he wouldn't be able to use any audio or replicate Stick Stickly without all of Attack Attack's consent. Even though their broken up
  4. It's an okay single. Honestly found my self bored after the second chorus. Picked up at the end though, would like to see them perform it live and then I'll get a second opinion. But for now, probably won't go back to this.
  5. I'm really enjoying this album. Still think GOOD AM is his best. But this has a cool mix of that album and The Divine Feminine.
  6. Calendar Days actually reminds me of their first two EP's. Very classic Kanookla Pook.
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