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  1. Oh wow. It's been a minute, I Know one of the guys from the band was helping out my buddies produce a song or two. Minds&Machines if anyone has heard of them , some dudes from ATX
  2. I hit 3 of my friends up ,they went nuts..this song is so good. Would be tight to see another album this year but man they going pushing a lot right now
  3. Man this is so good. Got some coworkers asking about what I'm playing ..!
  4. Album art pretty much represents the songs. It's super fun and funky. I was surprised!
  5. Dang this was actually pretty juicy. Checked out the bandcamp, think I'll support and buy it!
  6. This is pretty juicy:] Never heard of them, keep a look out for now on.
  7. Hella gay cover. Great music. Some of it reminds of Venetian Fair. Those dudes were crazy..I hope they're doing more music.
  8. This is why Kurt left..huh. Songs good but..it's just that. Good.
  9. Thank the Lord...Kingdom Can't wait to jam
  10. Damn that single got me hooked. Les'go fam.
  11. Yes. I eat humans. Don't let me get you with my acidic fluids. :^)
  12. D I V E R S I T Y
  13. This song and Mass Effect Andromeda.
  14. Hell yesss. Was not expecting this to drop early. Thanks fammmm.