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  1. Locktender - Friedrich (2018)

    Somewhere in the first track it reminded me of From Autumn to Ashes
  2. At the Drive-In - Diamanté [EP] (2017)

    I thought the same thing bruh
  3. Paranoid Void - Literary Math (2017)

    Are they a full on girl group? Cause this is pretty damn good. Wow
  4. For real. It went downhill fast after the HOPE album. Let the beardrd guy do the lows and it doesn't sound good if Garret isn't doing much any more. So lame. Both albums had a great atmosphere with sounds and DD is just garbage pop.
  5. Farewell In Vegas - Serenades (2017)

    You don't know who the voluptuous curvaceous busty Elvira is? Dear Lord
  6. Thank you :u Nostalgia goggles on. *sniffles*
  7. Ghost Atlas - Legs (Single) (2017)

    After listening to this single, I looked down and my Legs were gone. So good. This guy and Landon I love everything they put out. It's insane.
  8. Atena - Done with the Darkness (Single) (2017)

    Interesting.. I wonder how the rest will turn out, never heard of these guys before. Will be keeping an eye on them.
  9. The Ongoing Concept - Places (2017)

    Lmao what?
  10. Son of a gun. I've been waiting for more tunes from this guy. Yesss.. can't wait for the release
  11. Wolf & Bear - Everything Is Going Grey (2017)

    That last track was fucking baller.