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  1. Okay so what the hell is easy core? Because i know yall used it when ya posted the Hylian album but that rips as much as a "post hardcore" like..even more so than ETF trash album
  2. Was a rocky start but when he got into the part about the auburn hair , gave me some feels. Ill keep an eye out for this release.
  3. Lol uses gays to push how edgy they are. Ive had enough of this
  4. I still enjoyed it, its like a lighter version of some of those bands put together . Im still digging it
  5. You put those 4 bands together...I gotta check it out.
  6. Dont sleep on this band. Loved thier blue ep. (If it was blue)
  7. Fuck this shit he's not a goblin hes a kobold. God Nekrokobolikon Nah this some good shit though.
  8. Basically delete the songs 5,6,7,8,9,11,13,14 And the album is acutally good. Maybe
  9. Damn just heard thier songs on youtube. Thanks for rhe rip . This album is gunna be damn groovy
  10. I feel like 90% of this is mad because muh band didnt AOTY wah wah wahhhhhh. Pout face Lmao get over it
  11. Album art just screams ..dumb "xe" fake genders lol. This this needs to be taken on a special helicopter ride.. then shot behind a barn ... And burned.
  12. Damn that some good shit.. That single was a hella banger
  13. Damn dude this fucking bangs! Love the album or ep(?) cover, love the colors used . Then that kitty is gunna be a famous kitty lol.