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  1. That song with Dropout Kings fucking riiippps. I love DOK I can't remember if they were local band from Texas or not. But i saw them play when my buddys band played last year great performance from DOK
  2. Haha from when they were young boys being all flamboyant to wearing all black. See kids its just a phase. Album bangs
  3. Damn what a solid album. Way better than the makeup garbage album by Issues
  4. Oh wow. Is it really 2019? Was there a time jump? :0
  5. My god Demo Team sounds so much better can hesr Jon so much clearer . Doom & Gloom too. So glad they 2.0d this album.
  6. Garbage song. They wasted their money on a very good quality video, and stupid women's dresses so Tyler can pretend to be something hes not. Jesus.
  7. Thanks for the post, I went on a tangent on spotify and came out with .. Swim Gustavo From the Future Den Mother Islands of Pear Mannequin Mishap Time King Made a huge new playlist
  8. Yeah i was about to say..and it creeped me out for sec. But it doesn't help ive been watching Nightmind and Nexpo all day today >_<
  9. Lmao no way this band is in Rage2?!? I remember these guys from waaay ago..i always loved the song...Snow Covered Polaroids
  10. Blaahhhh man. Wtf. Just something is off.. like it seems cookie cutter with some of the like rhythm..and weird structuring..screams at the end were meh..and I didn't get OOH FUCK YEAH outta it. So lame. I'm sad. Also feels like he's on autopilot singing. There's like no energy no oomph to this song. Whole part hes like Tapping now out tapping out now. Sounds like Tappeh ow noaw but tricks yall into thinking its dope by just mashing it and going fast oh tappehownoawohtappehownaow. Just messy.
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