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  1. This album is incredible. Love Bites in particular is fantastic and way better than you guys are giving credit for, perfectly encapsulates the tone of American Werewolf and to people that hate it I really think you should watch/rewatch the film. However, they have absolutely done Texas Chainsaw a disservice with Savages. Was really looking forward to that one and ended up being the only bad song on the album. Freak Flag isn't amazing either but isn't bad. Everything else is pretty much spectacular. 9/10
  2. Yeah I can't wait for the OT12 debut, will be interesting to see how the older members blend with some of the really younger ones. I still think Singing in the Rain is my favourite single, and again pure eye candy with Jinsoul lmao. Also the whole Odd Eye Circle EP is amazing if you haven't already heard it (which I suspect you have)
  3. Nice egoist gif, one of my favourite of the Loona solo singles
  4. Holy shit this is fucking amazing. It sounds so evil, fits perfectly with the film. One of their best songs. Amazing/10
  5. Wow that's bad... yeah that's a serious rip off, it sounds exactly the same
  6. I like it, but the vocals are a little low in the mix for me. Killer breakdown.
  7. Seen these guys twice, they're entertaining I'll give them that, even if the vocalist is a bit of a dick
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