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  1. This is pretty dissapointing in my personal opinion, not only did he remove kanye west from Internet but he adds sunflower & wow on this? Not saying there not good songs on here the opener was a highlight, im gonna go on a limb and say post doesnt even have the best verse on the album, after bb&b i kind of expected abit more. Maybe after a couple more plays i might like it more
  2. Think this ones the clean version. Still some great tracks so far took me abit to notice it was clean lol This will do for now thanks brother👌
  3. Thanks for the upload, his g.o.a.t album is straight classic. Looking forward to this. Its GRISELDA!
  4. Okay ive just never heard that version before and kinda freaked out haha i expected them to be the low quality live versions found on youtube and kinda had a brain melt when i realized these i have never heard, i remember the instrumentals well the 2 atleast, and i was unaware about the demos added onto the motion sickness love. These guys were easily one of my favourite bands and was shitty to see them call it quits but i did catch all the shows on the short reunion tour
  5. Not a problem i just knew whoever posted this had to have had knowledge about the band becuase its not like a extremly popular band and they only had a short stint moose jaw LEGENDS, ive been scowering the internet for years to find those 2 "studio" versions and i kinda figured a unheard album was bs becuase it was only ever those 2 songs they played live so i had a feeling anyways, wait you say Most are included here....well what other demos is in the vault exactly? Just curious and again cant say thanks enough still own the vinyl of motion sickness love a personal grail of mine, i remember seeing them at the dungeon in oshawa they tore up that place
  6. How did you locate those demos and how did you get the studio files of king kong & godzilla those 2 songs were never officially released and all thats been released so far is live videos from the farewell tour like absolute shit quality @Davison, i fucking knew studio versions existed so thanks a whole bunch these songs are like holy grails for THSD fans, they apparently finnished recording a album that we never got to hear which to this day absolutely pisses me off! I know the instrumental versions of godzilla & road rash they uploaded to there myspace when they were searching for a vocalist after michael froh departed but nothing came of it and they went ahead with the farewell tour. Holy fuck this is so insane man!!!
  7. These guys are legends in 🇨🇦 the reunion shows in toronto a couple years back were intense
  8. Demonaz is vocalist for this album, which is who wrote all the lyrics anyways and used to play guitar in the 90's for them i think he stopped after blizzard beasts if im not mistaken, been there main writer ever since the begginging it almost sounds like abbath tbh very similar vocal styles
  9. Thank you brother, been patiently waiting for this ever since it was announced last year
  10. Fuck yeah always wanted to hear a metal version of george jones.
  12. 4 words CRIES OF THE PAST is there best release but thats only for the day one fans
  13. Anything Burn The Priest slays, hopefully he brings those high pitched screams back throughout the whole album, i preordered the tshirt/cd/cassette bundle the day it was announced
  14. Go fuck yourself, these are legends in the game not that bullshit thats out here now. Now if only 3 stacks and big boi could reunite and bless us with a new album.
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