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  1. Honestly not bad for a splash of pop-punk on what I hope to be a album that stems from their roots.. I'm all for growth but this song wasn't ground breaking. Excited for the next single.
  2. Oh man! This brings me back. Can't wait for Mike Froh's new stuff! (Yes you should check out his new single hah)
  3. Albums I've never been able to find and I know it's a long shot..but here goes: A Satellite Connecticut- Metropolis EP (2006) Goodnight Gotham- Rest For The Wicked (2006) I Hate Sally Discography - Sickness of the Ages (2004) - The Plague (2005) - Don't Worry Lady (2006) - I Hate Sally vs. GFK - Sp(l)it CD (2007) Darkest Hour EP's Archives (2006) The Misanthrope (1996) The Prophecy Fulfilled (1999) Knife in the Safe Room- Single (2017) THANK YOU!
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