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  1. New album August 17 titles “Don’t Look At the Moon”
  2. It's so bizarre because when I heard Waste Away I was like alright this next album is gonna be a return to form. While this is good, it's nowhere near what I think they are capable of.
  3. I thought Waste Away was the closest thing to Fragile Figures they had put out since. Every other song doesn't quite feel the same does it?
  4. Does this come with a new album announcement or just as a single?
  5. I know this will get shot down by many of you but... I don't like this. At all.
  6. Is this heavier or softer than Blueprints?
  7. Culture Killer announced their breakup recently as well
  8. Does anyone know if they announce signing to Sharptone records tomorrow?
  9. To anyone who has listened, is there lots of screams?