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  1. Did they sign to Sharptone or are they still equal vision?
  2. Does it say they signed to Sharptone?
  3. Anyone wanna tell me when the album is coming? 🤑
  4. Disappointed that we waited over 3 years for a new BOO album and all we get is 8 songs.
  5. New album August 17 titles “Don’t Look At the Moon”
  6. It's so bizarre because when I heard Waste Away I was like alright this next album is gonna be a return to form. While this is good, it's nowhere near what I think they are capable of.
  7. I thought Waste Away was the closest thing to Fragile Figures they had put out since. Every other song doesn't quite feel the same does it?
  8. Does this come with a new album announcement or just as a single?
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