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  1. They lost a member of the band this year, and I think until recently didn't replace him. I assume thats why they released 2 unreleased older songs this year.
  2. Had no idea there was an album coming. With the exception of Kingslayer, I love every track. BMTH's new sound is so perfect.
  3. Not feelin it. Some good bits but overall just meh.
  4. I only found them when That's the Spirit came out and I don't like his screaming, so find what they do now pretty unique, aside from the weirdness that was amo. I listened to an old song from them and oof it was too much for me!
  5. Its definitely different from their previous work and more focused on rock, but I actually really enjoyed this album! I found it pretty energetic and many of the instrumentals (electronic and guitar) were damn awesome. Though, I do admit the covers weren't that great. The In-Between, Legacy, Born In Flames, and Lay Me Down were my favorites.
  6. Not a fan of their older albums but I had interest in this after a few singles. After listening to it, most of these tracks hurt to listen to. There's just so much chaos and erratic noise. I guess I really only liked the "normal" songs like Who I Am, Sulfur Surrounding, The Easy Way, and Autumn and Carbine. Underneath was a good one as well, but I don't love it.
  7. Not a comment on the music, but how is singer/songwriter a genre? I know I've seen it on other posts. Some of the genres on here are a little odd, haha.
  8. I'm gonna have to agree with you on pretty much everything. I've tuned into every album release, liking less and less from each one, and I think this is the one where I don't like a single track. I have all of Swan Songs and American Tragedy, a good Portion of Notes from the Underground, a bit of Day of the Dead, and only a few from Five, but even those I don't "love." Ahh, oh well, and I'm not hating on them at all, its just not for me anymore.
  9. Not sure I would call this house or electronic
  10. Hmm, well a lot of it sounds the same, especially in the chorus, but I think the first two singles were probably the most interesting. Drive was also pretty good.
  11. Post-Hardcore? I don't know about that.
  12. Prism was probably the only song I'd listen to again from the album, nothing else stood out to me.
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