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  1. Hey, thanks for the leak! Unfortunately it only had two of the songs I was looking for, Ten Dollars and a Six-Pack and This Is Really Happening. So I'm still looking for the rest of the list I originally posted. Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, I have a bit of strange request. I'm looking for a bunch of unreleased Taylor Swift songs. If anyone has any of the following, that would be great. Preferably in 320, but really any quality. Acting Like a Boy Anymore Beautiful Day Bother Me Boys and Love Brought Up That Way Castles Crumbling Don't You Drama Queen Foolish One Goodbye Butterfly Her His Lies I Bet You Think About Me I Can See You I'm Looking Out For You Kid in the Crowd Let's Go Mr. Perfectly Fine Never Mind None of the Above Scream Someone Just Told Me Someone Loves You Ten Dollars and a Six-Pack This Is Really Happening This One's Different Timeless Too Beautiful Under My Head Wonderful Things You All Over Me Your Anything Thanks in advance!
  3. Is Jason Lancaster a vocalist in the demo tracks? Or are they rerecorded demos with only Derek?
  4. Is Danny still the only vocalist for this album? I thought I remember hearing that Trey Golden was taking over for cleans?
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